How To Cut False Eyelashes To Fit Your Eye

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 January, 2023

How To Cut False Eyelashes To Fit Your Eye

For the sake of all that’s about to be said, let’s assume you’ve never worn a pair of lashes in your life. You’re a lash virgin completely void of any and all knowledge related to the wear, care, and removal of falsies. Did everyone in the back hear? 

We promise this is just for educational purposes. No lash vets need to take out their medals of honor or prove their years of service to us. We know you’re in the room, and we see you! But the info we’re about to dish out is most nutritious to the lash-starved in our midst.

Today we’re talking lash trimming and all things fitting to the form of your eyes. Below we’re going to dive into the how-to of both traditional strip lash application and the added benefit of the Gossamer® Lash. We’ll finish off with a few selling points on the importance of eye health with lashes and the importance of saving money and your mental strain at the same time.

So for the next few minutes, let's all hold hands, sing kumbayah, and get back to square one together. Whoever is ready to learn about the perfect lash fit, raise your hands, and let’s get into it. 

Stripping the Strip Lash

Ah, the strip lash. The OG of many lash-wearer journeys. We’re sure there are a million and one stories out there that all started in the lash section of your local department store’s cosmetic aisle. The moment you first get your hands on a falsie and manage to precariously apply it in all of its messy, glue-ridden glory is truly a magical one. It’s a moment we wish for all lash lovers in the circle.

However, with all the fun and excitement of your first strip lash, you’ll probably be blindsided by one inevitable roadblock — the length. That’s right. Before you can wear them out and about with the confidence that you are serving and slaying all over the place, you’ll need to address the extra few centimeters of length that juts out over the corner of your eye … Unless you don’t care about looking a little disproportionate in the face or having something poke you in the eye, of course.

If you’re anything like the rest of us and you do care about looking the part of snatched and fierce, then cutting those falsies is a must, and here’s how to do it.

The How-To of Frequent Falsies

The process of trimming a strip lash is, although annoying, very straightforward. To start, you’ll need to safely remove your chosen strip lash from its packaging. To do this, grip the edge of a lash with a good pair of tweezers and slowly begin pulling the strip away from the adhesive bond. Try to avoid pulling too hard or too fast lest your lash comes away a little disheveled and misshapen. 

Keeping them in the tweezer's grip, hold the lash up to your lash line, lining up the inner corner of the falsie with where you want the inner corner of your new lashes to kick off. Take note of how much lash excess hands over the outer corner of your eye once you’ve measured.

Remove the lash from your eye and take a pair of small shears or scissors to snip away however much of the outer edge you need to be removed, and voila. You have a brand-new lash strip to use. 

As we said — it’s simple. But imagine having to do this every single time you want a new pair of lashes. Imagine if you get them and then can’t find your scissors. Or imagine if you accidentally cut the wrong side when trimming. Where does that leave you?

The Lashify® Difference

Of all the proposed scenarios above, we assure you we’ve lived through each and every one of them. We get the frustration and annoyance of those small inconveniences, so we committed to making a change for the better, and that’s the Lashify difference.

When it comes to our patented Gossamer® Lashes, you’re in for a brand new kind of experience. One that lasts longer, looks better, and is achievable without any trimming or measuring necessary. 

We are major fans of innovation. At Lashify, we have never-ending goals of constantly improving the lash game and making outdated and traditional ways of applying lashes obsolete with brand-new ways of thinking.

We’re confident that the clients who have trusted Lashify to provide these innovations haven’t regretted their choice, and neither will you. Whether you’ve never even heard of Lashify before or you’re deeply rooted in the Lashify family and seeking a deeper understanding of what you’re using, we welcome you into the process of creating, growing, and experiencing these exciting details with us. 

If you’re curious about the easy innovation we’re offering, read below for the how-to of our Gossamer® Lash application.

The How-To of Gossamer® Glam

As we mentioned above, our process looks a lot different than a strip lash — and for good reason. If we claim to have a unique product offering, it makes sense that the prep and application of that product would also be unique, right? We think so.

If you find yourself already in possession of or interested in possessing the Control Kit®, you’ll be happy to know that you already have all the pieces of the puzzle. Inside this bundle of joy, you’ll find not only your chosen pairs of Gossamer® Lashes, but also the Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond™ for the best in adhesive results, the Glass Finishing Coat for indescribable shine and seal, and our best of the best Fuse Control® Wand for all your finagling needs.

You can, of course, obtain all of these products individually, but the Control Kit® really is the best bang for your buck — a one-time purchase you won’t regret. If you have all these tools, you have everything you need for a lifetime of lash fun. 

What makes our lashes stand apart is how they’re delivered. Unlike the single strip lash, our lashes are applied in lash bundles, much like a professional lash tech would use — smaller, individual sections of lashes that come in varying lengths to mimic the map of your natural lashes, only better. With this size of lash, you can pick and choose which portions of the lash to put where, putting you completely in control of your desired look.

You can even stack and overlap these lash sections to create truly unique results. No trimming is required — only our innovation and your creativity. What could be better than that?

The Gossamer® Gaurantee

If everything we sold you on above didn’t sell you on us entirely, allow us to leave you with a final few thoughts on the benefits of proper lash innovation:

  1. Lash buildup is real, and the risks associated with leaving it untreated are real too. However, with our specially curated products, keeping your lashes healthy and happy is easier than ever since we designed them that way. 
  2. Longevity is possible. It’s more possible than ever with Lashify, actually. If you want to live somewhere in between emptying your wallet for six to eight weeks long, crusty extensions and daily-use basic strip lashes, Lashify was made for you.
  3. One-time buys equal lifetime happiness. So many of our kits and tools are truly lifetime buys. Our wands, curlers, cases, and so on are made to last with your wallet in mind. You’ll just have to buy more Gossies to keep up your collection. Save time, save money, save your mental health — you’ll want for nothing ever again.

And now we welcome you fully into the Lashify cult, as we are often lovingly referred to by outside eyes. We’re sure you’ll be comfortable and happy here in your new forever home. We know we are.

Of course, we (maybe) jest! But what’s not a joke is how much we believe in these products and how they will take your frustrating micro experiences and turn them into macro victories, one after the other. 

With Lashify in your corner, your lashes, the finishing touch to every slay, big or small, will stay with you longer, look 100 times better, and be 1000% easier to end up with. Why wait for a second longer? We’re here for you!


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