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Lash Extension Removal Tips From an Expert

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 October, 2022

Lash Extension Removal

Lashify® has two amazing products for lash removal. Let’s talk about what they are and how to use them.

Melt Away Remover

Melt Away Remover is Lashify’s dual-phase remover. It’ll help remove your lashes, and it also removes eye makeup from the whole eye area. 

To use this remover most effectively, shake the bottle until the solution gets cloudy, then saturate a cotton pad in the solution. Next, gently press your lashes for 30-60 seconds. No need to scrub; just gentle pressure will do. The goal isn’t to wipe it off; it’s to allow the remover to penetrate and dissolve the bond on its own. Melt Away Remover is forceful, so you don’t have to be. 

But what if you’re out of cotton pads? What if you find soaking a cotton pad to be less economical than you’d like? There’s another way to apply Melt Away!

The other way to apply this remover is with a spoolie. After shaking the solution, saturate a spoolie by sticking it into the bottle and briefly letting it soak. Then, simply brush through the lashes as you would your mascara until your lashes slip off on their own and there's no leftover bond in your natural lashes. This method will also remove any leftover mascara from your natural lashes. 

Release Lash Remover

We also have a second option for smooth and easy lash removal: our Release Lash Remover. It comes in a mascara-like tube, so it's very compact and great for travel. This remover is great for pros and beginners alike. Release Lash Remover is not designed to remove makeup. Instead, it will help you get your lash extensions off quickly and easily. 

Unlike the dual-phase remover, which is oil-free, Release contains a bond-dissolving oil. You may remember that oil, as a general rule, is a no-no when it comes to lash extension care, but this specific formula is unique because it uses fermented oil and camellia. Nourishing oils cause no damage and even help keep your natural lashes hydrated and protected. 

Release Lash Remover goes on just like mascara, but you'll need a few more swipes than you apply with your mascara. Gently brush the solution over your lashes until they are thoroughly coated, then wait 30 seconds. Your lashes should slide off smoothly, with no force. 

Are There Other Products I Can Use To Remove My Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can use other makeup removers to remove your lash extensions. However, there are some rules to follow if you do. 

First, make sure that the makeup remover you’re using is dual-phase: that means it dissolves a wider range of debris than other cleansers. We’ll expand on what makes up those two phases in a moment. 

When shopping for a new remover, always check the ingredient list for toxins, like formaldehyde and parabens, since many drugstore removers don’t have the same quality standards as we do at Lashify. Watch out for phenoxyethanol, which can cause serious rashes and irritation, not to mention burn your eyes. 

If you do choose to use a drugstore makeup remover, you’re going to need to hold your saturated cotton pad on your lashes for longer. Our lash remover products are specially formulated to work with the Lashify bond, so other removers need more time to take effect. 

If you use a drugstore makeup remover, you may notice you have extra bond stuck in your natural lashes. Don’t try to pick it off with your fingers! You may accidentally pluck out your natural lashes in the process. Instead, we have a solution for you. 

How Do I Remove Leftover Bond From My Lash Extensions, Natural Lashes, and Lash Line? 

Before we begin, we want to remind you not to wet your Gossamer® lashes within the first 24 hours of application.

To cleanse your lash line (and your Gossamer lashes while you’re still wearing them), you can use a cotton swab saturated in a pre-cleanse solution, like Lashify’s Pre-Cleanse Water. Just carefully swab along your lash line to loosen and remove any remaining debris. You can also use plain, cool water, though it may be less effective. 

If you get your lashes wet, don’t panic. Simply allow them to air dry completely before attempting to fuse them again. Whether your lashes are on your eyes or on your countertop, don’t touch them. Oils from your fingers can compromise their bonding ability and negatively impact the longevity of your lashes. Attempting to fuse wet lashes can also damage the bond. 

If you’re in a rush to dry your lashes, we have a handy little tool, the Blow Speed Dryer, to help them dry faster. It’s compact, insanely easy to use, and feels nice too. 

After you’ve taken off your extensions and attempted to remove the leftover bond with a dual-phase remover using the same methods as you would remove it from the extensions, you can try steam and hot water. However, hot water is not very good for the delicate skin around your eyes, so this should really be a last resort. 

For particularly stubborn bond leftover in your eye area, you might also try liberally applying your regular night cream to soften it, then attempt removal again after a few hours. 

How Do I Care for My Gossamers After I’ve Removed Them? 

There are some simple things you can do every day to keep your lashes in their best shape for as long as possible. 

DO wait for them to dry completely after removal before storing. Then, store them in a safe place where they won’t be touched, scraped, tugged, or otherwise mangled. 

DO sleep on your back. This may seem a little silly, but it’s best to sleep on your back while wearing lash extensions to avoid rubbing your face (and your delicate lashes) into the pillow.

DON’T ever expose your lashes to steam or hot water. We all love a steamy shower, but your lashes don’t! Besides, cool water is better for your skin and mental clarity, so why not give them a try while you have your Gossamers on? 

DON’T wear mascara over your Gossamers. Your eyelash extensions are meant to take the place of mascara, which can weigh them down and cause droop and build-up. If you want more volume from your lash extensions, that’s a good sign it’s time to update your lash map and experiment with volume lashes. 

DON’T sleep on your face! Sleeping on your side may be okay if you know you don’t have a habit of turning your face into your pillow, but never sleep on your front while wearing eyelash extensions!

Pro-Tips for Your Lash Extensions

Never Pull or Tug on Your Lash Extensions!

We get it, sometimes you do too thorough of a job on the application, and your false lashes are stuck on your eyes firmly. On the one hand, applaud yourself for a very secure bond! On the other hand, you must resist the urge to try to force your lashes off by tugging them. Pulling at your lash extensions can damage BOTH your extensions and your natural lashes!

Be Patient and Allow the Bond To Dissolve Completely 

Patience is a virtue, good things to those who wait, and all those cliches about the benefits of waiting apply here! Trust the formula and give it time to do its job. If your lashes still aren’t sliding off like butter after two minutes, try adding more remover to your pad or spoolie, or use a different application method. 

Shake the Bottle 

When using Lashify’s Melt Away, or really any dual-phase remover, it’s important to shake the solution for the same reasons you shake your salad dressing; separation is natural. 

Let’s talk chemistry for a second. You know that oil and water don’t mix, and that’s because water is polar and oil is not. A polar substance can only be dissolved by another polar substance. Your dual-phase makeup remover contains both a polar layer (water-based) and a nonpolar layer (Cyclopentasiloxane). 

If you don’t shake it, you’ll end up with just the layer that floats on top, the non-polar layer. You’ll only be dissolving half of your makeup this way. You have to shake it up in order to mix the layers while you pour or dip your spoolie. You want to get the maximum impact from all your beauty products, so shake it up! 

Remove Your Eye Makeup WITHOUT Removing Your Lashes

Oil-based makeup remover will dissolve, or worse, partially dissolve the bond on your lash extensions. Water-based cleansers may only remove some of your makeup. Try using a just-add-water makeup remover cloth, like our Black Magic Cleansing Puff, to remove makeup and excess natural oil without compromising your fuze. 

Remove Lashes Like a Pro

For more tips from the lash experts at Lashify, check out our educational video series or schedule a 1:1 with one of our lash stylists! We want to empower you to become your own lash expert! 

Take good care of all your lashes: the false ones and the real ones! 



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