Embracing Change: Trying Bold and Unique Lash Styles for the New Year

Embracing Change: Trying Bold and Unique Lash Styles for the New YearLashify

A new year is big, but if yours hasn’t gotten off to the start you expected, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time (like an entire year, to be exact) to get started on your goals. One easy goal to check off your resolution list is becoming more comfortable with new lash looks.

The team of lash professionals at Lashify™ has contributed to this list of seven lash trends you’ll want to try. We’ll give you the trend, when to wear it, and, of course, links to the tools and Gossamer® lashes you’ll need to complete the look right in your very own home. 

Get ready; you’re about to level up your lashes one new trend at a time.

Seven Lash Trends To Try Now

Don’t call it a fad — call it a new beginning. This year, why not try one new lash trend every month or even every quarter? Lash trends don’t have to be over-the-top, but they certainly can be. Here, we’ll give you several options for lashes that are bold, beautiful, and uniquely you. 

1. Natural Looking Lashes

If you haven’t tried Lashify DIY At-Home Lash Extensions™, now is the time. According to beauty insiders, the lash look everyone will be wearing this year is a more natural, toned-down approach to lash enhancement. Think: less salon, more DIY. 

That doesn’t mean that you won’t still see lash enhancement; it just means you’ll see more of your besties breaking up with their lash techs in lieu of at-home lashes that are less noticeably artificial. 

To get this look, we recommend the Core Collection. The Lashify Core Collection contains the foundations of virtually all our lash looks. You can choose from Amplify, Bold, Curl, and now Drama. 

  • Amplify. These lashes best resemble classic lash extensions. Available in nine different colors and six lengths, these are lightweight and wispy and look like your own natural lashes but amplified.
  • Bold. Everything you love about the Amplify lash, but with a slightly thicker fiber. Think of the Bold Gossamer lash as your lashes with a coat of super volumizing mascara.
  • Curl. Lashes that are flirty and curly are right at your fingertips with the Curl collection. Curl lashes are available in 13 different colors and six lengths so you can get the perfect curl tightness. 
  • Drama. You swore you wouldn’t bring it into the New Year, but a little lash drama is always welcome. Drama Gossamer lashes are more voluminous, and offer our signature cross-weave pattern for a full, natural, fanned-out look. 

You can wear any of the Core Collection of Gossamer lashes by themselves or stacked together. They also work great for inner corner and outer corner lashes with other Gossamer lash sets. 

2. Lower Lash Love

Those poor lower lashes never get any attention. When we apply mascara to our natural lashes, we always include them in the party, but when we turn to lash extensions, the lower lashes get sidelined. Not anymore. 

This year, you’ll see a lot more attention given to the lower lashes. Think retro 60s with mod, spikey lower lashes. If that’s too much for your 9-5, keep it lowkey with Lashify’s Baby Lash™ Gossamer lash set.

Our first Gossamer created specifically to be worn on your lower lashes, this ultra-short Gossamer gives you the perfect amount of lower lash enhancement and is safe for even sensitive eyes.

3. Dark Brown Hues

The boldest hue you’ll see this year might just be dark brown. To achieve the look, go about one shade lighter than your natural lash color if you have brown lashes or black lashes, and go several shades darker than your natural lash color if you have blonde or naturally brown lashes. 

We recommend Truffle, one of our signature colors that is a mix of both black and brown, for a rich look that looks great on anyone.

4. Prismatic Colors

We saw bold lash colors on runways in the fall, and there’s no sign of them backing off on the color anytime soon. The most prominent colors were pink, purple, and blue. The thickness of the extensions was also heavier, creating an almost heavy look.

Make the runway look work for you by choosing a color in a thicker extension than you normally wear. Try Curl Gossamer lashes in Violet, Teal, Royal Kim Blue, or Lavender to get a slightly more pared-down version of this look. 

5. Balletcore Lashes

We’ll admit it. We’re hearts and stars for balletcore. Soft pinks, natural beauty, and anything girly have our heads in the clouds and our hearts reminiscing about puppy love. 

Balletcore lashes have a definite starburst feel, with cross-weave fibers and a fanned-out look that is equally romantic. To get the look, try Lashify Starburst Gossamer Lashes

Available in two different styles and numerous colors and lengths, you can go full Swan Lake or dabble in Sugar Plum Fairy dust. The choice is yours, and so is all the romance.

6. Winged Liner-Lash Style

If you aren’t great with liquid liner, this is one trend you’re probably ready to see exit stage left. Unfortunately, bold, graphic liner is here for at least another season. 

The most popular look is winged liner, which can be damn near impossible to perfect on one eye, and getting your second eye to match up just isn’t happening. Now, you’ve got a solution. 

Lashify’s I-Line™ Gossamer is our first pre-mapped Gossamer set that is formatted to give the illusion of a perfectly winged liner with the use of several angled Gossamer lashes. When you place them on your lashes, no one will know your secret but you.

7. Stacks on Stacks

New to stacking your lashes? That’s okay. As you become more comfortable with your application, you can begin to stack your lashes. 

Stacking is a method of adding more than one layer of Gossamer lash to your natural lashes to create unique, fully customizable looks and, of course, to add more volume. Stacking takes a little practice, and we recommend three methods: brick stacking, volume stacking, and length stacking. 

You can access tutorial videos for each of these types of stacking techniques here. One of our favorite stacking lashes is the new Lashify Cherry Stax™ Gossamer Lash. This lash is the perfect wispy lash to stack in on any Gossamer lash set to add volume and length. 

These lash looks can carry you through Q1 and even through that painfully long all-hands call you have coming up at noon. All you need to get started is Lashify's At Home Lash Kit

New Control

You’re in control of your lash destiny and have all the tools to do it as long as you grab the Lashify Control Kit. It’s the one eyelash extension kit to rule them all, and it comes with everything you need to Be Your Own Lash Tech™ this year and beyond.

Each kit contains:

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Pick two from our Curl, Amplify, or Bold collections. You can also use them to create fully customized looks using Lash Maps. These Gossamer lashes build the foundation of your lash wardrobe, but they definitely won’t be the last Gossamer lashes you purchase. We strongly recommend additional storage so your Gossamer lashes are always in their place and protected. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. You’ll never go back to tweezers again. The Fuse Control Wand is our ergonomically developed application tool specially designed to get your Gossamer lashes in place easily and effectively. The Petit Curve Wand is the best option for smaller hands and faces. 
  • One set of Wandoms®. Don’t be a fool, protect your tool. Your Fuse Control Wand gets the glove for more love with Wandoms. Wandoms protect the ends of the Fuse Control Wand so that your Gossamer lashes don’t stick to the ends during application. Wandoms are reusable several times and essential for mess-free Gossamer application. You can grab extra sets of Wandoms here. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. Our most popular bond, this dual-sided adhesive, has a black end and a clear end. This dual-sided bond is perfect for application and touch-ups, and it never leaves behind a sticky residue. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. The perfect sealer for getting long wear out of your lashes. You don’t have to seal your Gossamers, but if you do, Glass is a great solution. 
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of Pre Cleanse and Melt Away in each Control Kit. Pre Cleanse is our Japanese Cleansing Water that helps remove dirt and oil from your lashes and lids. It’s powerful yet gentle enough to be used as an all-over facial cleanser. Melt Away is our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily slide your Gossamer lashes off your natural ones without damaging them. 

Everything comes wrapped up in a protective hard case with a mirror to help you apply your lashes like a pro. Why Lashify? There are a few important reasons. 

The Lashify Difference

Lashify is different from other at-home lash extension brands. Our lashes are safer, easier, and more comfortable than any you’ve probably tried. 

  • Bonds. We don’t use toxic lash glue at Lashify. Instead, we use Bonds. Bonds are formulated with biotin and lavender, helping nourish your natural lashes and keep them healthy. Bonds never fully cure, so your natural lashes never get brittle and break. 
  • Gossamer lashes. Our Gossamer lashes are made from 100% Korean PBT silk and are completely cruelty-free and vegan. They’re built like a cross between a strip lash and a cluster lash, with each Gossamer containing numerous lash fibers attached to a featherlight Spine base.
  • Underlash Technology™. Our Gossamer lashes are applied beneath your natural lashes, close to your water line, allowing for easier application and more comfortable wear. 

New Year, Different Looks

You’ve got plenty of time to try out the lash looks you love and the creativity to tweak them and make them your own. This year, don’t settle for the same salon lashes you’ve been wearing for months. 

Save your time and money, and elevate your style with looks that are eye-catching and effortless. Lashify gives you the power to take back your lashes and style them right in your very own home. 


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