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Are Eyelash Extension Kits Worth It?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 03 November, 2022

Are Eyelash Extension Kits Worth It?

Eyelashes are a very involved art. As with any art, it takes skill, practice, and the right tools to make the experience easier and more efficient. At Lashify®, our goal with our DIY Lash Extension™ System was to make it accessible to more people, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Before you even attempt to do at-home lashes, you’re going to need the right tools of the trade. Those include the right types of extensions themselves, an adhesive that doesn’t damage your natural lashes and applicators (read: not tweezers) that actually work. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to piece this kit together on your own. The Lashify Control Kit™ has everything you need. We’ll talk about it and everything else you need in your lash kit.

What Is an Eyelash Extension Kit?

Put simply, an eyelash extension kit is a set of tools that helps you apply at-home lash extensions. Depending on the type of extensions you use and the kit you select, you might get one or two sets of extensions themselves included.

A kit is important because, just like lash artists, you need equipment to get those beautiful, fluttery lashes placed just perfectly on your own lashes. In addition, you’ll need items that make your life easier

For instance, a lash pad to keep your extensions lined up and secure while you’re working or an illuminated mirror to help you perfectly see when you’re applying your lashes. 

Now that you’re familiar with the what, let’s talk about the specific lash products you’ll need in your bag.

Breaking Down Eyelash Extension Kits

You can find lash supplies at the local drug store, so you might wonder if you really need to spend the cash on an actual extension starter kit. 

Our professional opinion is yes, and here’s why.

  • Lash extension kits usually contain the most basic products you’ll need to apply, wear, and remove eyelash extensions, all in one easy purchase. 
  • You’ll likely save money by buying a first-time or starter kit because the company will bundle the products in your first order, or you’ll get a new customer discount. This helps the company with retention and helps you keep more cash in your wallet. 
  • When you first start your DIY lash journey, you might be tempted to buy products that aren’t recommended for beginners. You’ve got to crawl before you walk, and the items you’ll find in a first-time lash extension kit will be geared for novices yet still 100% usable for professionals.

A beginner kit is also a great way to build a solid foundation for the future of your at-home lash endeavors. Remember, you can always add new products to your kit as you find them or swap out existing products for ones you like better. 

Basics You’ll Need

Every lash kit should contain a few basics.

  • Lash adhesive. Obviously, you’ve got to find a way to get your extensions to stay attached to your natural lashes. Adhesives come in the form of lash glues, magnetic eyeliners, and even stick-on adhesives. 
  • Application tool. Any kit worth its flutter will have an application tool included and won’t leave you reaching for tweezers or caking your fingers with lash glue. Application tools should be easy to hold, should work well when held near your eyes (hold the curvature of your eyelid and cheek), and make application easier.
  • A protective storage case. This goes overlooked, but it’s really important. How many times have you tried to apply your lashes (or even do your makeup) and realized you were missing a tool? A solid, hard case can keep all your lash tools in one easy-to-locate place and protect any lash extensions you might need to store.
  • A handy remover. Depending on the type of lash extension you use, you’ll need a makeup remover that can break down the bond between your natural lashes and the extension so you can remove them easily. 
  • A prepping cleanser. Before you apply your extensions, your natural lashes need to be thoroughly cleansed and free from makeup, dirt, and oil so that the extensions can adhere properly. 

For a beginner, those are must-have items. As you build your kit, you’ll find to include a few more necessities. 

Extras for Later

As you become more and more experienced with your lash application, you can add some additional tools to your arsenal. 

A few we recommend are:

  • A sealer. For overnight wear or ensuring your lash extensions last as long as possible, a sealer can be extremely useful. Different sealers are beneficial for different activities and climates, and you can even find some sealers that will make your lashes more water-resistant.
  • Styling tools. Styling your lash extensions works best with tools specifically designed to help you do that job. For instance, a fluffer brush can help you separate and fan out your lashes once you have them applied, which can help you achieve a fresher look, especially if you’re using extensions that you’ve worn previously. 
  • Additional storage. Once you discover how easy it is to get great lashes at home, you’ll probably end up with way more sets of extensions than you expected. All those extensions will need a home, and extra storage provides a great place to keep your lashes in place and protected. 

There are numerous other products you can add to your arsenal, but before we get in over our lashes, let’s talk about a few other important considerations to make before you decide to purchase your extension kit. 

How Do I Shop for a Lash Extension Kit?

You have options when it comes to at-home lashes, so how can you know which ones to purchase? A good place to start is to check out the adhesive, the lashes themselves, and the application process. 

The Adhesive

Adhesives can get a little sticky, pun intended. Even salon lashes rely on harsh chemicals found in superglues (like cyanoacrylates and formaldehyde) to make their extensions stay intact. 

At Lashify, we don’t use glues. Instead, we use Bonds. Our Bonds are formulated more like lash serums, with biotin and lavender to support your natural lash growth.

Lashify Bonds never harden like eyelash glue. Hardening can cause your lashes to become brittle and break, damaging them and causing you to lose the extension at the same time. 

The Extensions

In the world of eyelash extensions, material and structure reign supreme. You want lashes that feel like natural lash fibers or mink but without animal involvement. You also want structure that makes the lashes look natural and makes them easy to apply. 

Lashify Gossamer® lashes are made from 100% Korean PBT silk, which is always cruelty-free and vegan. Our lashes are made like a cross between strip lashes and lash clusters. 

Each Gossamer has multiple lash fibers attached to a featherlight Spine base. This helps distribute the weight of more voluminous lash extensions across several of your natural lashes so that they don’t weigh them down.

The Application Process

At-home lashes are great, but if you can’t properly apply them, they aren’t worth the struggle. At Lashify, we wanted to make sure that our application process was streamlined and easy enough for a first-timer, which is why we developed Underlash Technology™. 

Underlash Technology allows our Gossamer lashes to be applied beneath your natural lashes, close to your water line. This method makes the lashes wear more comfortably and also helps keep application super forgiving. 

If you don’t get your lashes placed exactly right, the fact they’re attached beneath your natural lashes will make it virtually impossible to spot any imperfections.

If you aren’t already using the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System, there’s no better time to get started. All you need is the Control Kit, our lash extension kit that is one of our best-selling items.

Get Control

Professional eyelash extensions at home are possible, and it all starts with the Control Kit. Each Control Kit comes with everything you need to get great lashes at home, including two sets of classic lash extensions to help you start building your Lashify wardrobe. 

Every Control Kit contains:

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Pick two from our Curl, Amplify, or Bold collections. You can also use them to create fully customized looks using Lash Maps.
  • Fuse Control® Wand. An ergonomically advanced tool that helps you apply your Gossamer lashes easily and quickly. The Petit Curve Wand works best for smaller faces and hands.
  • One set of Wandoms®. Lashify Bonds don’t fully cure, which means they get tacky during application. Wandoms are coverlets that protect the tips of your Fuse Control Wand from sticking to your Gossamers. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. The OG of our Bonds, you’ll love that it’s available in both clear and black and never leaves behind a filmy residue.
  • Glass Finishing Coat. The perfect sealer for getting long wear out of your lashes. You don’t have to seal your Gossamers, but if you do, Glass is a great solution. 
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of Pre Cleanse and Melt Away in your Kit. Pre Cleanse preps and cleanses your lashes before application, and Melt Away helps you easily slide your lashes off when it’s time to remove them. 

It all comes packaged in a hard case with a mirror, so you can even get great lashes on the go. 

Add More Control to Your Wishlist

If you want to do your lashes at home, a lash extension kit is a great investment, and you’ll love the ease and appearance of the Lashify Gossamer lash extension system


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