What Are the Easiest Lash Kits for Beginners?

What Are the Easiest Lash Kits for Beginners?Lashify

Let’s be honest. You love the look of your salon lashes, but you’d love a way to save the time and money you spend on them for other things. 

At the same time, the thought of doing your own lashes at home sounds like a messy, tedious journey best made by people with more patience than you currently have. Is there a solution? Yes! 

At Lashify™, we understand the desire for seriously gorgeous lashes that look like you spent hours chatting with your lash tech, but we also know a secret. You can get those lashes without ever visiting the salon, even if you’re a complete DIY lash newbie. 

Get ready because we’re about to unpack everything you need to know about the easiest lash kit for beginners, including what you need, how to use it, and how to get salon-quality lashes in less than 20 minutes in the comfort and privacy of your own space. 

Lash Health 101

Whether you’ve decided to do your own lashes to save time and money or to improve the health of your own lashes, it’s important to understand how your natural lashes work. Natural lashes are delicate, as is the eyelid skin around them. If you’ve ever experienced irritation, redness, watery eyes, or itching after having lash extensions applied at the salon, that’s not surprising. 

Natural eyelashes grow on a segmented cycle. Each eyelash is on its own cycle, so you don’t lose all your eyelashes at one time. As an older eyelash falls out, a new eyelash is growing underneath it to replace it. 

With some types of lash extensions (even some at-home lash kits), the glue used can cause the natural lash to become dry and brittle, making it more likely to break before its natural life cycle ends. When this happens, it will take the lash extension with it, and you’ll be without an eyelash in that follicle until the new lash pushes through. 

Lashify vs. Other At-Home Kits

If you’ve tried at-home lashes before and had not-so-great results, we have big news. The Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ system works completely differently from any other at-home lash kit you might have tried. 

It’s unlike other lash kits in three key ways.

Our Gossamer® Lashes

We all want fluffy, flirty lashes, but not at the expense of animal involvement. That’s why Lashify Gossamer lashes are made from 100% Korean PBT silk which is always cruelty-free. 

When you see mink lashes, they are never cruelty-free, even if the manufacturer says so. According to PETA, the only cruelty-free lashes are those that don’t include animal hair. 

Our Gossamer lashes are built differently, too. They’re a hybrid style of lash that is best described as a cross between a cluster lash and a strip lash. Each Gossamer contains numerous lash fibers (depending on the amount of volume you want) attached to a featherlight spine that is just a few millimeters in length. 

These Gossamers are then applied with a Bond and method that differentiates Lashify from other brands.

Our Bonds

Unlike salon lashes or other at-home lashes, we never use lash glue to attach our Gossamer lashes. Instead, we rely on Bonds, which act more like a nourishing lash serum than a lash adhesive. 

Our Bonds never contain any cyanoacrylates or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, two ingredients that are harsh and irritating to your natural lashes and eyelid skin. Almost all salon glues and DIY lash glues will contain these ingredients. Lashify Bonds contain biotin and lavender, two ingredients that support your natural lashes and help fortify them. 

Another difference between our Bonds and lash glue is that our Bonds never fully cure. This means they’ll never cause your natural lashes to become hard, brittle, and subject to breaking. 

When you use our Bonds to attach your Gossamers, they allow the Gossamer lashes to move naturally with your lashes, so both your Gossamers and your natural lashes stay safe. 


The best part about the Lashify system is that it works great for professionals and beginners. Gossamer lashes use Underlash Technology™, which allows you to apply your Gossamer lashes beneath your natural lashes, close to your waterline. 

This application method is much easier than applying lashes on top of your natural lashes and much more forgiving if you don’t get your lashes placed perfectly. Underlash application also makes wearing your Gossamer lashes incredibly comfortable. In fact, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them.

Everything you need to get started can be found in the Lashify Control Kit™, and reviewers say the gossamers are easy to apply and super comfortable. 

Begin With More Control

Whether you’re a lash pro or a complete novice, you can learn to enhance your lashes at home easily with the Lashify system. 

The Control Kit contains everything you need to get started.

Two Sets of Gossamer Lashes

We give you options. You chose the perfect curl shape, length, and color lashes. You can even check out our Lash Maps, which give you all the details you need to mix and match Gossamer lashes to fully customize your look. Your Control Kit comes with two sets of Gossamer lashes so you can begin building your very own lash wardrobe.

Fuse Control® Wand

One of the ways we kept the application easy was by developing the Fuse Control Wand. The Fuse Control Wand is an ergonomically engineered application tool that naturally fits the curve of your eyelid and your hand so you can easily grasp your Gossamer lashes and apply them without difficulty. 

For smaller eyes and hands, the Petit Curve Wand is the solution. This slightly smaller wand helps you get the same ease of application as the regular Fuse Control Wand. For travel, The Birdie® Wand is your go-to. It stows easily into your travel case and has a slightly straighter curve. 

One Set of Wandoms®

Lashify Bonds never fully cure, which is great for your Gossamer lashes and your natural lashes. During application, our Bonds get tacky, which allows them to grasp your Gossamer lashes and ensures a solid fuse with your natural lashes. 

Wandoms are tiny covers that protect the tips of your Fuse Control Wand so that you don’t have to worry about your Gossamer lashes sticking to your Wand instead of your natural lashes. 

Whisper Light Bond™

Application is even easier with Whisper Light, our most popular Bond. It’s available in both clear and black and never leaves behind a gluey residue on your lashes. Whisper Light keeps your Gossamer lashes firmly in place but comes off easily when you’re ready to remove them. 

Glass Finishing Coat

We recommend a sealant for beginners. Although your Gossamer lashes never have to be sealed, you can protect your Bonds and enhance the wearability of your lashes by using Glass Finishing Coat. 


Prepping your natural lashes for the Gossamer application is easy with Pre Cleanse Japanese Cleansing Water. It’s gentle and natural and can even double as a face wash. 

When it’s time to remove your Gossamer lashes, nothing beats Melt Away, our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily slide your Gossamer lashes off of your natural lashes. You’ll get a sample of each in your Control Kit. 

Everything comes wrapped up inside a protective hard case that helps ensure your Gossamer lashes are protected, and all your lash application tools are easy to find when you need them. 

Helpful Hints

When you’re first starting out with Lashify, we recommend you give yourself plenty of time to get used to the Fuse Control Wand and the feel of the Gossamer lashes. For first-timers, our introduction tutorial is a must-watch. 

Follow along as our lash professionals unpack the Control Kit with you and give you all the tips you need to apply your lashes the very first time. Don’t give up. 

It takes at least two times to apply your Gossamer lashes before you really feel comfortable doing it. If you don’t apply them perfectly the first time, that’s okay and totally normal. Simply remove them with a little Melt Away and reapply them.

Beginner Ready

You can get the lashes you want in less time and for less money than you’d spend at the salon. Even if you’re a true beginner, you can easily learn to apply your own lashes like a professional in just a few attempts when you use the Lashify DIY Lash Extension System. 

So go ahead, get ready to break up with your lash tech for good, and get lashes that are easy to apply and look completely professional. Lashify gives you the power to Be Your Own Lash Tech™. 


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