How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer: 7 Tips From the Lash Experts

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer: 7 Tips From the Lash Experts

Extension shedding is a real problem that can put even the most chill person in a big mood. Whether you have your extensions applied at a salon or do them yourself at home, it’s frustrating to find them shedding from your lash line just minutes (or even a few days) after application. 

Some shedding is normal, and we’ll explain how much and what you should expect from salon lash extensions and from DIY Lash Extensions™ from Lashify®. Here’s a hint: you’ll have more control over your entire lash extension experience, including preventing lash loss, with the Lashify system. 

First, let’s talk about why your extensions are leaving the party early in the first place.

Why Are My Extensions Going MIA? 

It can seem like you just had your extensions applied, and you’re already seeing small fibers on your shirt or on your cleansing cloth. It’s completely maddening, especially if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

What’s making your lashes leave without warning? There can be a few reasons. 

1. Your Extensions Are Too Much 

Big, voluminous, dramatic lashes can be worn by anyone, but if they are applied too heavily to your lashes, they may cause your natural lashes to break off, taking the extensions with them. If you’re having your lashes applied at a salon, make sure your lash tech talks to you about the number of extensions they are placing per individual eyelash. 

  • Classic extensions are usually applied at a ratio of 1:1, which means one extension per natural lash. 
  • Volume lashes (also known as Russian volume lashes or XD lashes) can be applied at a much heavier ratio of three to five extension fibers per individual lash. 

The more lash extensions per natural lash, the higher the risk of lash loss, especially if they aren’t being applied properly. 

2. The Glue Is Wrong

Lash glue can contain some seriously toxic ingredients. Formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates (the same ingredients you’ll find in super glue) are bad for your skin and eyes and can also cause your natural lashes to become rigid. 

Rigidity causes your lashes to break and fall out sooner than they should, taking your extensions with them. 

3. You’re Hands On

Touching your extensions repeatedly can transfer dirt and oil from your fingers to your lashes. This can loosen the adhesive between your extensions and your natural lashes and cause them to fall. 

If you find yourself rubbing your eyes or touching your lashes a lot, this is probably why your extensions keep falling out right after you have them applied. 

4. You Get Them Wet

While most extensions can withstand a little bit of water, the more exposure they have to water, the more likely they are to slide off your natural lashes. Both water and humidity can loosen the bond between your natural lashes and your extensions and cause them to come out sooner than if you work to keep them dry. 

5. The Application Went Wrong

Even seasoned lash pros get it wrong sometimes, and if you’re applying your lashes at home, you can also make a mistake. Rushing through the process, using too little or too much adhesive, or trying a new style that you aren’t used to applying can all make the application process go a little sideways, which could lead to early extension loss. 

Even if you correct all these issues, sometimes, your extensions may just seem to fall out sooner than you think they should. Let’s talk about how long they should stay in and what you can do to make sure your extensions are in it to win it. 

How Long Should Extensions Last?

We’re channeling Allie in The Notebook when we say the answer is not that simple. Extensions are adhered to individual natural lashes and should stay on your natural lashes for a minimum of four weeks before they begin shedding, but there’s another side to the lash extension loss coin. 

Natural lashes grow on a cycle that lasts between four to 11 months. Because each lash is on its own individual cycle, you’re constantly losing lashes at a rate of between one and five lashes per day. When your natural lashes are at the end of their life cycle, they will shed from the hair follicle, taking your lash extension with them. 

The average person won’t need a fill until they reach the three or four week mark. You might need fills sooner or later, depending on your natural lash cycle. 

What About DIY Lash Extensions?

If you’re using Lashify’s DIY Lash Extension™ System, you can expect each set of Gossamer® lashes to stay firmly in place for up to ten days per application. If you take care of your Gossies, you can actually experience longer wear times, but because Lashify allows you to change your lash look as often as you want, you might simply want to remove and reapply a different set. 

No matter what you’re wearing, we’ve got seven hot tips to help make sure your extensions are working overtime. 

7 Tips To Make Your Extensions Last Longer 

These tips will help keep your extension on your lashes longer and help protect your natural lashes more. 

1. Prep Properly

If you start with lashes that are covered with dirt, oil, or makeup, you can almost guarantee your lash extensions aren’t going to stay in place very long. Make sure you use an oil-free cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your lashes and your eyelid skin before applying your lashes. 

We love Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water because it’s effective enough to deeply clean and prepare your lashes but gentle enough that you can use it as a toner on your skin. 

2. Try Less Voluminous Extensions

If you’re wearing seriously thick extensions and continually shedding them, it could be because your natural lashes are extremely short or angled downward. This can make the weight of voluminous lashes too much for your natural lashes to handle. 

You can still have extremely luxe lashes, but using fewer extensions per lash may help solve your problem. 

3. Avoid Toxic Glue

It’s really important to talk to your lash tech to find out what kind of glue they are using on your lashes. Some glues cause rigidity which will almost always lead to breakage and lash extension shedding. 

If you’re using the Lashify system, you already know about our bonds. They never fully set, which means they are flexible. This allows the extension to move and bend with your natural lash to prevent breakage. Our bonds are free from formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates. Instead, we include lash-boosting ingredients like biotin and lavender extract.

4. Keep Your Hands Off

Do everything you can to avoid hand-to-eye contact when you are wearing extensions. Touching your lashes transfers oil, your lash extensions’ number one enemy. Oil is what dissolves the bond between your natural lash and your extension, so it’s important to avoid it until you’re ready to remove your extensions. 

5. Stay Dry

If you notice more extension shedding after you take a shower, you’re probably getting your lashes wet without noticing. Obviously, you need to wash your face, but avoid splashing water directly onto your face and use a cleansing cloth or puff instead. 

If you’re still getting drenched, try the Lashisplash™ Shower Visor. This simple, reusable tool keeps the water from splashing into your eye area, helping you keep your extensions in place longer. 

6. Review Your Application Process

For at-home lash extensions that won’t stay in place, the problem could be with your placement. The most common problem we see is rushing through the process. While the Lashify application process can be done in just minutes, it does a little practice. 

If you are having trouble getting your Gossamer® lashes to stay in place, check out our how-to page for tips and tricks and to make sure you’re not skipping a step. 

7. Double Down on Your Bond Game

For some people, Whisper Light® Bond is enough to keep their Gossamer® lashes in place for days on end. If you’re more active, are wearing a heavier set, or tend to sleep on your face, you might need to bring in the heavy hitters. 

Night Bond® Sealer and Bondage® are the Lashify solutions for keeping your Gossamer® lashes in place while still maintaining the flexible, natural hold that you’re used to. When used together, you’ll get a hold that can last through your hot yoga class.

Happy Lashes, Happy Life

Keeping your extensions in place keeps your natural lashes happy and will definitely cut your own stress levels down to a minimum. You can make sure your extensions are staying put by taking care of them when they’re on your lashes and making sure you apply them properly. 

If you’re tired of spending time and money at the salon for lash extensions that seem to fall out too quickly, Lashify is your go-to. Lashify gives you the ability to have salon-quality lashes that last and the option to switch up your lash style whenever you want.


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