Do Under Lash Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?

Do Under Lash Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?Lashify

You’ve heard the horror stories. You saw the Kristin Chenowith interview on Letterman. If you had been considering eyelash extensions, now you’ve got some concerns. It seems like they might come along with risks you aren’t prepared to take. 

Now, there’s even a new method of applying them: under the natural lash. So-called underlash extensions are supposed to be safer, but are they? The lash experts at Lashify® are here to help. We’ll explain the risks associated with eyelash extensions and also discuss how underlash eye extensions are different. 

We’ll also explain how the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ system addresses the risks of traditional eyelash extensions and how we keep our system safe for your natural lashes. 

Lash Extensions: What Are the Risks?

It can seem innocent enough: you want longer, fuller lashes, so you book yourself an appointment with a lash tech. Two hours and several hundred dollars later (plus tip), you walk out with lengthy lashes that are fluttery and full. 

However, for some people, the experience hasn’t been as idyllic. From eye infections to loss of natural lashes, there are a few things that can go horribly wrong when you have lash extensions applied. 


Most people think that infections due to eyelash extensions have to do with going to a salon that hasn’t thoroughly cleansed its application tools. This is only partially true. 

It’s very important to ensure that your salon is reputable and that they take proper precautions to cleanse their tools, but that’s not the only way you can develop an eye infection. Eye infections can be caused by dirt and debris trapped in the lashes that get pulled into the eye. 

When you have eyelash extensions, the lash glue can become sticky when exposed to water or humid conditions, making your lashes the perfect trap for excess dirt. The lashes themselves can also trap excess debris, and because they shouldn’t be doused in water, it can be hard to keep them clean. 

All of these factors can lead to an eye infection, like blepharitis, which can be difficult to deal with and become seriously uncomfortable.


Lash extensions require some type of adhesive to keep the individual lash extensions firmly affixed to your natural lashes. Normally, this involves lash glue. Lash glue contains similar ingredients as super glue, including formaldehyde-releasing chemicals and cyanoacrylate. 

Some people are naturally allergic to these ingredients. However, even if you aren’t, you can still experience irritation on the delicate skin around your lashes from the harsh chemicals in the glue. This can be exacerbated if your lash tech accidentally gets glue on your lids.

Damage to Natural Lashes

Salon-grade lash extensions are often touted as completely safe for your natural lashes, but that’s just not the entire story. The glues can cause your natural lashes to become brittle and break, which means you’ll lose your natural lash and the extension attached to it. 

Another risk factor? Repeated salon lash extensions can sometimes lead to a condition called traction alopecia. While it’s rare, this condition causes the natural lash to stop growing due to repeated pulling, tugging, and traction against the natural lash while it is still in its hair follicle. 

These risks might make you wonder if a different application method is a trick, which is where underlash extensions come to the table. 

What Are Underlash Eyelash Extensions?

Salon eyelash extensions are applied to the top of your natural eyelash. The ratio can change depending on the type of eyelash extensions you are having applied. 

For instance, classic lashes are applied on a 1:1 ratio, meaning each natural lash will have one eyelash extension fiber dipped in lash glue and attached to the top. Volume lashes are applied in a several-to-one ratio. 

Underlash eyelash extensions are applied underneath the natural lash. If you’re taking notes, it probably doesn’t seem like that’s much of a change. After all, the issues with salon eyelash extensions (the glue, the application itself, and the risks) don’t really have much to do with placement. 

Do Underlash Eyelash Extensions Cause Damage?

This is a tricky question. First and foremost, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a salon that applies eyelash extensions underneath your natural lashes. Getting the salon-grade glue next to your water line is too risky, and it would be virtually impossible to apply while your eyes are open. 

Second, you’d still have to consider that the lash fibers themselves and the glue used could cause your natural lashes to become brittle and break. That would mean that underlash extensions were just as risky as traditional lash extensions. 

But wait, there’s Lashify.

The Lashify Underlash Technology™ System

The Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System uses Gossamer® lashes that are adhered underneath your natural lashes, but with a few key differences that make our Gossamer lashes safe for your natural lashes and the surrounding skin. 


Unlike salon-grade glue, our Bonds are 100% free from formaldehyde-releasing chemicals and cyanoacrylate, the two main irritants in salon lash glue. Our Bonds never fully cure, allowing them to bend and flex with your natural lashes. They never cause your natural lashes to become brittle or stiff. 

Our Bonds work more like eyelash serums and are formulated with Lavendula (lavender) and biotin to help support your natural lashes while they grow, even while you’re wearing your Gossamer lashes. 

Underlash Technology™

Lash extensions can feel heavy, but Lashify Gossamer lashes feel lighter than air. That’s due to our Underlash Technology and the way Gossamer lashes are created. 

Gossamer lashes are like a cross between strip lashes and individual lash extensions. Each tiny spine contains several Gossamer lashes, which are easily adhered just underneath your natural lashes, above your water line. 

This type of lash extension and method of application helps distribute the weight and adhesion of the extensions across several of your natural lashes, so the extensions feel comfortable and never damage your natural lashes.


Gossamer lashes are designed to work for up to 10 days with proper care, but you can easily remove and reapply them whenever you want. Unlike salon lashes that stay attached to your natural eyelash until it falls out, this can help ensure your lash area stays clean and healthy. 

Getting started with Lashify is easy; you just need a little control. 

The Control Kit

The Control Kit™ gives you everything you need to be your own lash tech and get the lashes you want in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Each Control Kit comes with:

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Our Gossamer lash collection is vast. We offer Gossamer lashes in numerous different styles, lengths, and curls. From subdued enhancement for your 9-to-5 to luxe for a night out and everything in between, you can build a lash wardrobe that never goes out of style. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. We developed the right tools for the job when we made our at-home lash enhancement system. The Fuse Control Wand and the Petit Curve Wand are ergonomically developed tools that curve to the shape of your hand and eye to help you apply your Gossamer lashes easily and effectively from the very first time. 

If you get stuck or need extra help, check out our easy-to-follow tutorials

  • Whisper Light Bond™. Never worry about damage to your natural lashes with our Whisper Light Bond. Our most popular bond works more like a nourishing lash serum, formulated with biotin and lavendula, and still provides an extreme hold that will keep your Gossamer lashes in place as long as you want to wear them. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. Seal your lashes with Glass. This shiny topcoat works like a sealant to add protection to your Gossamer lashes and protect the Bond. If you want to wear your Gossamers for the longest time possible, we recommend sealing them. 
  • One pair of Wandom® Wand Covers. Covers for your Fuse Control Wand are essential to make sure you don’t experience a frustrating situation during application. Our Bonds are sticky, and Wandoms help make sure your Gossamer lashes don’t get stuck to your Wand. 
  • Samples. The Control Kit comes with samples of Pre Cleanse and Melt Away. Pre Cleanse helps keep your eye area clean before application, and Melt Away ensures that you can slide your Gossamer lashes right off your natural lashes when it is time to take them off. 

Everything comes in a hard case (to protect those fluttery Gossamer lashes) with a mirrored side you can even use for application. 

Zero Damage, 100% Luxe

You can get the lash looks you love without risking damage to your natural lashes or a weird, allergic reaction. Lashify gives you the tools you need to create dramatic eyelash looks in the comfort of your own home. 


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