How To Get Your Lashes Looking Amazing

How To Get Your Lashes Looking AmazingLashify

For every new task you introduce into your beauty routine, there’s a bit of a learning curve. As you start incorporating a new routine element into getting glam, there are sure to be more than a few snafus along the way.

When you first started doing eyeshadow, remember how all the colors you thought would be so pretty together somehow ended up a singular, odd shade of brown? Remember how you always tried to go in for something soft, yet every time the final look looked downright macabre? Or how finding that perfect foundation match was more difficult than graduating high school? We all went through the 50 shades of orange phase. No need to pretend we didn’t.

Mascara would clump, our brows were too plucked, then too blockish, and self-tan was an absolute nightmare. Our point is things take time to learn, and mistakes are part of the process. But even though that’ll always be true, it’s also true that a little bit of help never hurt anyone. 

Doing your lashes is one of those tasks that, when you started out, took you a bit to get used to, and that was just strip lashes. Now that innovative options like our Lashify® system are in play and you’ve been thoroughly convinced to give them a go, you’re facing a new trial altogether. 

In pursuit of making it as easy and painless as possible, we thought we’d offer our best tips, tricks, and insider secrets for taking those lashes from zero to hero in no time flat. If you want a little help getting started with the Lashify system and all that it offers, keep reading to learn how to make those lashes shine from the start.

The Basics of the Gossamer®

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nothing of substance can be built without a foundation. If you want the perfect lashes every time, it’s important to understand the foundational system that our Gossamers® are built upon. 

The Lashify system is unique in that every bond, seal, lash, cleanser, remover, and tool was specially crafted with its neighbor in mind. 

Want the perfect fuse for your lashes? The Fuse Control® Wand was literally made for you. Want the ultimate bond for our Underlash Technology™? The Whisper Light Bond™ was forged for such a purpose. Want to keep those Gossamers® fresh and intact for their entire wear? Our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water will both prep and maintain the health of your eyes and lashes. 

Everything was made to coexist in one big Circle of Lash. It’s a beautiful thing. And it’s all readily available to you to make your experience of trying and loving Gossamers® that much easier. 

Practical Lash Application

To use our system, we recommend going in for the Control Kit® — an incredible place to start for everything you’ll need in one convenient package. With fresh, clean lashes, you’ll want to apply our Whisper Light Bond™ in a thin, even layer across your natural lash line. Wait a few seconds for the adhesive to tack up.

With our Fuse Control® Wand for ultimate lash access, you’ll want to gently pick up each lash segment from the packaging and place them against the underside of your lash line, watching in wonder as they magically bond in an unbreakable marriage. 

After lining your lashes with each Gossamer®, fanning, stacking, and mapping them to your preferred style — which we also have advice on if you’re interested — place another thin coat of bond overtop your work to ensure the fusion of those extensions is solid. 

To remove any residual tackiness and lock in the look, you’ll want to use a sealant such as our Glass Finishing Coat. This glossy seal will leave your lashes soft and glowing while also “finishing” the job. 

You can even go back in with the Fuse Control® Wand once more to perfectly press your finished product into place. This is also a go-to method for re-fusing any lifting you might experience during wear. 

These are the basic steps of working with the Gossamer® Lashes, but if you want our personal tips on how to up your game and avoid major pitfalls along the way, keep reading. 

Dos and Don’ts of Amazing Lashes

If you want to shine every time you step out with your Gossamer® Lashes, we recommend following these simple dos and don’ts to elevate your experience to the next level.

DO Map for Your Eye Shape

There are six main eye shapes: monolid, hooded, rounded, upturned, downturned, and almond. Of these eye shapes that you could potentially have, there are also variations of the shapes, including wide-set, close-set, deep-set, or protruding.

If you’re choosing a lash set and map that best compliments an almond-shaped eye, but you have a rounded eye, then it doesn’t matter how on-point your application is — something’s not going to feel right.

DON’T Use Drugstore Alternatives With Your Lashes

You wouldn’t try to use a screw to hang a Command Strip, would you? Or a Swiffer pad on a mop head? Systems are put into place to work as a unit, and Lashify is the same. If you’re thinking you’ll get the same results by using Gossamers® with a drugstore lash glue, you’re in for a rude awakening. 

DO Avoid Water for 12–24 Hours After Application

Water is the enemy! We’re joking, of course, but also completely serious — for up to 24 hours, that is. You want to work with your lashes and give them all the time they need for the bond to fully set. Otherwise, you might soften the bonds, and that is not a mega slay.

DON’T Skip Steps

Cutting corners is not going to be the best method of approach here. You might arrive at the destination a bit quicker, but is it really worth it if you lose a tire, break down, and have to walk the next leg of the journey because of it? The steps are your friends, so treat them with respect, and they’ll return the same to you. 

DO Brush Your Lashes

Brushing your lashes might be something you’ve never even thought to do — not in your strip lash days, and not now. Allow us to change your mind. With a simple-to-use tool like our Precision Lash Comb, you’ll be able to both brush and separate your lashes with ease. 

Sometimes it pays to separate your lashes before each Gossamer® is applied to help avoid painful clumping of the bond or pinching of the lash. And brushing after application will help to fully blend your natural and false lashes so you can’t tell where one starts and the other ends.

DON’T Use Oil-Based Anything

We mean anything. Oil is the nemesis of adhesive, so introducing oil from a cleanser, moisturizer, face serum, or even unclean hands could run the risk of damaging the precious bond of your lashes. 

If you want the fullest and most fabulous wear your lashes can provide, then keep oil out of the equation until you’re actually trying to remove the Gossies®. Pro tip: Lashify’s cleansers are all oil-free, making them the perfect pair to cleanse your lashes routinely and prep your face. 

Forever Fabulous

This might seem like a lot to take in at the jump. If you’re new to Lashify, or even lashes in general, learning a brand-new way of doing things can feel overwhelming. That’s the very reason we create these helpful how-to guides and offer up our advice in hopes that you’ll be able to avoid some of the dangerous snares that lash-kind is capable of creating. 

If you’re prepared for the road ahead before embarking, you’re sure to see your steps find more success than someone who’s going in blind. We’ve all been under the heavy boot of failure when it comes to beauty — just look to 2016 for all the proof you need. Like, seriously, what were we thinking? 

It’s so refreshing to see all the advancements made in the world of lashes since then, and now anyone can get the natural wisps, full glam, and everywhere in between any time they’d like. Whatever style floats your boat, we can provide, and now you can enjoy it without any stress of not knowing what to do. We’re always at your beck and call in pursuit of forever fabulous lashes. 


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