What Types of Lash Extensions Are Best?

What Types of Lash Extensions Are Best?Lashify

If there’s one thing that’ll always be true of lashes, it’s how many options there are.

With a million lash brands marketing a million lash styles, you’d be lucky to only spend a few minutes deciding which ones to choose. Still, it often takes closer to a few hours to sift through all the options, different types of eyelash extension styles, and descriptions available for any one brand. 

Multiply that by the number of retailers selling lashes, and you’ve just lost your entire Saturday to an endless and stressful search for the best lash. Do you want volume lashes, classic lashes, or a more dramatic look? Are you chasing faux mink lashes, synthetic lashes, or silk lashes? What curl type appeals to you? 

And do you like it paired with Russian styles, doll-eye styles, or maybe cat eye? Is the mega volume too much or not enough? We can tone it down for a more tame extension length, but will that truly shine against a full glam beat?

See what we’re getting at? These are just a few of the questions that’ll surely be swimming around as you forever click through page after page of lash options. Eventually, they’ll all start to blur together. 

You could venture across town for a long-winded and pricey appointment with a lash tech — certainly, they can help you answer all your questions — but even then, you’ll find that your opinion will still need to be present to avoid coming out the other side with a lash look your despise.

If you’re beyond frustrated with the current state of your lash search and desperately need some direction to point yourself in, there is no need to shed another tear. Below, we’ve set up the perfect style guide to give you a quick and easy overview of everything you’re wanting to know.

This is Lashify’s “Lashes at a Glance.”

Everything Under the Sun: What Styles of Lashes Are There?

It’s a broad question: what styles of lashes are there? But one we’re prepared to answer with as few poms and frills attached. When it comes to false lashes, one vital piece of information to consider before anything else is your eye shape. 

Figuring out your eye shape can help eliminate many styles from the jump, making it a bit easier to find a style that works best for you.

Your eye can take six main shapes: monolid, downturned, upturned, almond, hooded, and rounded. From those six shapes, there are a few branches they can veer off to with the added appearance of close-set, deep-set, or wide-set eyes. 

Knowing which type of eye you naturally have will make the process of searching for a lash so much simpler. For example, cat-eye lash styles are flattering on almost all eye types, but for a set of upturned or hooded eyes, another style might better suit you if you’re wanting to open up your eyes instead of narrowing them.

The first step is knowing the what and why of the lash look you’re after. After that, you’ll want to understand what phrases like “curl type”, “lash mapping”, “hybrid lashes”, and “natural lashes” all mean so you’re making informed decisions when choosing a particular lash.

Curl Type: B, C, D, & J Curls

Sometimes, you’ll see these letters associated with certain lashes in a description of the lash, but what do they mean? Well, it’s a bit simpler than you might think.

B curls are for lashes that mimic the natural curve of your natural lashes. The base of the lash line is slightly straight as it starts but it quickly curls up as natural lashes would. This curl type is the most common curl type for natural lash extensions.

A C curl is associated with the classic lash look. For this reason, they keep a natural lash pattern and are flattering on almost all eyes. They give just the right amount of added curl to the look of a natural lash that opens up the eye and suits any wearer’s needs.

D curls are used for a more dramatic look. They curve more heavily than previous curl types and, thus, aren’t suitable for all lashes. Those with upturned eyes might not find this aggressive curl to be flattering, but those with downturned eyes or a straighter lash line will find favor with this epic lash curl.

Finally, J curls (sometimes referred to as A curls) are basically straight lashes. The base of the lash line here will remain naturally straight up until the very tip, where it’ll curl the tiniest amount. However, for people with upturned eyes, these curls are often flattering. They create a heavy-looking lash for those with downturned or straighter lashes.

See why it’s so important to know your eyes? There are a few more curl types to speak of (CC, U, I, M, and L curls), but for DIY lash purposes, the aforementioned styles will be the most commonly encountered.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are simple enough to understand, although their name isn’t always self-explaining. A hybrid lash extension is a lash that is a mix of a classic lash and a volume lash — the best of both worlds. This gives a bit more personalization to the wearer who wants something bolder than a classic lash look but less intense than a flat-out volume lash.

Lash Mapping

Here’s another straightforward term that most new lash wearers haven’t heard of. Lash mapping is just that — mapping your lash segments to mimic your natural lash line. Your outer corners will be made up of longer lash lengths, while your inner corners will be shorter lash lengths, just like natural lashes.

Different full sets require different lash maps, but most lashes will have recommended mapping if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect.

Lashify Control Kit®: The Ultimate Choice in Lashes

If you’re feeling a bit more prepared to make your choice but still a little nervous about getting it all right, we’ve got your new best friend in waiting. The Lashify Control Kit® is our premier lash starter kit for anyone wanting to get everything they’ll need in one swoop.

Inside the Control Kit®, you’ll find two sets of your preferred Gossamers from our Core Collection™ — that’s either the Curl, Bold, or Amplify Gossamers® — and our Whisper Light™ Bond (Dual-Sided) with Micro-Flex™. If you thought that’s all, hold on.

You’ll also find our Glass Finishing Coat, perfect for completing any lash application with a glossy coat of sealant that wicks away adhesive residue, as well as the Fuse Control® Wand — a multipurpose lash application tool that’s crafted to fit every curve and swoop of your face for the closest fuse to date.

Stay with us just a moment longer because you will also receive a sample of our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water and our Melt Away Remover, both premium, allergen-safe, cruelty-free products that will make the upkeep and aftercare of your lashes a literal breeze.

And once you’re hooked on your new favorite lashes, simply store your troves of incoming Gossamers® in the handy traveling storage case beneath the surface of the Control Kit®. You’ll never want another lash product again; searching for the perfect lash routine is a done deal. Who knew it was so easy?

With oil-free (which is best for lash adhesive), skin-safe, and premium products like this, we’ll admit that we 100 percent knew it could be this easy. And now, so do you!

How Do You Choose The Right Lashes for You?

You’re looking more confident already, like you really know what you want. But still, in the final moments, how do you know which lash to really settle on? 

We recommend you remember this simple checklist every time you go on the hunt:

  1. Know your eye shape and then flatter your eye shape. Choose lashes that are tailored to give you a lash lift every time, no matter the particulars of the style.

  2. Figure out your vibe. Long lashes are what people always think of, but maybe you want a hybrid lash that mixes length with shorter spikes. Figure that out, and you’ll never be lost again.

  3. Decide what curl type you want. How intense do you want your curl to be? Is a straight lash with a J curl what you want, or are you headed for a luscious d curl kind of lash?

  4. If you’re still lost, just try something out of your comfort zone! In the end, if all else fails, the most important thing to remember is that you make the rules! You’re allowed to blindly choose something you don’t know you’ll like and use that as a reference point for future purchases.

You’re your own captain, so despite all the many things to remember when lash hunting, you can steer your ship in whatever direction the wind blows. Don’t get so bogged down with the logistics of what you want, and just let your heart decide. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll be more informed next time.

That doesn’t sound too bad to us.


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