Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas That Will Make Your Heart FlutterLashify

The fourteenth of February might make you feel warm and fuzzy or make you gag. Whatever your reaction, why not use this day as an excuse to get dolled up in some seriously swoon-worthy makeup? 

Whether you’re planning a Galentines extravaganza, a date night with your SO, or an at-home self-care day that would rival a Venetian spa treatment, we’ve got the top looks to help you do it in style. 

Follow along as we countdown the ways to bring a little extra romance to your most loved/loathed mid-February day (and beyond).

1. Feeling Flushed

Nothing screams “young love” more than that perfect, natural-looking flush. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t exactly sunkissed and pink-cheeked in the middle of winter. 

Fake your way to flushed with the perfect, slightly over-the-top cheek color. Think 80s hot pink glam meets hot yoga.

To perfect the look, pick a shade of pink slightly pinker than your natural flush. Play up cheeks by adding a concentration of color to the apples of your cheeks and blending outward (in all directions). 

Blending is key here, making sure the color naturally fades as it is blended outward. A hyper concentration of color that could look clown-esque. 

Finish it off with coordinating light soft pink lips and romantic lashes that look just as innocent. We love the Doe Eye Gossamer® Bundle for the perfect amount of volume and innocence to balance the look.

2. A New Kind of Ice Queen

Who says you can’t warm an icy heart? Frosted makeup like you remember from decades past might be out, but a glazed look with just a hint of shimmer is definitely in. 

Invest in a highlighter with just a bit of shimmer to capture the look (and those icy hearts). For winter looks, focus on highlighter creams or balms that have a slightly silverish undertone as opposed to gold or rose. 

Add highlighter to your prominent facial points, like the center of your lids, the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks, and just above the cupid’s bow on your lips. Match your look with lashes that are equally as heart-melting. We love the Sprinkle Dust Gossamer Set, which is equal parts long, wispy, and flirty.

3. Classic Red

Some things never go out of style, like your favorite LBD, preoccupation with romcoms, and a classic red lip. Before you treat yourself to an evening of wine and romantic comedies, make it even more dramatic with a bold, red lip that will leave marks on your significant other’s heart (not just your wine glass). 

To get the look, focus heavily on lip prep. Red lipstick can look rough, patchy, or dry if you apply it to lips that haven’t been properly exfoliated and hydrated. 

It’s also important to ensure you line your lips with a coordinating red liner to make sure the color doesn’t accidentally feather into creases. Pair your red lips with lashes that are just as seductive and classic. 

The High-Class Wing Gossamer Set gives the look of a winged eye without the liner, elongating the eye and adding drama just where it’s needed.

4. Winged Eyes

Another classic that will make you swoon? Winged eyes. If the thought of winged liner brings you to a full stop, we’ve got you covered. 

You don’t have to be a pro with winged liner to get the edgy, razor-sharp lined looks you love. Lashify™ makes it easy with the I-Line™ Gossamer lash. Our very first pre-mapped Gossamer lash set gives you the illusion of a perfectly winged liner via angled lashes that are easy to apply and last for days (or hours if that’s all you need).

The I-Line set is also perfect for hooded eyes, making it easy for you to get winged liner looks even if you don’t have much lid space.

5. Golden Girl

It might be mid-winter, but you can still capture hearts with the perfect gold rush. Golden-bronze hues add warmth and sweetness to your look, while subtle pink undertones help ground you in the season. 

To make a sun-kissed look February-ready, focus on subtle pink lips and let your eyes keep all the attention. Gold shimmer shadow accompanied by dark liner and bold lashes keep your look bold but not too summery. We recommend Fluffy Black Gossamer lashes to perfectly complete the look and seal your golden girl status.

No matter which look you love, you can keep your look fresh and polished with the perfect at-home DIY Lash Extension™ System from Lashify. Lashify makes it easy for you to get great lash looks without spending your brunch money on lash extensions. 

The Lashify Way

Lashify is different from at-home DIY lash kits you buy at the store, and the system is easier and faster than salon lashes. Our hybrid system allows you to get salon-quality lashes at home in a fraction of the time and in a manner that’s gentle and safe for your natural lashes.

Our Bonds

It’s no secret that lash glue is harsh on your delicate eyelash skin and natural lashes. It contains chemicals like cyanoacrylates and formaldehyde. Lashify Bonds® are different. 

They work more like a lash-nourishing serum than an adhesive, but they still allow our Gossamer lashes to adhere to your lashes properly.

Our Gossamer® Lashes

Gossamer lashes are always cruelty-free, and contain no animal products or fur. Gossamer lashes are like a cross between cluster lashes and individual extensions. 

Each Gossamer has a featherlight spine with multiple fibers attached. Gossamers are applied with Underlash Technology™, making application easy and keeping them weightless and safe for your natural lashes. Underlash Technology also makes application more forgiving; even a beginner can use the Lashify system. 

It’s easy to get started with the Lashify System. All you need is the Control Kit™.

The Power of Lashify 

Who says being a control freak isn’t a good thing? We give you the power to take control of your lashes with everything you need to get started with Lashify, all in one easy, convenient start-up kit. 

Each Control Kit® comes with: 

  • Three sets of Gossamer® lashes. Pick your curl style, length, color, and shape from our Amplify, Bold, and Curl collections. Consider this your lash wardrobe start-up. You’ll only build it better from these wispy foundations. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. Say no to tweezers. The Fuse Control Wand gives you the easiest and most convenient way to apply your Gossamer lashes. Try the Petit Curve Fuse Control Wand if you’ve got smaller hands or lids. 
  • One set of Wandoms®. Lashify Bonds don’t fully cure, which means they’ll get tacky during application. This keeps your natural lashes safe, and your Gossamer lashes light on lashes. To avoid getting into a sticky situation, cover your Fuse Control Wand with a Wandom.
  • Whisper Light Bond™. The OG of our Bonds, Whisper Light comes in two different colors: clear and black. Whisper Light, like all of our Bonds, never fully cures, allowing you to enjoy lash extensions that bend and move along with your natural lashes and never experience brittle lashes that break easily. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. You don’t have to seal your Gossamer lashes, but if you plan to get maximum wear (up to 10 days), we recommend slicking on a coat of Glass. This sealant helps add a layer of protection to your Gossamer lashes that keep them locked tight even if you wear your Gossamer lashes overnight. 
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of both Pre-Cleanse and Melt Away in your Control Kit. Pre Cleanse is the perfect way to prep your natural lashes for application and is also a great tool for face cleansing. Meltaway is our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily slide your Gossamer lashes off of your natural lashes when you’re ready to change them. 

Everything you need comes in one easy, convenient, and hard case to keep your tools and Gossamer lashes safe.

Pucker Up Buttercup

Your Valentine’s Day is your own. Whether you spend the day with a loved one, your favorite gal pals, or enjoying your own company, you deserve to treat yourself to makeup looks that are romantic and edgy. 

Complete each look with the lashes that give you all the flirty, romantic drama you crave. Lashify gives you the ability to style your lashes how you want, when you want, and on your own terms. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect relationship to us.


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