Top 10 Reasons I Left Mascara for Lashify Lashes

Removing mascara every night is not only tedious, but it's also pretty damaging to the natural lashes. My lashes are in much better condition from using Lashify lashes. The lash system was created to protect your lashes and to not damage your natural lashes/ That's exactly what you can expect from Lashify.

Posted by Erica Levy on 20 December, 2022


Top 10 Reasons I Left Mascara for Lashify Lashes

Millions of women rely on mascara to enhance their natural lashes. I was one of them.  After trying DIY lash extensions invented by Lashify I went from being a mascara junkie to a hardcore lashi-fiend.  Everyone I've introduced to Lashify is shocked that a system this cool even exists!  Just think: Tesla for Lashes. They have hundreds of patents all for just lashes. 

Here's the top 10 reasons I left mascara for Lashify
  1. Mascara never gave me the satisfaction I truly craved.  The Lashify Bold Gossamer lashes gives me the look I craved without the flakes. 
  2. The price is reasonable.  My favorite mascara cost me almost $30-- one Lashify Cartridge cost me between $10 (with subscription) or $20 retail-- and I've reused them repeatedly. 
  3. No more runny mascara. A well placed pear of DIY Gossamer lashes will withstand tears. The Lashify lashes are connected to your natural lash and when 2mm away tears can flow without affecting your lashes. 
  4. I can get creative. With Lashify you can customize all kinds of lash looks, mix and match plus even change your eye shape!
  5. Waking up with mascara is a scary sight! Waking up with Lashify is a thing of beauty. Your "woke up like this" look will be perfectly believable with Lashify.
  6. Mascara is nice and all but it's never made me feel 100% confident. I can confidently say the Lashify DIY Lash System has made me feel absolutely confident. I feel good to go out without even the slightly bit of makeup! 
  7. Mascara is pretty boring. There's nothing particularly creative about mascara. Swipe and Go. Hmm. Boring if you ask me.  With Lashify you'll find yourself experimenting with styles and colors as often as you can.  Each style is a different facet of your personality. Make a cat eye for a flirtatious day!
  8. Lashify is relaxing. Applying the lashes is something you'll look forward to. It becomes a ritual that's extremely satisfying. 
  9. Removing mascara every night is not only tedious, but it's also pretty damaging to the natural lashes.  My lashes are in much better condition from using Lashify. The system was created to not damage your natural lashes, so that's exactly what you can expect. 
  10. I've always loved mascara--but I was never in love. I can honestly say I am madly in love with Lashify lashes and I think you'll be too! 


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