Our Breakdown of Hybrid vs. Volume Lash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Volume Lash

At Lashify®, we understand there’s a lot of lingo and much to learn about lashes. If you’re just getting started (or even if you’re a lash pro), it’s not a bad idea to educate yourself on what’s available so you can know for certain you’re making the best choice to get the look you want. 

Lash extensions, whether they’re applied at a salon or at home, can usually be categorized into three separate types: classic, hybrid, and volume. We’ll talk briefly about classic lashes but focus on the differences between hybrid and volume lashes, so you can decide which ones you want to try.

Here’s a helpful hint: with the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ system, it’s super easy to try both!

Classic Lashes

To say classic lashes are basic just doesn’t give them the respect they deserve. Instead, we’ll refer to them as the OG of lash extensions, a title much more fitting. 

Classic lashes are the staple lashes of any person’s lash wardrobe. Like your natural lashes, they are the most realistic looking and also the lightest. Their lightweight comfort makes them easy to wear and a great first lash for beginners. 

These lashes are often applied in a salon on a 1:1 ratio, which means one artificial lash fiber per one natural lash. With the Lashify system, you’ll apply cluster lashes that contain 35 fibers, perfectly pieced to meet that same salon-style ratio. 

Classics are great options for beginners and for everyday wear. They deliver the lengthening look you want and can absolutely increase volume, but if you want to move volume and a slightly edgier style, you’ll want either hybrid or volume lashes. 

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are like the perfect handbag for your outfit; they can give you a completed lash look with very little effort. Hybrid lashes combine the elements of classic lashes that users love (lightweight, comfortable, and not over-the-top voluminous) with the volumized look that true volume lashes offer. 

What’s The Difference Between Hybrid and Volume?

Hybrid lashes aren’t as on the nose voluminous as volume lashes, which we’ll cover in a moment. Hybrids typically contain a blend of both classic lash fibers and volume lash fibers. 

  • Classic lash fibers are thin and spaced further apart than volume lashes. Classic lash fibers are not uniform in length, either, to retain a truly natural look. 
  • Volume lash fibers are even thinner, allowing for more lash fibers per cluster for serious volume. Volume lash fibers have a uniform look and may feel heavy. 

Hybrids will have a mixture of both of these types of lash fibers, which is the perfect solution for someone who loves the look and feel of a classic lash, wants a little more volume, but doesn’t want to go full XD lashes (yet).

How Are Hybrid Lash Extensions Applied?

How any kind of lash extensions are applied is really determined by the type of extension you’re getting. For instance, if you get lash extensions at a salon, hybrids will be applied in a ratio of anywhere from two to 10 artificial fibers per single lash. 

It probably goes without saying that hybrid lashes can feel heavier than classics, but remember, not every lash will have volume lashes attached. You’ll still have some lashes that only have that classic 1:1 application. 

The great thing about Lashify’s DIY Lash Extension™ system is that you never have to worry about an individual lash ratio (which means no damage to your delicate, natural lashes). Our lash system allows you to build your natural lashes at the base of the lash in clusters, so no single lash bears the weight of your extensions. 

Who Can Wear Hybrid Lashes?

Literally anyone can wear hybrid lashes. That’s the beauty of them. They’re such a great mix between classic and volume that they work for any eye shape, including hooded eyes and monolids. 

In fact, if you have monolids or hooded lids and have felt like volume lashes felt droopy or touched your eyelid (which can cause eyelid sensitivity), switching to hybrid lashes can be the perfect solution. 

The best part? With Lashify, you can fully customize your lash map to create a hybrid look that is perfect for your lids and look. If you want a little more help, try one of these easy-to-create lash maps. The Curl Plus + Gossamer®Lash Map and the A Plus + Gossamer® Lash Map are solid choices for segueing from classic to hybrid. 

Hybrid Lash Tips and Tricks

Before you get started, here are a few tips and tricks to make your hybrid lash application a little easier.

  • Check the thickness. Hybrid lashes should be no more than 10mm in thickness. When combining your classic and volume lashes, try to aim for a ratio of 70% classic lashes and 30% volume lashes. 
  • Vary the length. The length of hybrid lashes also differentiates them from volume lashes, which can tend to end in one uniform length. Varying the length of your extensions gives a more natural, hybrid lash look. 
  • Apply your classic lashes first, then your volume pieces. Think of putting on the classics like putting on your clothing, and the volume pieces are your accessories. Volume pieces are also great for filling in sparse areas.

Remember, using the Lashify system means if you make a mistake, you can simply remove your Gossamers® with a little Melt Away Remover and reapply them. It’s that simple.

Lashify Hybrid Lashes

Our Core Collection™ of lashes includes our Amplify, Bold, and Curl Gossamers®. These are our classic lashes that build the foundation of your lash collection. 

Adding any of our Plus+ Collection™ or Volume Collection™ Gossamers® with our Core Collection will give you unlimited hybrid lash options. There are so many options; you’ll be able to make a completely new hybrid lash look any time you want. 

Volume Lash Extensions

Did someone say dramatic? Volume lash extensions, also known as Russian volume or XD volume lashes, are the ultimate in dramatic, statement-making, voluminous lash looks. But don’t be fooled; they’re not ridiculous-looking strip lashes. 

Volume lashes are noticeable and high-definition, but they still retain a completely flawless and natural aesthetic. In other words, they don’t look anything like the ill-fitting, one-size-fits-no-one strip lashes you may have tried before. 

Types of Volume Lash Extensions

Sometimes, volume lash extensions are defined by their dimensional value, so you might see volume lashes ranging from 2D-4D. What this really refers to is the extension to natural lash ratio. 

If you have a 2D lash extension, that means you’re getting two extension fibers attached to one individual, natural lash hair. Normally, true volume lashes aren’t considered “volume” until they hit 3D status or three extensions per natural lash. 

Volume lashes create fluffy, volumized lashes that resemble more of a fringe than a natural lash line. To keep them fluffy (and to make them wearable), volume lashes are generally thinner than classic lashes, usually within the 05-07 mm range.

Because you’ll be applying numerous fibers to one lash if you have them done in a salon, these lashes can feel slightly heavier than hybrids. The Lashify system prevents this weighed-down feeling for two reasons:

  1. Gossamers® are applied underneath the natural lash, which is generally more comfortable for the wearer. 
  1. Gossamers® are applied in clusters with the weight of the Gossie distributed evenly across several natural lashes to help protect them. 

The last thing you’ll notice about volume lashes is that they tend to be uniform in length. This is preferable for some users, but for a more natural look, hybrids and classics have varied lengths, like your natural eyelashes. 

How Are Volume Lash Extensions Applied?

If you have volume lashes applied in a salon, be prepared to sit in a chair for a few hours and possibly pay a higher price than your typical classic lash application. That’s because your technician will need to take more time to apply more lashes to your natural lash fibers and will use more material. 

The ratio of application begins at 3:1 but can be as voluminous as 5:1. The more lash fibers you get, the wispier and more fan-like your lashes will be. 

If you’re applying lashes at home, your range will vary. Again, you won’t be applying individual fibers to individual lashes but rather applying cluster lashes to several of your natural lash fibers. This is safer for your natural lashes and helps prevent clumping and breaking.

One of our favorite sets, the Plushy Tame Gossamer® has 66 individual fibers per Gossamer® for the ultimate in soft, fringey volume. 

Who Can Wear Volume Lash Extensions?

While anyone can wear volume lash extensions, some users might find them too heavy. Some salon-lash applications can even make you feel like your eyelids are drooping. To avoid this, it’s best to build up to volume lashes instead of going directly into them after wearing only classic lashes. 

If you’ve never had lash extensions before, don’t start with volume lashes. Give yourself (and your natural lashes) some time to adjust to the feel of extensions before you go full send. This is especially helpful if you’re applying your extensions at home, which can take some practice. 

While wearing volume lashes, if you notice that you are able to feel your lashes against your eyelid or near your eyebrow, you can easily remedy that discomfort by choosing a shorter length or less of a curl.

Volume Lash Tips and Tricks

Before you apply, here are the tips and tricks that make applying volume lashes easy and comfortable. 

  • Map it out! When you’re applying volume lashes at home, you’ll probably need a little guidance. Any of the lash map options here for Plushy Tame Gossamers® will help you create a volume lash look easily. 
  • Bond it! One of the most common problems people have with volume lashes (both salon lashes and at-home lashes) is shedding. The reason for shedding is usually a combination of poor application and not enough adhesive. 

We recommend using Bondage®when applying volume lashes. This extra-strength bond will help keep your Gossies in place and help you avoid any shedding or lash loss.

  • Start small. Remember, less is usually more, even with lashes. Try applying a small number of lashes first, and then add in more Gossamers® as needed. It’s much easier to add more lashes as you go. 

If your first full set of volume lashes isn’t as voluminous or natural-looking as you had hoped, don’t worry. Head over to our How-To Page for numerous instructional videos to help you apply, remove, and wear your Gossamers®.

Lashify Volume Lashes

When we created Lashify, we wanted to break the mold, and we did. That’s why we don’t define our lashes specifically as classic, hybrid, or volume. Instead, we offer numerous different styles that you can play with to create the specific volume lash style that is 100% you (or 100% your current mood). 

Our most voluminous, lightweight lashes can be found by shopping our Volume Collection. With numerous different styles, lengths, and color options, there’s never a reason to go back to the lash salon. Unless, of course, you like spending your savings on eyelashes. 

Which Is Best: Hybrid or Volume?

Whether you like hybrids or volume lashes is really up to you. It can be hard to make a decision, which is why we have a handy tutorial to help. With Lashify, you can learn to use both hybrid lashes and volume lashes to create looks that are specific for daytime, evening, or special events. 

Lashify The Easiest Way To Get Hybrid and Volume Lashes

Don’t commit yourself to one style for the next 3-4 weeks. Instead, get Lashify, and put yourself in control of your lash style. Lashify is the system that lets you choose your lash style while protecting your natural lashes and supporting them as they grow.


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