Our Guide to Lash Extensions for Upturned Eyes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Our Guide to Lash Extensions for Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are a common eye type that often appears almond-like in shape. However, there are some variations — upturned eyes can also be deep-set, rounded, hooded, or monolids. 

It’s really just about the angle of your eye. With upturned eyes, the outer corner turns upward and curves toward the outer edge of the eye, higher than the inner corner. Upturned eyes are the opposite of downturned eyes, which point in the opposite direction.

If you have this eye shape, you might be curious about which eyelash extension styles are the best for you. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to break down for you! Read on to find out more about which styles of eyelash extensions Lashify® recommends for you!

The Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Upturned Eyes

Our best eyelash extension styles for this eye shape are As, Bs, Cs, and Ds. That is, Amplify, Bold, Curl, and Drama! While you can wear any lashes you like, lash styles like our EE (Extra Extreme) and FX (Fluffy Extreme) might not be the best option for your eye shape, as they have more curl on the outer corners.

Our Amplify Gossamer® is the original lash that kicked things off at Lashify®. This lash is delicate and wispy with a thin spine and can be worn effortlessly every day.

The second lash in the Core Gossamer® Collection is the Bold Gossamer lash. It has slightly thicker fiber that gives you a more volumizing look.

The Curl Gossamer® provides a natural look, combining the delicacy of the Amplify Gossamer with the curl of the Bold Gossamer. This style opens the eye, giving it an extra lift!

The Drama Gossamer® has two-ply fibers and an immense curl. Its heightened volume grabs attention and keeps the spotlight where it belongs — right on you. 

The Best Lash Maps for Upturned Eyes

The best lash maps for this eye shape are the ones that have a tapered or winged eye (the longest lashes are placed towards the outer corner or the lengths, just off-center under the arch of the brow). 

The list below includes a few of the most complimentary lash maps for upturned eyes:

  • The Natural Lash Map consists of lashes that start long on the inner corner, get longer in the middle, and go back to short right before the end of the eye. This style emulates the look of natural lashes.
  • The “Simple” Lash has the same length of lashes all the way across, with the inner corners being shorter than the rest.
  • The “Cat Eye” / Winged Lash starts short on the inner corners and grows in length towards the outer corner, where the lashes are the longest in size.

The Best Makeup Looks

Did you know that the best way to keep your makeup staying in place is to modify your application technique to your specific eye shape?

Knowing how to properly apply eyeshadow and eyeliner can bring out your features more. Winged eyeliner, for instance, can really compliment upturned eyes!

Key Takeaway

Upturned eyes are a very common eye shape that you can play up properly with the right eyelash extensions and makeup styles!


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