What Are Deep Set Eyes?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 06 February, 2023

What Are Deep Set Eyes? Understanding Your Eye Shape

Before you fill your cart with luscious lashes, you want to make sure the styles you buy will flatter your eye shape. The first step to understanding how to style your eye shape is identifying your eye shape. 

Let’s talk about deep set eyes: what they are, how to identify them, and of course, how to style them. We’ll even give you some suggested lash maps from our Lashify® experts! 

What Are Deep-set Eyes?

As the name suggests, deep-set eyes are eyes that rest further back, or deeper, in the eye socket. Deep-set eyes are the opposite of protruding (or prominent) eyes, which sit at the front of the eye socket and have a more bulging appearance. Because of their positions, prominent eyes appear naturally large, and deep-set eyes may appear naturally smaller. 

Keira Knightly is an iconic celeb with deep-set eyes, and you can probably imagine her brows just by the mention of her name. Her eyes are small but piercing. 

Deep-set eyes create the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. Therefore, if you have deep-set eyes, you always want your brow game on point. But if you’re taking Lashify-level care of your lash appearance, you totally have the routine for your brows down to a science, don’t you?

If you have deep-set eyes, you likely also have hooded eyes. Many people with hooded eyes tend to also have deep-set eyes, and vice versa. Hooded eyes describe the way the eyelid recedes under the brow bone. The degree of “hooding” can also vary and change over time as the delicate skin around your eyes changes elasticity. 

How To Determine if You Have Deep-set Eyes

It’s important to assess your eye shape before you start looking for the best lash and makeup looks to accentuate your natural beauty. Here’s a quick guide to assessing if you have deep-set eyes

Get the Right Tools

In natural light or a well-lit room, grab a hand mirror. A mirror with an LED ring would be perfect. (Speaking of LEDs, have you seen the LED Control Kit®?) If you have a mirror that can magnify your face to get a close-up of your eyes, even better. 

Check Your Crease

Look for the prominence of the crease of your eyelid. Deep-set eyes often have a visible crease even when your eyes are shut. Observe if your eyelid retracts into the crease of your eye when your eyes are open. 

Analyze Your Eyelid

Next, look at the surface area of your eyelid. If you have visible creases, your upper eyelid (the space between the crease and your eyebrow!) is short and small, and you have little to no white visible between your iris and eyelid, you likely have deep-set eyes. 

Look for Hooding

If you have deep-set eyes, you may also have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are characterized by the entire eyelid retracting under the brow bone and hiding there while your eyes are open. If your lower eyelids (the area between the crease and your lash line) disappear under your brow bone when you open your eye, your eyes are hooded as well as deep-set.

What Are the Best Lashes for Deep-set Eyes?

When it comes to lash shopping, deep-set eyes are low-key the most fun to shop for (shhh, don’t tell the others!). Naturally, we want to accentuate your eyes to help them appear larger, and the way to do that is really to pull out all the tricks in our bag of lashes. 

The most common goal for this eye shape is to brighten the eyes and make them appear more prominent. We’re looking for lashes with tons of length and a wide curl away from the eye. 

These lucky girlies can get away with way more length than most and still have the lashes look natural because of the positioning of the brow bone and the way the lashes may sit back into the crease. The only rule with the curl is you don’t want the curl to be so tight that it ends up getting crushed by your brow bone because it might look unnatural. 

As we go, remember that you can really go big with no fear: Extra length and intense volume are totally on the table!

6 Best Lash Maps for Deep-set Eyes

When you’re making your decision about which Gossamers® will best flatter you, we can save you a little time. From the Core Collection™, stick with Amplify and Bold®. Curl may conflict with your brow bone, and we don’t want any fights here. The Extreme Gossamers are also not the best suited to your shape, so let’s leave those on the shelf. 

Now let’s look at which lash styles and lash maps are going to flatter you the best: 

Everyday Natural

Keep it simple with the Core Collection: we’re diving in with the Amplify lash. This map will give you just enough length to make your eyes pop but not enough that anyone would suspect these aren’t your natural lashes. The focus here is purely on adding length. 

Suggested Lash Map: A12, A12, A14, A14, A14, A12

Everyday Glam

With this look, we’re keeping the same energy as the everyday natural but adding a little bit of spice to make them do a double take. Soft launch the Starburst Gossamer™ in your lash wardrobe. We’ll explain what’s great about the Starburst Gossamer below in the Glitzy Glam look. 

Suggested Lash Map: A12, A12, A14, SB16, SB14, A12

Soft Volume

To get consistent, soft volume, we’re going to mix our most voluminous core lash, Bold, with our F volume lash, Fluffy®. Fluffy is designed for a full, fluttery appearance. If ‘Fluffy and Bold’ doesn’t say ‘soft volume,’ what does? 

Remember, Fluffy is a great fit for you, but Fluffy FX will likely have too tight a curl for your structure. If you find the Fluffy curl is still a bit too tight for your structure, check out the final tip below!

Suggested Lash Map: B12, B14, F14, F14, F14, B14

Va Va Volume

Just because we want to avoid intense curl does not mean we need to avoid intense volume. You can do an entire lash map with just Plushy™ Gossamers to get intense volume without the intense curl. Plushy uses extremely fine fibers to get weightless volume without intense curl. 

Still want more volume? Try a stacked layer with the Amplify Gossamers!

Suggested Lash Map: P12, P12, P14, P16, P16, P14

Glitzy Glamour 

Nothing says glamor quite like Starburst™ lashes. Starburst Gossamers™ are a spiky arrangement of multiple lengths and layers that provide great texture and volume! Heads up, when you pick the length of a Starburst Gossamer, it’s best to go up a length because they’re measured at their longest point. So if you want the same look as an A14, you’d better go with a SB16.

Suggested Lash Map: A12, A14, A16, SB16, SB18, SB16

Soft and Demure 

We’ve met Plushy, but for a more soft and subtle look, try Plushy Tame™. PT has an even finer lash than regular Plushy™ Gossamers with an even slighter curl, which is perfect for a deep-set eye. 

Plushy Tame has the finest fibers of all Gossamers — think of her as the ton’s most refined young debutante. Plushy Tame doesn’t need a chaperone; she can grant you a natural, delicate look on her own. 

Suggested Lash Map: PT10, PT12, PT14, PT16, PT14, PT14

One Last Tip

One key to getting a natural look with deep-set eyes is controlling your curl level. The best way to control your curl is with the Lashicurl® tool. 

Haven’t heard of Lashicurl? It’s like a burn-proof curling iron for your Gossamers. 

Lashicurl is hands down the easiest way to get the exact amount of curl you need; you’re basically personalizing your Gossamers to the exact dimensions of your face, the depth of your eyes, and the prominence of your brow — how cool is that!? 

So What Do You Think?

Not sure if you have deep-set eyes? Are you thinking you might be in the wrong place? Our post on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape can help you figure out what shape best describes your eyes. Every eye is unique, so if you find yourself stuck between two possible matches, just mix and match the tips from their relevant articles until you find a lash look you love.

Excited to try some of the lash maps we’ve laid out here? We’re excited to see them on you! If you try one out, snap a pic and share it with us online on Insta, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag us!


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