What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 11 November, 2022

What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions are eyelash extensions that increase the appearance of your eyelash volume rather than your lash length. Volume refers to the density of your lashes, and denser lashes give the appearance of darker and fuller lashes. There are tons of volume lashes that will also maximize your lash length, though they don’t absolutely have to. 

Volume lashes are defined by the number of false lashes per natural lash. In a classic set of lashes, there’s only one false lash per natural lash. In a volume set, anywhere from two to six false lashes are applied to each natural lash. 

Generally, volume false lashes are crafted into super lightweight fans with a flat base. An adhesive is applied to the base of the lash. Then, the fan is pressed along the natural lashes. Depending on the style and how many fibers are on the fan, this can multiply how lush your lashes look by a little or a lot. 

You may see titles like Ultra Volume Lash, Mega Volume Lash, or Full Volume Lash floating around the internet and wonder, “What’s the difference?” We’ll let you in on a secret: usually, there is no difference. That is, there is no standardization for what qualifies as Ultra or Mega. If you want to find the most voluminous of the volume lashes, it will take a little bit of research into how each lash set is actually made. 

The only distinction that’s somewhat standardized is the distinction between classic lashes and volume lashes. Classic lashes, as the name suggests, pre-date volume lashes considerably. The volume lash applications are a much more recent trend, originating in 2011. 

Where Did Volume Lashes Come From? 

The history of false eyelashes as we know them today begins in 1911, when one woman, Anna Taylor, made and patented the first commercial pair of false lashes out of a bit of fabric with glued-on hairs. Before that, Parisian women in the late 1800s literally had hairs from their heads sewn into their eyelids with needles — baby, we’ve come a long way! 

Today’s classic lash look is most closely inspired by the false lashes of the 1930s. Those lashes, which still used real hair, were trendy in the time period thanks to the first-ever class of movie stars. This trend was approved and immortalized by Vogue, which ensured false eyelashes would become a staple of the cosmetic counter for decades to come. 

Today’s volume lash look can be traced back to the 1960s when celebrities (namely the ever-famous Twiggy) boldly experimented with the limits of their lashes. These lashes did not have the same application process as modern-day volume eyelash extensions, but they provided the aesthetic predecessor. 

In this trend, strip lashes were applied to both the upper and lower lash lines to create the effect of the largest-possible doll eyes. Some modern celebs (like Melanie Martinez) still use this impactful, dramatic look. 

The application process of lash extensions is what differentiates them from false lashes — aka strip lashes. The application process of classic lash extensions gained popularity in North America and Japan in the early 2000s. Volume eyelash extensions specifically were developed in 2011 in Russia by lash artist Olga Debronravova, which is where the term ‘Russian Volume’ comes from.

American Volume Lashes vs. Russian Volume Lashes

Though both lash styles offer similar volume, they have different lash look goals. American volume lashes seek a more natural appearance, with intentionally uneven lash mapping to imitate natural lash growth. 

Russian volume lashes are going for uniformity. The purpose is not to appear natural but to appear bold. Russian volume says, “Yes, they’re fake and beautiful.” 

Who Should Get Volume Lashes?

If you’ve never tried any lash extensions before, you may want to try a classic set first. Trying the more subtle classic set first gives you and your eyelids a chance to get used to the feeling of lash extensions, since they may feel a little funny at first. 

Though it may seem like cruel irony, volume eyelash extensions may be difficult to wear for people who have very few or very thin natural lashes. Since volume lashes place more false strands on your natural lashes, weak or sparse lashes may not be able to support them. That’s not to say it’s impossible; it may just be more difficult. It’s all about chatting with your lash technician to figure out what’s best for you. 

If this is not your first false lash rodeo, and you’re ready to go a little bolder with your lash look, volume lashes might be just the thing you need! 

Not All Volume Lash Extensions Are Created Equal

As a general rule, whether you’re getting your lash extensions from the drug store, Lashify®, or a salon, volume eyelash extensions will be more expensive than classic lashes. That’s because volume lashes use more material and more effort to apply in a professional setting, and the cost reflects this. 

What Makes Lashify’s Volume Lashes Different?

Our Gossamer® Lashes are made of 100% Korean PBT silk. The Lashify application system uses Whisper Light™ bond as the adhesive to hold your Gossamers in place. Whisper Light™ is safe for sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain cyanoacrylates, a common toxin found in commercial lash glues. Whisper Light™ also has anti-microbial properties that may prevent eye infections, a common side effect of less-than-hygienic false eyelash application. 

Lashify offers a wide variety of volume eyelash extension styles, which come in classic black, and many come in chocolate or truffle, which is our signature combination of black and chocolate. 

What Kind of Lash Extension Can You Get With Lashify?

Lashify’s volume lashes come in many styles: 

  • “D” for Drama: 2-ply fibers with a defined curl and Lashify’s signature cross-weave for extra strength. 
  • “E” for Extreme: Perfect for those seeking a Russian Volume look, they offer a voluminous straight-edged lash. 
  • “EE” for Extra Extreme: The curliest style, they’re available from 10mm up to a staggering 20mm.
  • “EI” for Extreme Ice: These Gossamers offer dual-fibered lashes: a mix of thick and thin, short and long lashes.
  • “F” for Fluffy: Miss popularity! This one’s a fan favorite. Strong, short curl that gives a full, fluttery appearance. It comes in chocolate and truffle, as well as black. 
  • “FX” for Fluffy FX: All the best traits of Fluffy and Extra Extreme in one! Curl and length combine for maximum impact. It comes in chocolate and truffle, as well as black. 
  • “G” for Gemini: Geminis use the thickest lash fiber of all Gossamers. The density of this lash makes it a great base for lash stacking. 
  • “P” for Plushy: The finest fibers create a clean, sophisticated look. Bonus: Plushy has the greatest overall longevity potential of any Gossamer.
  • “PT” for Plushy Tame: Everything you love about Plushy, but flatter, plus a flatter base for the longest wear time of any Gossamer. 
  • “SB” for Starburst: A dramatic, leading-lady-inspired last best for pairing and weaving into more intricate lash maps. This lash comes in chocolate and black. 
  • “SD” for Stardust: Five wispy layers of .07mm fibers perfect for a multi-layer, multi-length lash map. It comes in chocolate and black. 

That’s a ton of options! You’re probably left with one very important question.

How Do I Select the Right Volume Lashes for Me?

Your lash map depends primarily on two things: your eye shape and your desired aesthetic. The same lash styles won’t necessarily look the same on everyone, so be sure to check out our handy guide to selecting the best styles for your eye shape. 

Your aesthetic is entirely up to you! Consider experimenting with different styles and style combinations until you find that just-right, totally-you combination. If you want to see how Lashify’s different styles look on real people with different eye shapes, check out the Eyedentify series on YouTube

Volume Lash Mapping

If you’re new to lash extensions, a lash map describes the order in which you place a variety of different lash styles along your lash line. Your lash map may have a combination of only two styles, but you can use a wide variety in tandem to create original and personalized lash looks. 

For example, a lash map that utilizes Curl (from the Classic collection), Gemini, and Stardust Gossamers might read like this: 

Base: SD.14, G.14, G.14, G.14, G.16

Stack: C.10, C.12, C.12, C.12

We’d read this lash map as, starting from the inner corner of the eye and working our way out, a 14mm Stardust gossamer, followed by three 14mm Gemini Gossamers, and a 16mm Gemini Gossamer on the outer corner. This map incorporates the stacking technique and stacks four Curl gossamers, one 10mm and three 12mm. 

This map would be best for an experienced Lashify user with a round eye shape, but it’s a thorough illustration of how lash maps are written and utilized so that even a beginner can jump into creating their own lash maps. 

Got More Questions? 

Check in with our experts in our educational live video series, or check out our FAQ


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