Lash Bond vs Lash Sealant - What’s the Difference?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 14 February, 2023

Lash Bond vs Lash Sealant - What’s the Difference?

Let’s face the facts: with every innovation to lash-kind, there comes another step, another product, another way of thinking to change and improve alongside it. While “more” is often seen as something to roll your eyes at — like, who needs one more thing to add to their ever-growing collection of stuff? — we believe that if that “‘more” can replace the old and actually end up decluttering and uncomplicating your lash routine, it’s 100% worth it.

That’s exactly why we strive to do what we do at Lashify®. Did you know that our patented arsenal of lash products is created to work in tandem? Every lash we create was born and bred to work harmoniously with our bonding solutions. And our bonding solutions were meant to make way for our sealants. And our sealants were made to hold up against our cleansers. And — you guessed it — our cleansers were crafted to make way for the safe use of our removal solutions. 

It’s like one big circle of lash life. Pretty amazing, huh? We like to think so. But with the integration of all these products, there’s a bit of a learning curve. As you start to incorporate your new lash routine into your daily life, you’ll probably have a lot of questions regarding what you’re using and how to use it. We totally get that.

That’s why we’ve created this little guide on two of the products you’ll be using most often in the lash process: bond and sealant. To start on your first steps towards lash freedom — or to refresh yourself on how to best use the products in your possession — keep scrolling and discover every detail you need to know.

What Is Lash Bond?

Our lash bond is a mascara-like coating that enables our Gossamer® Lashes to “bond” to your natural lashes. Lashify’s unique application requires the Gossies® to lay against the underside of your lash line instead of the top line like a traditional lash strip. To achieve that, the bond will be your best friend.

We carry multiple options for your bonding needs, but all of our products offer unique benefits. To help you decide which bond is the right fit for you, we’ve broken down what we offer for your easy perusal. Enjoy some leisurely scrolling below.

Whisper Light Bond™ (Dual-Sided) With Micro-Flex™

Whisper Light Bond™ is a Lashify staple product. This bond comes included in our Control Kit® and is a versatile bombshell of a tool. Equipped with a two-sided applicator in both clear and black coloring, Whisper Light Bond is the ultimate partner for the perfect lash application. 

With biotin and Micro-Flex™ technology, your lashes will be cushioned and nourished from application to removal, and the roots of your lashes will be fully protected from any tension, pulling, or pinching, creating a completely damage-free experience. At Lashify, we prioritize your natural lash health over all else. We don’t believe anything is worth damaging your natural assets, so we crafted products like this one to eliminate any risk.

This bond is the only one of its kind on the market that’s been developed and formulated in an ISO-approved cosmetics manufacturing facility. There’s no burning, itching, fumes, or irritants to be found in this experience, and Whisper Light is perfect for those with allergies to traditional lash products. It’s gentle and user-friendly, with no formaldehyde or cyanoacrylates to speak of.

Whisper Light Bond™ (Single-Sided) With Micro-Flex™

She’s single and ready to mingle, ladies and gents. 

The Whisper Light Bond™ (Single-Sided) offers all the same cruelty-free, professionally tested, strong-holding formula in a smaller package. With only one micro-mascara application wand and your choice of clear or black coloring, you can have the incredible results and longevity of the Dual-Sided product with half the space.

Bondage® Extra Strength Bond With Charcoflex®

For our final entry on the list, straight from the innovators at Lashify Labs, this Bondage® Extra Strength Bond with Charcoflex® is the ultimate answer to long-wear and healthy, hygienic results. 

Charcoal is known to withstand heat and absorb excess moisture, and with this Charcoflex® technology integrated into the bond’s formula, your lashes will keep happy and damage-free from more than just tension.

We recommend this formula for more experienced lash users as it’s a little more commitment to the application than other bonds, but if you’re feeling up to the task, this is the ultimate bond for you.

What Is Lash Sealant?

Lash sealant is the finisher of the bond’s combo. Sealant is used similarly to the bond, but at the end of the process, to “seal” in all the application work. Where bond makes sure the Gossies® stick, the sealant makes sure they stay stuck while removing all the tackiness and texture of the adhesive. 

Glass Finishing Coat

This popular sealant comes included in the Control Kit lineup, just like the Whisper Light. When your look has been completed, wait up to thirty minutes to ensure maximum stickage, and then apply the Glass Finishing Coat from the base of your lashes to make sure your lashes last as long as possible. 

The Glass Finishing Coat will also apply an opulent sheen to your lashes that’s just *chef’s kiss*. This cruelty-free and vegan formula will leave you feeling stress-free and beautiful at the same time.

Night Bond® Sealer

The second of our two sealants is the Night Bond® Sealer. This exclusive sealant is crafted for the strongest and longest seal for your lashes. Apply a thin layer of this sealant after the application is complete with Whisper Light® to ensure a healthy hold that lasts all night long. 

The Bond to My Seal

Before we send you off into the fray to fend for yourself as you tackle these new products for the first time, here’s a quick how-to guide on when and where to use these essential tools.

  1. On your natural, clean lashes, take your bond of choice and apply a thin, even layer across your entire lash line, allowing a few seconds for the bond to tack. 
  2. Apply your chosen Gossamer® Lashes in your chosen lash mapping by placing them up against the underside of your tacky lashes.
  3. Once your Gossamers® are applied, apply another thin layer of the bond to finalize the tacky hold of the new lashes.
  4. After the bond is applied, finish the look by applying your chosen sealant in an even layer across your lashes (either from base to tip with the Glass or along the spine of the lashes with Night Bond®) to remove the tackiness of the adhesive and seal in the hold. 
  5. Allow the sealant to dry completely. 
  6. Go show off your new lashes!

Make sure to start the application process with washed hands, clean lashes, and fresh tools, as any oil from your skin can alter the effectiveness of the bond and seal.

The Perfect Pair

As a quick refresher, bonds are formulated to tack up and hold your lashes together as you craft your unique look. A coat before and after the lash application is exactly what you need to get that bond just right. 

Sealant is a finishing agent to the process designed to secure a long-lasting hold and remove the tackiness of the adhesive. Both are necessary to achieve the best end result for your lashes, so we highly recommend going for the whole gamut from the get-go.

We totally get that starting something new can seem convoluted and overwhelming, but we assure you that the elements of this process, once mastered, are 100% worthwhile. You’ll end up saving time, energy, money, and peace of mind the further into the Lashify jungle you go. It seems like the opposite would happen in most places, but the more of us that you take advantage of, the more you’re rewarded, and that’s the way we think it should be.

Just like our bonds and sealants make the perfect pair for lash application, we like to think we make a perfect pair with you too. We love creating products that you love to use. What better combination can you imagine?

Yeah, we couldn’t think of one either. And doesn’t knowledge feel exciting? Empowering even? Especially when it allows you to engage with things you’ve always wanted but have never known how. You’ll be glad to know there is still so much more to learn, and we’re so excited to teach. So don’t forget to come back whenever you need another tidbit of knowledge for your lash database. 


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