How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

After you’ve spent your bonus money and about 6,000 hours of your time at a lash salon for extensions, you start to look for other options for lash enhancement. There are serums, of course, but only one is approved by the FDA to grow your lashes, and even that one can’t make your lashes thicker. 

That leaves at-home lash extensions, and unless you know the secret, you’ll spend a lot of time becoming frustrated, gluing your eyelashes together with unsafe glue, and possibly damaging your natural lashes (and even losing them). 

If you know the secret, you can avoid all these pitfalls and get the salon lash extension you love right in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Lucky for you, you’ve just found it. We’re Lashify™, the only at-home DIY Lash Extension™ system that allows you to get a salon-quality look that is safe, easy, and effective. 

We’ll give you everything you need to know to get started and guide you as you learn to Be Your Own Lash Tech™. 

It Starts With Control

The best way to get started with Lashify is by grabbing the Control Kit™. It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need to apply our Gossamer® lashes.

Here’s what each customizable Control Kit contains.

Gossamer Lashes

Unlike strip lashes or salon lashes, our Gossamer lashes are featherlight, created from Korean silk, and attached to a weightless Spine™ Base. They’re applied with Underlash Technology™ and most closely resemble cluster lashes. 

When designing your Control Kit, you can choose any two pairs you like. Want a dramatic, lengthy pair for evenings and a classic pair for the day? You can have that — kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

Fuse Control ® Wand

Tweezers are so last era. The Fuse Control Wand was developed specifically for Gossamer lash application and fits the curvature of your eyelid to make application even easier. For smaller hands and faces, the Petit Curve Wand is the solution. 

Finishing Coat

Each kit comes with one tube of Glass Finishing Coat. Once you’ve applied your Gossamer lashes, Glass seals the deal, keeping your Gossamer lashes in place as long as you want to wear them (for up to ten days with proper care). 


How do Gossamer lashes stick to your natural lashes? With ultra-safe, non-toxic Bonds. Our control Kits contain a full-sized Whisper Light Bond™. All of our Bonds are formulated with Biotin and Lavendula to be nourishing to your natural lashes and support their growth. Whisper Light is our most popular Bond.

Our Bonds also never fully cure, so they can bend and move with your natural lashes to prevent breakage or damage to your Gossamer lashes or your natural lashes. 

Wandom® Pair

Keep your Wand safe while applying your Gossamer lashes and avoid a sticky situation. Wandoms cover the ends of Wands to prevent any funny business. 


Each kit comes with a sample of Pre-Cleanse and Melt-Away, two products we love for keeping your natural lashes and your Gossamer lashes clean and helping remove your Gossamer lashes safely and easily. 

Everything gets wrapped up in a hard case that helps keep your Gossamer lashes and your tools safe from splashes, spills, and splatters. The next step is applying your Gossamer lashes and learning to do your own lash extensions. 

The Lashify Lash Extension Method

Applying your Gossamer lashes may feel tricky, but you’ll become a pro within three applications. We also recommend that you avoid sleeping in your Gossamer lashes until you’ve applied and reapplied them at least three times to make sure you’re getting a good, solid Fuse. 

You can follow these steps, or check out this video which will help you learn how to apply your Gossamers and give you more information about the contents of your Control Kit. 

Step 1

The first step in any lash extension routine is ensuring your eyelids and lashes are thoroughly clean. To do this, you can use Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water, which is gentle and effective. It even doubles as a face wash! 

If you aren’t using Pre-Cleanse, use an oil-free cleanser and/or makeup remover. Oil can interfere with the Bonds and weaken them, so make sure oil from cleansers and your skin is removed. 

Step 2

Get friendly with your Fuse Control Wand. Before you apply your Gossamer lashes or swipe that Whisper Light Bond through your natural lashes, you want to ensure you are comfortable using your application tools. 

We have numerous videos that show you how to perform different kinds of Fuses. Fuses are the techniques you’ll use to adhere your Gossamer lashes to your natural lashes with your Bond, and they involve holding your Fuse Control Wand in different ways to achieve different results. 

Step 3

It’s time to Bond. Remember that Lashify Bonds never contain any harsh ingredients, like formaldehyde and/or cyanoacrylates. 

They’re great for sensitive skin, but if you’ve had allergic reactions to lash products, it’s best to patch-test the Bond on an area away from your eyes to ensure your skin tolerates it. 

We recommend using Whisper Light in clear first. After you learn to Fuse your lashes, you can switch to Whisper Light in black for a more dramatic look. 

Our Bonds are applied using Underlash Technology. This means the Bond and the Gossamer lash will be applied under your natural lashes instead of on top of them like traditional extensions. 

Swipe an even layer of Bond under your lashes and wait 30 seconds for it to dry. Remember, it doesn’t fully set, so it’s normal for it to be sticky, which is what you want for Fusing. 

Apply a second coat and wait another 30 seconds for the second coat to set. You can test your Bond with your fingertip to see if it’s tacky, and if so, it means you’re ready to apply your Gossamer lashes!

Step 4

Get those Gossamers off their cartridge and begin applying using your Fuse Control Wand. Make sure your Fuse Control Wand has a pair of Wandoms on the ends to avoid getting your Gossamer lashes stuck to the wand itself. 

Place your Gossamer lash on the underside of your natural lash, working from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Don’t get upset if you place the Gossamer in the wrong place. We’ve got plenty of videos to tell you what to do if this happens. 

Once you’ve got your Gossamer lash in place, it’s time to Fuse it. 

Step 5 

With your Fuse Control Wand, you’ll create a Fuse that locks your lashes in place. You can use a full fuse or a reverse fuse. Both fuses work the same, but one may be more comfortable for you. You can learn how to perform each Fuse style here

Even though Wandoms are great at reducing stickiness, there will always be that one lash that wants to stick to your Fuse Control Wand. If this happens, don’t pull the Wand, which could damage the Gossamer and your natural lash. Instead, gently blink your eyes a few times, which should naturally free your lashes from the Gossamer so you can try again. 

Step 6

Once you’ve applied all your Gossamer lashes and fused them, you can seal them with Glass. Although Glass isn’t required, it can help add shine and increase the strength of the Gossamers on your natural lashes. It’s also a great way to boost your Gossamer lashes after you’ve had them on for a few days. 

Using Glass and your Fuse Control Wand, coat your lashes and gently Fuse them back onto your natural lashes to give them more staying power. 

Final Touches

Being your own lash pro is easy, but it does take practice. If you don’t get your Gossamer lashes applied perfectly the first time, you are on-track to becoming a lash pro. 

Even though most applications will only take you between five to 10 minutes, we recommend giving yourself about an hour the first time you apply. This will take the pressure off to get the job done quickly and give you time to retry if you have a few mistakes. 

Lashes Like a Pro

Yes, it’s totally possible to do your own lash extensions at home if you know the secret. Now, you do. Lashify is the only system that allows you to create the look and feel of salon lashes at home without damaging your natural lashes or spending hours of your time. 


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