What Are Lash Segments?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 14 February, 2023

What Are Lash Segments?

If we were to guess just how long you’ve been doing your lashes, we could land anywhere between 20 years and 20 seconds. There’s an endless spectrum of lash knowledge and experience, and we would be utterly lost if we tried to peg every individual on that spectrum. Don’t worry; we’re not even going to try. Our cheeks are turning red just thinking about it.

Instead of guessing where you fall on that spectrum, allow us to take a little detour into a specific sect of the lash world — one you may or may not know about. It’s come to our attention that with all the lash experience and know-how in the world today, many of you lovers of the lash still aren’t entirely familiar with this particular piece of the lash-dom. And it’s a good one, sis. 

We’re talking lash segments today. What are they? How do you use them correctly? Where can you find them? Take a deep breath. We promise to answer all of your burning questions and more just below. We know you’re always swimming in that curiosity of yours, and we don’t blame you!

Trust us; when you finally and fully unlock the potential of the lash segment, your world is going to go from zero to one hundred real quick. Buckle up and hold on tight because we’re about to unload some truth for you today. If you’re ready to dive in with us, take a deep breath, and let’s go.

The Diva’s in the Details: What’s a Lash Segment?

Your first and probably most heated question of the day is obvious: what is a lash segment? And if you happen to be one of the girlies who already knows her stuff and then some, we have some lovely magazines in the waiting area while we debrief all the first-timers in the room. 

Now that we have your attention, allow us to explain by posing a question of our own. Have you ever purchased a pair of strip lashes — you know, the ones from the store that need lash glue to put on every day — and had to trim them to fit your eye? And when you trimmed them, did you notice that where the lashes stem from at the base appear in these little clusters that are “segmented” (they said the word!) into equal, teeny, tiny parts?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then congratulations! You’ve already had your first encounter with lash segments. In simpler terms, lash segments are those little clusters of lashes that come in many different forms and allow you to DIY your lash map at home or achieve a completely customized look with a lash technician.

Even though strip lashes take that option and attempt to simplify it for you by placing all the lashes into one piece, you could, in theory, cut up a strip lash into equal lash segments — probably 4 or 5 of them — to do a makeshift version of a DIY lash. We recommend actually getting a real set of lash segments to achieve the best result, but we’ll turn a blind eye if you’ve ever done a budget lash extension this way. 

We’ve all lived that budget life in one way or another, so you do you, girl. If you’re looking for safer and higher quality ways to use lash segments, however, keep reading to discover all of the wonderful ways you can improve your lash extension game. 

How Can You Apply Lash Segments?

Did you know there was more than one way to use lash segments? No? Ok, all you lash experts out in the lobby may now come back into the lecture! We’re sure to dip into some new information for you in this next section. And if not, a reminder of your options and how to use them never hurt anyone! (P.S. we miss you.)

Strip Lash

We’ll be brief since we talked about this one above. Strip lashes are segmented for easy trimming access when fitting them to your eye. 

The next time you use a strip lash (which should be never now that you found us), take a look to see where the strip is divided into the clusters we mentioned. Again, it’s not the best or the easiest method of DIY-ing your extensions, but it’s worth at least noting.

Ribbon Lash

This one kind of comes out of the left field because ribbon lashes aren’t sold in a widely accessible setting, and a lot of lash retailers don’t make a point of putting them on a pedestal. 

That might be because they require a similar process to strip lashes in that you have to measure and cut the segments yourself. Imagine a strip lash that just keeps on going — hence the name, ribbon lash. 

DIY Lash Map

This one is a holy grail option for your segmenting needs. These are the kinds of lash segments you’ll find on your eyes after a trip to the lash studio. 

They result in a wider range to choose from when mapping a specific lash look, and sure, you could pay with your left arm and your firstborn child to the Rumplestiltskins of the world to achieve your lash dreams. Otherwise, you could pull yourself up by the bootstraps, get out your pen and paper, and learn from the pros exactly how to wrangle these lash segments into submission for your DIY enjoyment. 

Please proceed into the next room to take part in our lash boot camp, where you’ll learn all there is to know about working with lash segments like a seasoned professional. Once you’re through here, the lash world will never be the same. 

How To Work With Lash Segments

For this in-depth, personalized, best-of-the-best tutorial, we’re going to use the big guns — the best-of-the-best in lash segments. Of course, we’re talking about the one-and-only Gossamer® Lashes. Premium lash fibers, stackability, volume, drama, glam, and every other adjective you can conjure up in that beautiful brain of yours, we can provide!

Each set of Gossies® will work the same way — just with different end results. And each of the products we create at Lashify is designed to work together in a big circle of lash-life, one piece feeding into the next. Our bonds are meant to work with our lashes, our lashes with our sealants, and the whole gamut with our cleansers, removers, and lash tools. 

To get started, you’ll want to look at your set of lashes and note the lash map you’re going for. The shorter lash segments will be for the inner corners of your eye, and the longer segments for the outer, just like your natural lashes. Our Gossamer® Lashes are designed to be placed against the underside of your lash line instead of on top like a strip lash. 

Using your lovely Fuse Control® Wand, you’re going to take each segment in order and begin placing them up under your lashes — which are coated in a bond that you’ve allowed to tack up. The Gossies® will stick like glue, and you can solidify this marriage with a firm press along your lash line with the Fuse Control® Wand. 

Feel free at this point to stack and layer your segments where you want some added length, volume, and drama. That’s the beauty of segments — you’re not tied to a single look. The world beyond this room just got a whole lot wider. 

Oh, and if you’re worried that you don’t have all the materials you need? That’s where our LED Control Kit® comes in. It contains your Fuse Control® Wand, a Wandom® Pair, 4 Gossies, and more. 

The Big Wide World

If we can leave you with a few rules of thumb before we allow you wonder free from these paragraphs, they would be as follows:

  • Avoid oil! Oil is the enemy of adhesive and, therefore, your enemy.
  • Clean your lashes. All the tips and tricks for the best lash application can’t save you if you let those lashes build up with dirt, makeup, and oil. (Boo, hiss).
  • Play to your strengths. Everyone reading these words has a unique eye shape that requires a unique approach to have them looking their best, so take the time to know yourself and what you need.
  • Have fun! Yes, this is by far the most important rule of all. There really are no rules (aside from the rules we already listed, of course). Other than that, the sky is truly the limit. 

Test different styles, celebrate your successes, and don’t be afraid to laugh off your mistakes. If you’re new to lashes, you’re going to fumble once or twice, but remember: our lashes are designed for your success, so let them help you help yourself. We can’t wait to see what looks you create.


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