How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

Nothing makes you look more awake and refreshed than a solid night of peaceful sleep, except maybe a fresh set of eyelash extensions! Unfortunately, sleeping in certain positions can destroy your lashes and make you wake up looking a little less than glamorous. 

The team at Lashify® loves lashes and sleep, and we have all the tips and tricks to help you make sure your lashes last as long as possible while still getting in all your Zs. Follow along for our easy guide on how to get the best sleep while protecting your lash life.

What Causes Lash Extensions To Fall Out Too Soon?

Your natural lashes and your lash extensions are affected by numerous different daily habits (including sleep) that can make them fall out. Gossamer®lashes are designed to last for up to 10 days per application with proper care, and you can keep them firmly in place by avoiding a few lash-loosening activities. 

1. Oils in Products

Oil is the number one ingredient that can break down the bond between your Gossamer lashes and your natural lashes. It’s important to check your skin care product ingredients and your makeup ingredients to make sure you aren’t lash-sabotaging yourself by using products (like creamy pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow) that contain oil. 

2. Water

Not as bad as oil, but still destructive to your lashes is water. Obviously, you’ve still got to wash your face and remove your eye makeup while your Gossamer lashes are in place, but splashing water in your eyes is a definite no. 

Instead, try limiting the amount of direct water contact you have with your lashes by using a cleansing cloth or cleansing puff (like this one) to gently and effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup without disturbing your lashes. 

3. Sleeping on Your Face

We’ve all woken up from a night of sleeping directly on our faces to discover we look a little less than stunning. Cotton pillowcase wrinkles across your face, puffy bags under the eyes, and the oh-so-sexy streak of dried drool cascading down your chin are all signs that you might want to consider rolling over. 

For your lashes, sleeping in certain positions (like on your tummy) can cause your eyes to be squished against your pillow. This can lead to rubbing and tugging that can make your lash fibers loosen and eventually come off. 

How To Sleep Lash-Safe

It’s no secret that keeping your lash extensions looking as beautiful as they did the first day you applied them takes a little finesse. One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to sleep in a position that doesn’t interfere with your lashes. 

Here’s how to do it (and still get comfortable enough to get your beauty sleep).

Back It Up

Sleeping on your back is the safest and easiest way to keep your Gossamer lashes in place and looking effortlessly gorgeous. For back sleepers, this is no problem, but if you’re a die-hard tummy sleeper, sleeping on your back may interfere with your sleep more than Mercury being in retrograde

It’s possible to train yourself to sleep on your back, which experts agree is better for your posture and places your body in better alignment, so you wake up with fewer aches and pains. Sleeping on your stomach usually places your neck in an unnatural position that can cause strains and muscle aches. 

To make the transition from tummy to back, try these tips.

  • Place a pillow under your knees to alleviate pressure on your spine.
  • Surround yourself with pillows. This can help make it impossible for you to roll over in your sleep. 
  • Place a small, rolled towel underneath your lower back to give it support if sleeping on your back is uncomfortable. 

While back sleeping is the safest position for your lashes, there may be times when it’s not the safest idea for other reasons, like pregnancy. 

Change Your Pillowcase

When sleeping on your back isn’t a possibility, you can still protect your lashes by changing out your regular cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk pillowcase. These pillowcases allow your skin to slide around on the pillow without tugging or pulling, which can reduce the number of loose lash fibers you see in the morning. 

What’s more, beauty experts agree that sleeping on silk is better for your skin in terms of keeping it better hydrated and avoiding “sleep wrinkles,” which can literally last all day. 

Need a rec? We’ve got you. Lashify’s Silk Pillowcase is the solution for keeping your lashes intact and protecting your skin while you sleep. Hypoallergenic and incredibly breathable, our pillow is made with 100% mulberry silk that allows your skin to glide smoothly across the material without pulling or tugging. 

Got a Lashigirl or guy on your list? We 10/10 recommend this as the perfect gift.

Take It All Off

You already know going to sleep with your makeup on can lead to breakouts, but it could also damage your Gossamer lashes. While you sleep, makeup that remains on your eyes and skin can mix with sebum (your skin’s natural oil) and slide into your natural lash line. 

Oils from these products and your skin can loosen the bond that keeps your lashes attached and cause you to wake up with loose lashes or with lash fibers on your pillowcase. 

Make a habit of taking your makeup off before you go to bed, and you’ll increase the life of your lash extensions and decrease your breakouts. It’s important to remember to use the right removal products and remove your makeup safely. Here’s how. 

  • Always use an oil-free cleanser, like our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water. Oil-based makeup removers can break down the bond between your natural lashes and Gossamer lashes and cause them to come loose.
  • Don’t splash water onto your lashes. Use a cleansing cloth or a cotton pad soaked in cleanser to gently remove eye makeup without interfering with your lashes. 
  • Use a cotton swab soaked in cleanser to remove products that are close to your lash line, like eyeliner, primer, and concealer. 

If you have trouble removing your makeup without disturbing your lashes, try leveling up your bond so your lashes have a firmer grip. 

Seal It Up

Sealing your lashes is a part of the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system that helps your lashes stay in place longer, with fewer touch-ups in between. You can use a sealing agent on your lashes after they’ve been applied and fully fused to strengthen them and make the application last as long as possible. 

Night Bond® Sealer is designed to give your lashes the ultimate reinforcement to keep them safe and secure all night long. We recommend using it after fully fusing your lashes with Whisper Light® Bond. Once you have fully bonded your lashes, apply a thin coat of Night Bond to the spine base of your Gossamer lashes to help your lashes survive anything you throw their way (like a restless night of sleep).

The Morning After

Even with your best efforts, it can be normal to wake up with a loose lash fiber every now and then. With the Lashify® system, it’s not even an issue. No panic-calling the salon or paying for a fill before you need one. Instead, you can just easily reattach it at home in less than two minutes. 

Here are four ways to quickly and easily fix a lifting lash fiber.

  1. Re-fuse. If you’ve recently applied your Gossamer lashes and notice one is lifting, try refusing the lash with your Fuse Control® Wand. This will help reattach the fibers to the bond. 

  1. Mini fuse. Using your Whisper Light Bond with the precision tip, apply a small amount to the spine base of your Gossamer lashes. Wait 10-15 seconds for the bond to become tacky, then do a quick reverse fuse on the affected lashes.

  2. Remove and Refuse. Sometimes the outer lashes are the first to lift from sleeping in the wrong position or accidentally rubbing your eyes while you’re asleep. When this happens, the easiest way to fix it is to use your Fuse Control Wand to gently remove the lashes and reapply them using the same application method you used when you first applied them. 

Use the Heat Fusing method. Using the Lashicurl® lash curling wand, apply heat to the spine base of your lashes for 10-15 seconds to reactivate the bond. Then, use your Fuse Control Wand (without a Wandom®) to fuse your Gossamer lashes back in place. 

It’s incredibly easy to reattach a loose lash, but even easier to prevent them from becoming loose by sleeping smarter. 

Don’t Sleep on Fab Lashes

No, seriously, don’t sleep on your lashes (i.e., on your face). When you have your lashes in place, sleeping on your back is the best way to extend the life of your lashes and reduce the number of touch-ups you need in the morning. 

Great lashes and great sleep? Absolutely. The Lashify system makes it easy for you to have both.


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