What Is My Eye Shape – How To Pick the Best Lashes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 December, 2022

What Is My Eye Shape – How To Pick the Best Lashes

When you were first diving into the world of makeup all those years ago, odds are you were doing everything in the most basic way. After all, around the time Youtube makeup tutorials were first starting, all the hacks and knowledge we have readily available now weren’t nearly as developed as back then.

Everyone was basically walking the same straight line when it came to eye makeup and how to apply it. Foundation was a staple. Blush, bronzer, and highlight were simply “for the cheeks,” and eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, and lashes went on the same way for everyone. Things like someone’s specific face shape, skin tone, undertone, or eye shape weren’t vitally important.

It wasn’t until much later on that those things were taken into account when marketing products and teaching how to apply them. Nowadays, makeup brands have shade ranges that put the Grand Canyon to shame. Influencers and beauty gurus have a plethora of knowledge on proper application for your unique face, and the internet is chock full of tips and tricks to help your makeup come out perfectly every time.

This has been doubly true for the tricky area of the eyes. Eye shape can drastically affect the outcome of the look you’re trying to achieve. All of the hooded-eye beauties out there have probably struggled once or twice with the infamous winged liner or the application of a more dramatic fake lash. Well, those struggles are now a thing of the past.

If this issue or another like it has plagued you in your daily makeup routine, keep scrolling to find out what your unique eye shape might be and how to properly apply liner and the perfect lashes for any eye type.

Types of Eye Shapes 

To understand your eye shape, it’s important to know what all of them are before diving into your specific category. 

There are six main eye types. They include rounded, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, and almond. All eye shapes have their benefits and their pitfalls when it comes to makeup, but they can all be superstar assets if you know how to properly apply makeup.

In addition to the general shape of your eye, there are some secondary descriptors that can also affect how you apply your makeup. Your eyes could be deep-set, wide-set, close-set, asymmetrical, small, or big in tandem with any of the six main eye types. 

Round Eyes

Round eyes are exactly what they sound like. This common eye shape has a round shape where the whites of your eyes are visible all the way around the cornea. The inner and outer corners of the eyes are not pulled or elongated in any way, making the eye appear more prominent, bold, and circular. 

You can accent the visible crease of the lid to achieve a more cohesive makeup look or add liner to the waterline to decrease the amount of open space around the eyeball. We recommend a simpler lash paired with a bolder shadow or liner look.

Monolid Eye Shape

This eye type is common among those of Asian facial features. It appears as if the area under the brow flows directly to the lash line, leaving little, if any, of the eyelids exposed. 

Experimenting with this eye shape is important to find what works best. Because there may be less space above the upper lash line, play around with smoking out the lower lash line or making a bold statement with just a fake lash and a fun smoky eye shadow color. 

Hooded Eye Shape

Hooded eyes usually become more prominent as you age. Your brow bone is more accented and the crease of your lid is heavier. When you have hooded lids, your upper eyelid usually disappears into the eyelid crease when your eyes are open, meaning you have to be clever about the placement of your makeup look.

Taking advantage of “siren eyes” instead of a classic “doe-eyed” look can be to your benefit. You can achieve this by drawing liner outward instead of up, starting from your bottom lash line. Matching your lash placement with this more outward strategy will leave you with a seductive and bold look.

Downturned Eyes

A good way to measure if you have a downturned eye shape is to check if the outer corner of your eyes drops lower than the inner corner. 

Thhe best tip for lash and makeup application for downturned eyes is to balance out both sides of the eye. Lifting the outer corner with extended cat eyes and falsies will help you achieve a sharper result. 

Upturned Eyes

This eye shape is the opposite of downturned eyes, where the inner corner of the eye is the corner that drops lower. This creates the natural effect of a lifted eye without any makeup applied. 

If you have this eye shape, you may want to simply accent what you already have. When lining your eyes, accentuate the natural cat eye and uplift your eye shape. Fake lashes that rest along this natural curvature would also benefit your final look.

Almond Eyes

People with almond-shaped eyes often notice that their eye is narrower or longer than it is round, hence the name “almond.” The crease is more prominent and the iris of the eyes generally dips behind the upper eyelid and lower lid.

A smokey eye is recommended for this eye shape as well as a bolder lower liner to accentuate the almond shape of the eye. A more sultry lash would be complimentary to this shape.

Your Perfect Lash

Now that you’ve discovered your personal eye shape, we’ve compiled a few of our makeup tips for the perfect lash to compliment that eye shape. You’ll be set up for success in no time.

Curl Gossamer Lash

The Curl Gossamer® Lash is perfect for those with downturned or hooded eyes. This lash was made for opening up the eye and giving it a facelift. It’s the perfect combination of our Amplify Gossamer and Bold Gossamer lash, leaving you with the ultimate curled lash for any subdued eye shape.

Bold + Gossamer Lash

Our Bold Plus+ Gossamer® Lashes are a great option for monolid eyes. The subtle effect of these light, airy, and delicate lash fusions is the optimal elevation to a hidden lid. And what’s the “+” in these Gossamers? It stands for immediately longer lasting lashes (making them perfect for setting and forgetting).

Amplify Gossamer Lash

Our Amplify Gossamer® Lash is a classic that is perfect for almond, upturned, or rounded eye shapes. This lash offers a natural, delicate, and wispy look that will accentuate those naturally lifted eyes without much else necessary. With all the other steps needed for that perfect daily routine, taking advantage of these effortless, long-wearing lashes will ensure you look your best every step of the way.

The More You Know About Lashes

As much as things in the world of beauty have changed over the years, it’s fun to look back on how far you’ve come in your personal beauty journey. We all remember our first snafu with the wrong shade of foundation we didn’t notice until we saw ourselves in a public mirror. 

We recall all too well those first few attempts at applying our first falsies. Oh, the drama. It felt kind of like we were kids again playing with our mom’s makeup, so unsure of if we were doing anything correctly. We probably weren’t.

You stuck with it, and with each failed attempt to apply, you got better and better until applying fake eyelashes was as easy as applying primer. Now, you can move your concerns to other places like the specifics and logistics of your makeup, ensuring the constant improvement of not only the application but what you’re applying and why. 

Knowing the “why” to your makeup and lashes can be a game changer in the approach to it each day. That’s why we hope this eye-shape guide helped you get just a little closer to totally understanding your “why” as well as the “how.” We can’t wait to provide you with all the tips and know-how on your journey to the perfect lash and longest lasting wear every time.

We’ll be waiting for you here every step of the way with all the lash support, guides, and all the products you could ever need to achieve the doable lasting lashes you’ve only dreamed about. Now go try out that perfect lash for your unique, beautiful eyes and know that your dream is about to become a permanent reality.


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