Hybrid vs. Classic Lash Extensions – Which Is Better

Posted by Bridget Reed on 31 October, 2022

Hybrid vs. Classic Lashes – Which Are Better?

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you’re probably encountering a lot of new and interesting lingo. Who knew there was so much to learn about false eyelashes? Never fear; we can help you learn more about different styles of extensions in order to make the right lash choice for you. 

What Are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are the most basic. Like all the staples of your wardrobe, these are the pieces you build up from. Classic lashes typically look the most natural. They accentuate and amplify the length of your natural lashes rather than the volume. 

If you’re new to lash extensions, it might be a wise choice to start with a look composed entirely of classic lashes since they’re generally lighter in weight. You can always layer other lashes on top of classic lashes later to change up your look. Check out some videos from our experts to learn how to stack your classic lashes into more voluminous looks. 

What Are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions blend classic and volume lash extensions for a slightly more voluminous effect, but nothing like Russian Volume. In fact, hybrid lashes specifically avoid the uniform look of Russian volume in favor of a more uneven, natural-looking edge. While there is not a required ratio to be considered a hybrid lash, most false lashes marketed as “hybrid” contain 30% classic lashes and 70% volume lashes. 

Many people love hybrid lashes because they are appropriate for everyday wear while giving notably more volume and length than standard classic lashes. You can mimic hybrid lashes by combining classic and volume lashes in your lash map. 

What About Volume Lashes?

The purpose of volume lashes is to give you the maximum: Maximum density, maximum volume, maximum length, and maximum lash. You may be surprised to learn that volume lashes are actually smaller in diameter than classic lashes. This is to make room for more lashes per lash fan.

Volume lashes are perfect for special events. Nights out, a wedding, a festival, or a hot date — volume lashes say, “I’m here; I’m hot; let’s party.”

If you have naturally sparse or short lashes, volume lashes may appear TOO dramatic and look unnatural. We would advise you to start with classic lashes and gradually work up to volume lashes so the contrast is not so jarring.

How Can I Tell Which Style Is Better for Me?

Let us ask you a few questions about your desired lash look to help you decide. 

Are You Looking for a Lash Look You Can Wear Every Day?

If yes, you probably want classic lashes. Classic lashes look natural the same way that natural makeup styles look natural — as if Mother Nature did her job flawlessly and in accordance with today’s beauty trends. They’re like your real, natural lashes but better. 

Are You Hunting for Your Mascara’s Replacement?

Assuming you use your mascara every day, this answer is similar to the above. You probably want a classic lash, but you may want to look specifically for one with a thicker lash fiber, like Lashify®’s Bold Gossamers®, to mimic the effect of volumizing mascara. 

Is It Your First Time Applying DIY Lash Extensions?

If it’s your first time, definitely start with classic lashes. They are simpler to apply and require less styling on the lash map. 

Do You Mind if You Can Feel Your Lashes on Your Eyes? 

If you don’t mind a little weight or you’re already used to the feeling of falsies on your eyes, try hybrid lashes. If you’re particularly sensitive or you’re not used to the feeling of fibers adhered to your lash line yet, classic might be a better fit for you. 

Is Your Primary Goal Length or Volume (or Both)?

If your primary goal is length, classic lashes will absolutely get the job done. If you’re concerned about amplifying both the length and volume of your lashes, hybrid lashes will quell both concerns. If your goal is more volume than length, the answer might be neither. It might be volume lashes instead. 

Do You Want Uniformity in Your Lashes? 

If you specifically do not want uniformity, hybrid lashes are perfect for you. If your goal is even uniformity, you will definitely find that through volume lashes. If you want uniformity that’s not as dense as volume lashes, shop around to find a style of classic lashes that fits your vibe. 

Are Volume Lashes Too Intense for Your Style?

Perhaps you’ve already experimented with volume lashes, and you found them a bit too bold for your personal aesthetic. Great news; in that case, you already have the lash application expertise needed to rock hybrid lashes. Hybrid lashes will be like taking a little step back in terms of intensity, but not the big leap back to classic lashes. 

Are You Noticing Gaping in Your Classic Lashes?

There are actually two ways to approach this issue. You can try adding extra classic lashes to your lash map, or, if the gapping is severe, you could try filling with hybrid lashes instead. Gapping does not necessarily mean that classic lashes were the wrong choice for you. It’s likely more an issue with your lash map, not the lashes themselves. 

What Are Lashify’s Classic Lash Options?

Lashify’s classic lashes can be found in the Core Collection. Lashify makes classic lashes as easy as A-B-C!

A for Amplify 

These are classic lashes in their truest form. They will amplify the volume of your lashes without appearing overwhelming or distracting. They’re delicate, lightweight, fluttery, soft, and wispy. They have the thinnest spine of all Gossamer styles to really solidify their barely-there appearance. 

B for Bold

If you love the look of volumizing mascara but you’re not quite sold on volume lash extensions, Bold Gossamers might be just the thing for you! These Gossamers offer the thickest individual lash fibers of the trio and are great for mapping a piecey look.

C for Curl

Curl Gossamers are technically a classic lash, though they do display some of the best qualities of hybrid lashes. Curl Gossamers give you an airy, natural-looking blend of length and volume. It’s like you’re combining the best of the Amplify and Bold lashes in one classic lash. 

What Are Lashify’s Hybrid Lash Options?

Lashify does not have a specific hybrid lash Gossamer, but that’s for good reason! We offer a wide variety of Gossamer styles outside the traditional classic-hybrid-volume trichotomy. 

You’ve already met the Curl Gossamer, which can provide an effect similar to that of a hybrid lash (BTW, she comes in so many colors, from natural to neon, so there’s definitely a Curl lash for everyone!). But we have so many styles in our Plus+ and Volume collections that can achieve different levels of volume impact. Why settle for three options when Lashify has dozens?

  • The Gemini™ Gossamer is our pieceiest lash. They use the thickest lash fibers of any Gossamer, so they can be styled and manipulated to your heart’s content (but don’t touch them with your fingers; you don’t want oil in your lashes). Now available in the highly-demanded Minx shade!
  • The Stardust™ Gossamer offers the pinnacle of wispy, naturally elegant lash extensions. While these Gossamers focus on amplifying your length, you’ll notice their spiked sections are there to mimic the natural landscape of your lashes.
  • The Starburst™ Gossamer is a bit more voluminous than the Stardust, but it’s still giving that wispy, piecey goodness. This lash is known for its multi-length, multi-layered look. If your favorite hybrid trait is the variance in fiber length to mimic natural lashes, you’ll love the way Starburst exaggerates this effect. 
  • The Plushy Tame Gossamer features a very flat base and extremely fine fibers in a delicate fan. These lashes radiate radiance. As the name suggests, they’re extremely tame, which is uncharacteristic for volume lashes. 

These are just a sample of the wide range of Gossamer options we have at Lashify. If none of these really spark your inspiration, why not head over to the shop and take a look around? 

How Can I Find the Right Style of Lashes for Me?

If you’re not sure what your style is, we have a super helpful guide to help you choose the right lashes for your eye shape. After you’ve taken some time to consider your personal aesthetic goals, determining your eye shape is a super helpful step in determining which lash styles will compliment your features best.

No matter your style or your shape, rest assured, there’s a perfect lash for you. Generally, classic lashes are a safe choice for every eye shape. It’s all a matter of how you personalize your lash map. 

Go With Your Personal Style

Your personal style will always be what’s best for you, and different lashes can help you achieve different styles. We can’t tell you what’s best for everyone, but we can give you all our best tips and expert knowledge to help you make the best choice for you. After you decide on your style, visit us at Lashify, and we’ll get you set with the best! 



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