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A Guide to Almond Shaped Eyes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 October, 2022

What Do Almond-Shaped Eyes Look Like?

All eye shapes are beautiful, and yes, that includes almond eyes — but what exactly does this eye shape look like?

At Lashify, we understand that the windows of your soul are naturally beautiful no matter what shape they may be. We also know how to dress them up to look even more dramatic and eye-catching. 

Together, we’ll explore what almond eyes are and how to fake them if you don’t have them. 

What Does Eye Shape Even Mean?

When we talk about eye shape, we’re referring to the shape of your eye without any cosmetic enhancement. In other words, no cat eyeliner, shadow, or winged lashes. This is the shape of your eye when you are clean and bare-faced. 

There are numerous different eye shapes, and obviously, no two are alike, but generally, we can categorize them into a few basic shapes.


Round eyes have irises that are surrounded on all sides by the whites of your eyes. In other words, if you can look directly in the mirror and see white around every edge of the colored part of your eyes, your eye shape is round. 


Almond eyes have irises that touch both the top eyelid and bottom eyelid. This means you cannot see the whites of your eyes at the top or bottom, only on the sides. Your eye shape looks like an almond lying on its side. 


People with monolid eyes have no crease on the top eyelid. The eyelid can appear flat or even slightly angular, like a square.


If you find it hard to see your upper eyelid, you could have hooded eyes. People with hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin underneath the eyebrow that folds over the entire lid, hiding the crease. This is sometimes referred to as having deep-set eyes, although the two are not exactly the same thing. 

Near Set

People with near-set eyes have eyes that are closer together than the total length of one eye. In other words, the space between the eyes is closer than the total length of one of their eyes. 

Far Set

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people with far-set eyes have eyes that are further apart than one eye length. There’s more space between the eyes where the nose and brow are located. 


If the outer corners of your eyelids meet at a slightly upward angle, you have upturned eyes. This eye shape may look more like cat eyes, which naturally upturn at the edges. 


Downturned eyes have lids that meet in the outer corner and turn slightly downward and outward. 

How To Find Your Eye Shape

If you’re feeling lost, there are a few ways you can determine your eye shape. It’s also important to remember it’s completely possible to have almond-shaped eyes that are downturned, round eyes that are hooded, etc. Most people have a combination of several eye shapes. 

  • Look at your iris. If the iris meets the top and bottom lid, you likely have almond eyes. If it doesn’t, you have round eyes. 
  • Check the corners. The corners of your eyes may turn up or down, resulting in upturned or downturned eyes. 
  • Look at your lids. If you can see a visible crease, you probably have round or almond eyes. If your crease is invisible but you can still see the lid (or there is no crease), you have monolid eyes. Not being able to see your lid probably means you have hooded lids. 

Now that you know your eye shape, we can focus on why it even matters in the first place, and some of the reasons may surprise you. 

Why Eye Shape Matters

Eye shape affects the way you look, but it’s more than just aesthetics. Eye shape changes the way you see and also changes the way you use eye-enhancing products, like shadow and liner. Here are three reasons why your eye shape is a pretty big deal.

  1. It affects your vision. Eye shape can cause refractive errors that can interfere with how you see. Refractive errors can change the way your cornea bends light to reflect it back to the retina. These need to be corrected with surgery or lenses, although not every person with a certain eye shape will have these issues. 

  2. It changes the way you apply your makeup. For instance, if you have round eyes and want to elongate the look of your eyes, a winged liner look will naturally make your eyes appear more almond-like. 

  3. It helps you select the perfect lashes to compliment your eye shape. At Lashify, we offer varying styles of Gossamers® with different lengths, thicknesses, and even colors so you can literally change your eye look to match your mood or your eye shape. 

        No matter your eye shape, you can get a great style to enhance your natural beauty. 

        How To Make Your Eyes Look More Almond-Like

        If you’re craving eyes that are oh-so-almond but you’re working with more of a macadamia nut shape, we’ve got you. Here are four tips to make your eyes look longer easily. 

        1. Play Your Angle

        Angling your shadow can help elongate your eyes, creating a more almond-esque shape. 

        Using a mid-tone color (a color that is about a shade darker than your natural skin tone) and an angled shadow brush, create two lines to guide your shadow upward and outward from the corner of your eye. 

        Placing the handle end of your brush in the crease of your nose and cheek, match the end of the handle to the end of your eye. You’ll slightly extend the shadow upward and outward along that line. Extend the line longer for more drama, shorter for less. 

        Next, connect a line in the hollow of your eye. Find the hollow of your eye by looking down and pressing your finger gently on your lid. The “hollow” is the space above the round ball of your eye. Extend that line from the middle or ball of your eye to the upper end of the first line. 

        Blend your shadow with a base color to avoid any sharp lines, but use these lines as guides to lift your eye up and outward. 

        2. Highlight Right

        Focusing your highlighter shade on the middle of your lid will help draw attention there. Using a highlighter on the ball of your eye brings attention to the center of the eye and helps intensify an almond-eye look. 

        3. Line Like a Pro

        You don’t have to be able to create a makeup artist's rendition of a cat eye or even know how to perfect a smudged-smokey look, but simply drawing your eyeliner out slightly past your natural lash line will naturally elongate the eye and give you a more almond eye shape. 

        4. Luxe Up Your Lashes

        You can create a great shape with mascara, but if your lashes are sparse, mascara can only get you so far. Using a strip of lashes might work, but they tend to be difficult to apply, come off easily, and don’t allow you to create a customized shape. 

        If lash extensions are out of your reach (or you just don’t want to harm your natural lashes), there’s a solution. 

        Lashify Your Life (Or, You Know, Just Your Lash Line)

        The Lashify system was designed to give you access to a DIY Lash Extension™ System that simply wasn’t available on the market until we designed it. 

        Using individual Gossamers® to add length and drama to the outer edges of your lash line while filling in sparse areas inside with shorter lengths can give you the look of an almond-shaped eye no matter what eye shape you have. 

        What You’ll Love

        The Lashify system is free from harsh chemicals, goopy glue, fibers, or ingredients that could damage your lashes or cause them to fall out when they’re removed. 

        What You’ll Have To Live Without

        You’ll have to find another excuse to leave work two hours early instead of a two-hour lash appointment. Our easy-to-use system takes literally minutes to apply and gives you results that our users agree are better than the results they had with salon lashes. 

        Almond Everything

        If you’re rocking almond eyes, the right lashes will only make them look that much more stunning. Lashify has your back with the first award-winning DIY Lash Extension™ System that helps you shape and style your lashes professionally in just a few minutes right at home. 



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