How To Stack Your Lashes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 06 February, 2023

How To Stack Your Lashes

When you first started on the path to the perfect lashes, odds are you began with something simple and straightforward. After all, that’s how anyone starts with anything. 

In the case of lashes, that probably looked something like a strip falsie. Strip lashes are those classic lashes you can find in almost any department store’s cosmetic section. You know the ones. 

They’re either a single pair or a multi-pack of falsies that are already laid out for you in a single piece — hence, the strip. These lashes go on with minimal prep and almost no upkeep since you’re taking a break from them every night. All you need is a quick trim to fit your eye and some lash adhesive, and you’re good to go. Amazing, right? 

We’ve all had our hands in the strip lash pot at some point or another. Maybe yours are still there. 

If that’s the case, we’ve got some good news for you. There’s more to the lash equation than those strip lashes. Sure, they’ve been there for you from the start and have come through on more than one occasion, but what if you could go even bigger? Get even better? More drama? More glam? More length? More everything? 

We’re sure we’ve got you intrigued now. And you might be asking, just how do you achieve all these wondrous things? In a single word — stacking. Yes, it really is that easy. And if answering that question raised a billion more, don’t worry! 

Keep reading to discover all the details of lash stacking: what it is, how to do it successfully, and some basic tips and tricks to keep you going strong as you practice and learn. If any of those things are pulling your strings, then your next few minutes are waiting below.

What Is Lash Stacking?

The origins of the first false lashes started over a century ago, in 1911, when a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor patented the first pair of “strip” lashes. These were comprised of a small, crescent piece of fabric imbued with tiny synthetic hairs that were intended for further use in the world of Hollywood starlets. 

Certain entertainment big-shots thought false lashes gave the girls on the big screen a more doe-like and innocent appearance, and patents like this one were a step towards the world of lashes we have today.

Along the way, those initial, basic — and maybe health-hazardous — falsies have morphed and transformed into a truly innovative industry that helps millions of people around the world enhance their natural beauty. 

Back in the day, the technology available for false lashes wasn’t anything like it is today. That sordid history offers a lot of reasons to turn your nose up at the idea, but advancements in the products and ingredients used in falsies, much like with any technology, have created a healthier way to use lashes without worrying about the health risks beyond improper upkeep.

Where did improvements like lash extensions and stacking come into play along the way? And what is it, really? 

What Is Lash Stacking?

In short, lash stacking is taking the thinner lash fibers and compiling them in fanned-out layers across your eye to achieve more volume, length, and glam factor. This allows those with preferred lash styles and looks to keep them no matter what lash they’re using. 

With a simple lash map and the proper lash lengths, you have endless possibilities for the outcome. So without another moment wasted, keep scrolling and let’s get into the steps of how to achieve the perfectly desirable result every time.

Lash Stacking Basics

When it comes to lash stacking, you are the artist, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your ideas. You can stack individual lash bundles on each other or even try adding your favorite at-home Gossamer® Lashes under a classic strip lash to increase the volume. 

What You’ll Need

All you’ll need to get started are two tried and true pairs of versatile Gossamer® Lashes — we love any of our Core Collection™ like our Bold Gossamer® Lashes — and some tools of the trade. 

This includes our Fuse Control® Wand, a lash adhesive (the Whisper Light Bond™ (Dual-Sided) works wonderfully), and finally, a clean space to work in.

Let’s Get Stacking

The first thing you’ll need to do is to apply your chosen sets of Gossamer® Lashes as usual. Using the bond and your Fuse Control® Wand, apply your lashes to the underside of your lash line like you would if you weren’t going to be lash stacking at all. Easy enough!

Once you’ve got your basic lash map under control and properly applied, you can start getting creative. Each of our Gossamer® Lashes comes with an array of available lengths to choose from. For example, our Bold Gossamer® Lashes come in a range of 8mm to 18mm in length, depending on your personal preference or end goal. They have a .15mm thickness which makes them a good candidate for stacking and fanning. 

Our Amplify Gossamer® Lashes, however, come in a .07mm thickness which is even more optimal when it comes to stacking. Obviously, if you’re layering lashes together, the thinner they are, the easier it will be to stack. 

When approaching the stacking portion, match up the lengths of your original extensions with the lengths you’re about to add. This way, you don’t end up with spiky and uneven layers (unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course). 

Apply the lash bundles the same way you did before, pretending your extensions are your new natural lashes, adding volume and drama wherever you feel it necessary. Stack those lashes to your heart's content, and then keep stacking. The work is never over!

The Dos And Don’ts of Stacking

As you’re preparing to tackle this lash-stacking endeavor for yourself, here are some quick dos and don’ts to keep in mind before, during, and after the process:

  • DO make sure you have both sets of lashes before you start. Each set of Gossies® is intended for a single pass over your lashes, so if you start without a second set to stack with, you’ll be left to seal those initial lashes without accomplishing your goal.
  • DON’T introduce any oil to the process. When we mentioned having a clean space to work in, that includes clean skin and hands too. The natural oils you create work against adhesives like your lash glue, just like oil-based products do. If you’re doing twice the work to stack your lashes, be twice as certain that the oil won’t interrupt your attempt.
  • DO remember to match up the lengths of your lashes to your desired goal. Normally, you’d match long to long and short to short, but if you’re after a more uniquely spiky result, then maybe try alternating the lengths to fit whatever you want! As we said, you’re the artist.
  • DON’T forget to finish the process. Sealing those lashes is vital to keeping them for the long run, so don’t forget to add your sealing layer to your lashes before calling it a day.

Stack Attack

Suddenly, the world is open wide to you. Now, with this new innovation before you, the future of what your lashes could be is so much more vast and possible. Who would’ve thought that over a century ago, when the first falsie came to be, it would lead down a long and winding road to this exact moment?

It’s a moment you’ll forever remember as changing your life for the better forever. At Lashify, it fills us with a sense of purpose and joy each and every time we see a lash lover’s eyes open wide to a new lash possibility. It’s literally what we strive every day to see and the sole reason we create what we do. 

Without you to enjoy the results of hard work and years of intense progress, what is it all for? Lashes need someone to wear them, and you do that better than anyone else we know.

We can’t wait to see what kinds of incredible lash looks you create with this newfound knowledge of lash stacking in your arsenal. The future of lashes has never looked so voluminous, glamorous, and dramatic, and it’s all thanks to you and your tenacity for the beauty of falsies. 


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