What Are Protruding Eyes? The Best False Lashes For Prominent Eyes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 06 February, 2023

What Are Protruding Eyes? The Best False Lashes For Prominent Eyes

Different lash maps will flatter different eye shapes. When choosing your lash style and designing your lash map, it can be difficult to get the results you want without knowing your eye shape. But no matter your eye shape, Lashify® has the right lashes for every eye. 

Protruding eyes, also called prominent eyes, are extremely common. The name may sound unappealing, but there are a ton of Hollywood queens with glamorous protruding eyes. Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Miccuci, and Ashley Olsen are all well-known for their doe-eyed doll faces! 

What Are Protruding Eyes?

If you have protruding eyes, you likely also have round eyes

Round eyes are defined by their lack of sharp corners: if you look at the inner and outer corners of your eyes and you see that they only have the faintest point, like the two eyelids come together and make a curve instead of a point, then you likely have round eyes. Like round eyes, protruding eyes are large with a nearly-circular lid shape. 

The key difference between round eyes and protruding eyes is, viewed from the side, protruding eyes appear to be bulging outward, away from the eye socket.

How To Determine if You Have Protruding Eyes

Prominent eyes are not always easy to identify. A person with extremely prominent eyes may have no trouble, but the lash advice found here can apply to you even if your eye shape only slightly leans prominent. So here’s how to determine if your eyes have a prominent shape

Look at Your Eyelids

If you have monolids or almond-shaped eyes, you most likely do not have protruding eyes. If you’re not sure where to go from here, check out our other blog post about determining your eye shape to steer you in the right direction. 

What you’re looking for is eyelids with a slight hood when open and a nearly invisible crease when shut. When your eye is open, your lash line is not covered by or touching the slight hood. Do you frequently run into your eyelid smudging its own eyeshadow by rubbing against itself when you blink? You’re in the right place. 

Look at Your Profile 

Rather, ask a friend to look for you because you need to close your eyes (you could also take a profile selfie with your eyes closed if you don’t have a bestie on hand). If you observe that your eye seems to curve out toward your cheekbone or even above your cheekbone, that’s a prominent eye. 

The key word here is forward: if the eye appears to sit forward in the socket, you have protruding eyes. 

How To Style Protruding Eyes

When designing a lash and eye makeup look for protruding eyes, one common goal is to create an illusion that the eye is not bulging by making it appear more deep-set. The key to achieving this illusion is to focus on elongating the outer eye so the eye appears longer. 

You could accomplish this using makeup by applying dark eyeshadow and eyeliner shades along the outer edges, then using a light color with a slight shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes. 

Ironically, people with protruding shapes may want to take an opposite approach to their lower lash line than other round-eye girlies: instead of a white or another light color on that lower lash line, you may want to make the lower lash line darker and smokier while allowing the top lash line to stay lighter and brighter. This will create the effect of a lifted eye. 

But how can we get the same effect with our Gossamers®?

The Best False Lashes for Protruding Eyes

If you have prominent eyes, you may be a little uncertain about trying false lashes. After all, you know fake lashes are supposed to make your eyes appear even more pronounced, and nature gave you a hand with that already. 

If you’re a little self-conscious about your eye shape, we totally get it. However, like any good cosmetic, Gossamers are here to help you accentuate your favorite parts of you! You are totally in control of what you accentuate and what you don’t.

The best lashes for protruding eyes are generally subtle, fine lashes. These dainty lashes have the superpower of being great for both day and night looks. When you shop at Lashify, keep an eye out for Gossamers that are fanned out, wispy, or feathery. You want to prioritize longer lashes at the outer corners with less volume throughout. Volume makes the eyes pop, but that’s not your goal, so steer yourself to lighter-weight lashes to help balance your eyes' natural elevation. 

Remember, you naturally have an eye effect that so many lash wearers have to work to get — be confident about it! 

Which Gossamers fit the bill, though? Well, from the basic collection, Amplify Gossamers are very natural, delicate, wispy lashes with the thinnest seams. Pair these with the Curl Gossamers™, which will provide you with a doe-eyed curl for a natural balance.

Once you’ve got the basics down, get a little more adventurous! From the volume collection, great Gossamers for protruding eyes include Stardust™, Extreme Ice™, Gemini™, and Plushy Tame™. We’ll dive deeper into the beauty and benefits of each lash style down below, as well as explain how to utilize them in your lash map. 

6 Best Lash Maps for Prominent Eyes

Need a little inspiration? Here are some jumping-off points to get you started on your lash map design. Don’t forget; you can modify these maps however you feel so moved. These are all suggested base maps, so if you’re a level-2 Lashifier, you should consider stacking a second layer on top to make it your own! 

Every Day Natural 

Let’s start with the basics. Reach into the Core Collection™ and pull out everyone’s favorite, the Miss Congeniality of the Control Kit®, the Curl Gossamer™. Here is a very simple map that’s suitable for almost everyone with round eyes, including protruding eyes. 

Suggested Lash Map: C10, C10, C12, C12, C12, C14 

Natural-ish, Extra Long

Who said extra length can’t look natural? This look will still focus on Gossamers from our Core Collection. If the Curl lashes are a bit too subtle for you, try this map with Amplify and a little guest appearance by Extreme Ice to elongate your eye shape. 

Suggested Lash Map: A12, A14, A14, A14, A16, EI 18 

Casually Elegant

For a lash look that is subtly bewitching instead of eye-catching, Plushy Tame is the star of this show. Plushy Tames are delicately curled and offer the flattest base and finest fibers of any Lashify lash, making it a perfect fit for prominent eyes!

Suggested Lash Map: PT11, PT12, PT12, PT,13, PT14, PT15 

Soft and Whimsical

Stardust is here to shine! Take doe-eyed to a whole new level with this lash look. Though it starts with the Curl and Amplify lashes from the Core Collection, the secret ingredient here is definitely two Stardust Gossamers™ on the outer corner.

What makes Stardust a great fit for this eye shape? Stardust Gossamers use five layers of multilayered, multilength .07mm lash fibers arranged in peaks and valleys to create their iconic celestial wispiness. When selecting your Stardust length, the listed length is at its longest point, so consider going up a length to meet your vision. If you want the length of an Amplify14, choose a Stardust16. 

Suggested Lash Map: C12, A12, A14, A14, SD 16, SD 18

Big Glam

Gemini Gossamers™ are excellent for protruding eyes because they were designed to mimic that piecey lash look. Geminis are denser than other lashes (literally the thickest fiber of any Gossamer), which will give you some extra volume and curl in one punch. 

Because of their density, Gemini lashes are easy to manipulate, which means you can use them to get wispy, fanned-out lash maps. 

Suggested Lash Map: C12, C12, G14, C14, G14, G16

Sultry and Sexy 

Extreme Ice and Bold B. We’re reaching back into our Core Collection and pulling out the Bold version of yourself! Extreme Ice is really turning up the sexy factor on this lash look, giving you the length and the little volume bump you need. Be aware as you place this map: E and EI Gossamers fan out more, so you may need one fewer Gossamer than usual.

Suggested lash map: B10, B12, B12, EI16, EI18

What Do You Think?

These options too tame for you? We haven’t even mentioned our bright and colorful Prismatics Collection™. Once you’ve nailed the length you desire, play around with an artsy, creative look with colors from red to blue to metallic! 

Play with a variety of Gossamer styles and discover what works for your aesthetic. Create different lash maps for different vibes and occasions. Love your look? Share your creations on Insta, Tiktok, Twitter, or Facebook, and tag us! When you make art with your lashes, the whole Lashify community will be excited to learn from you! 

Not sure if you have protruding eyes? Our article on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape can help. Every eye is unique, so if you find yourself stuck between two possible matches, just mix and match our tips until you find a lash look you love!


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