What To Do When You Have Naturally Straight Eyelashes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 21 November, 2022

What To Do When You Have Naturally Straight Eyelashes

Lashes. It’s why we’re all here. But maybe getting that perfectly applied set of Gossamers® isn’t your top priority at the moment. Maybe you already know about all the cruelty-free and vegan bonds, seals, lashes, and other accessories made for your natural lashes, and maybe you’ve already given them all a go.

Maybe today isn’t about the falsies and fakes. Maybe today is about helping out that natural lash in all its glory. Well, we’re just as much here for those natural beauties as we are for our lovely Gossamers. After all, where would falsies be without a healthy natural lash to adhere to? All in agreement say “aye”!

Let’s face it; the day we start neglecting our natural lashes is the day any kind of fake lash bites the dust. While we pride ourselves on creating usable products that nourish and rejuvenate your natural lashes every second you wear your Gossamers, sometimes it’s not just about the state of your lash health but the shape.

Many people in the lash world don’t just wear falsies to give some pizazz where there once was none. Those people struggle with something a little different: straight lashes. Our hearts go out to all of you straight-lashers out there that have the length and volume of a thousand lashes, but the curl of none.

Now is not the time to weep and wallow! No, now is the time to step up and take your lashes into your own hands. There is hope; we’ve come to bring it to you. If you’ve been desperately searching for a way to curl those lackluster lashes into better shape, then search no more. Let us embark.

Let’s Break It Down

As much as we might treat your natural lashes as such, they are not a purely cosmetic feature. Your lashes act as a layer of protection for your eyes, much like nose hairs act as a barrier for germs and other debris entering your body. Lashes also help to regulate the light our eyes take in, helping us to see in crystal clear HD.

Our bodies have a ton of these defense mechanisms that help us in unseen ways. That’s why we always emphasize the longevity and health of your lashes so they can keep protecting you the way they are meant to.

To get to the nitty-gritty of what you can do about a naturally straight eyelash situation, let’s dig a bit into why your lashes might be growing this way. Understanding the basics of your lashes is an amazing first step in the direction of a change, and there’s actually a bit more to uncover about the state of your lashes than you previously thought. 

The Power of Keratin

All of your natural lashes are actually thin strands of keratin. Keratin is the protein that also makes up your other hair and your nails, so it might already be familiar to you. At the base of each lash is a gland that provides oil for keeping your lashes looking and feeling their best (AKA hydrated and happy). 

Contrary to the horror stories your mom or aunt might’ve told you growing up, eyelashes do grow back on a predictable cycle. We still wouldn’t recommend plucking them all out on a whim, but just like the hairs on your head, if one or two fall out, more are sure to take their place. 

Lashes cycle through three phases: catagen (dormant), telogen (shedding), and anagen (growth). These phases can take three or more months to run through, so don’t worry if you’ve never noticed those lashes coming back around. We promise they’re there. 

Why Are Your Lashes So Straight?

Although all lashes are composed of the same makeup, they can grow out differently. That’s probably why you clicked on this article: to combat your unique lash growth. Lucky for you, there are a few options for curling those tame beauties into place. 

Straight lashes could be a result of a few things. For example, you might be someone with a monolid. This eye shape is common among those of Asian descent and is identified by the lack of a crease or fold in the lid to separate your eyelid into two parts. Another trait that might accompany your monolid is that your lashes are growing straight out or down instead of curling up; the covered fold at your lash line is pressing them down.

Another reason could be because the hair follicle of your lashes has been damaged by harsh products or constant lash enhancements to the point that your lashes have lost their natural curl. 

If you haven’t been dabbling with any products that could result in straight lashes, you might be dealing with malfunctioning sebaceous glands. When these glands aren’t working properly, your lashes aren’t getting the proper oils or hydration they need at the base. This results in dry, brittle, and straight lashes that have lost the curl. 

If you feel as if your eyes or lashes are suffering from something more, it might be beneficial to consult a dermatologist to address your concerns. If your lashes are simply suffering from a case of naturally straight syndrome, then keep scrolling to discover how you can achieve that luxurious curl with a few easy tips and easy-to-use products. No more of the straight and narrow for you, sis.

How To Make Straight Lashes Curly

There are a few readily available fixes for you and your straight lashes that offer you a range of options. No matter your budget or the end result you have in mind, there’s something here for everyone.

To start, we have probably the most obvious of solutions: an eyelash curler. This isn’t just your Grandma’s eyelash curler, slightly rusted and somehow always caked in mascara. No, this is the Lashicurl®

Believe it or not, traditional mechanical lash curlers actually aren’t the best thing to be using on your lashes day after day. The curl never lasts as long as you want it to, and the constant pressure and pull of the curler can lead to more lash damage and fallout than you had before.

The Lashicurl is a sleek, stylish heated lash curler intended for the perfect touch-up to your Gossamers, but this curler will add some much-needed oomph to your natural lashes just like any other (if not better). 

It’s as easy as heating up the silicone wand to one of three pre-set temperatures and running it toward the tip of your once-straight lashes. Soon enough, those pesky lashes will be curled to perfection and ready for anything.

What About Lash Lifts?

Another option for any straight-lashers is a lash lift. A lash lift is a semi-permanent option for your natural lashes. For this procedure, there are ways of achieving it at home, but most will venture to a professional lash tech for the best results. Unlike lash extensions, where fake lashes are applied to your natural lashes for volume and curl, lash lifts curl your naturally straight or lacking lashes into a fabulous shape.

These will last eight to 12 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle and can run you between $75-$150. The only downside to lash lifts is that they will curl your lashes, but they won’t add length to what you have. If you’ve been blessed with the double whammy of straight and short, it’s something to consider.

Straight and Narrow

While people are always chasing after that powerful curl, the natural lash has a power of its own. If that power is stick straight, then rock it, girl! If all else fails and you feel yourself weening back into the world of falsies, Lashify® is always on standby to help lift you from the pits.

Find any style, length, boldness, volume, and, yes, curl that you could hope for in our vast collection of confidence-boosting lashes. We’ll worry about the rest. If this is your moment to pick yourself up and test out your list of potential fixes, we’re right there behind you, ready to cheer you on and help you out at every turn. 

Don’t hesitate to mosey on back to our lovely land of lashes should you ever need another word of advice, a piece of lash encouragement, or that next hot recommendation for a fresh set!

No matter what your needs are, Lashify is and always will be in your corner!


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