How Much Are Lash Extensions?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 11 November, 2022

How Much Are Lash Extensions?

Every boss babe is on a budget, and you want the most beautiful bang for those bucks. The cost of lash extensions depends on where you get them and what kind you get. But we’re here to simplify that search so you get the right lashes for you and your budget. 

What Are the Most Expensive Lash Extensions Available?

The most expensive way to get your lash extensions will be through an appointment with a professional lash tech or lash artist. While you’re getting a professional application, the price tag absolutely reflects that

A full set of extensions from a lash technician can cost anywhere from $120 to $400, plus a tip of 15-20%. The cost of your appointment will be influenced by the material and volume of lashes you select, with a higher volume incurring a higher price. 

A classic set might be as low as $120, but you’d be hard-pressed to find volume lashes for less than $300. Then there are touch-ups, which will generally cost about half of your initial cost when needed, plus a fee ($25-$40) to have them professionally removed!

What if you found an inexpensive lash tech? Well, buyers beware; not all professionals have the same standards of cleanliness and quality. 

If you purchase your lash services from an irresponsible or unestablished technician, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to a bunch of gross side effects, including loss of your natural lashes and eye infections. When you consider the potential cost of having to treat that eye infection, suddenly, the inexpensive lash appointment has gotten very expensive. 

Yet, the more experienced and highly rated the technician is, the higher their prices will be. If you live in an area where lash artists are in high demand, such as most densely populated urban areas, that will drive the technician’s fees up more. Those costs add up quickly.

Also, appointment times can range anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours. Why take all that time when there’s a faster, better solution?

What Are the Least Expensive Lash Extensions Available?

The least expensive lashes are also the most common. It’s incredibly easy to walk to your nearest drugstore and purchase some strip lashes and some lash glue for less than $25. Okay, sure, they’re not technically lash extensions, but they serve the same purpose.

At large chain drug stores, false lash sets range from $9 to $20, and the glue is typically sold separately for $4 to $10. These lashes rarely come in different colors or a variety of styles, and they’re often stiff and extremely itchy, especially for those with sensitive eyes. They’re itchy because their glue contains cyanoacrylates, which are a common toxin.

At specialty cosmetic shops, lashes are a bit pricier, with lash kits costing anywhere from $10 to $50. It’s worth noting that the cheapest lashes you’ll find in these shops are often the same lashes you’ll find at the drugstore. The higher price does not necessarily reflect higher quality here. 

The low prices may be attractive at first; however, these mass-produced lashes give you what you pay for. You end up with lashes that don’t last, which is just as well because the lashes look unnatural and a bit cheap, not to mention glue that’s not very effective and comes in a messy applicator. You probably know someone (maybe yourself) who has experimented with drugstore lash glue and gotten glue in their eye. OUCH! 

How Much Do Lashify® Lash Extensions Cost?

Lashify® offers the perfect balance of affordability and quality — we offer both, so you don’t have to compromise. In fact, Lashify’s DIY system improves upon the traditional idea of professional lashes. 

The Lashify Control Kit™ is the best place to start with Lashify’s lashes. It contains Gossamer® Lashes and all the tools you’ll need to apply them: the Fuse Control Wand™, two Wandoms™ (like condoms for your wand), a tube of Whisper Light™ Dual-Sided Bond, a tube of Glass sealer, a lash storage box, and samples of Lashify’s Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water and Melt Away Remover. This extremely comprehensive kit costs $145 (no tip needed). 

Individually, Lashify offers a wide variety of lashes outside the Control Kit™. One set of Gossamer® Lashes costs $20 to $25 dollars, and different styles will have different price points. Lashify proudly offers lashes to suit everyone’s lash needs so that your lash look can look as natural as you like or, for the more adventurous among you, as vibrant and wild as you’d like. 

  • CORE: The Core Collection offers the most simple, straightforward lash extensions. These no-frills lashes are $20 retail but only $10 if you're a Luxe Club member. 
  • INTIMATES: You can get the same $10 discount on the Intimates Collection, extensions so natural looking not even your bestie would know they’re fake. This collection also originally retails for $20. 
  • PLUS+: If you want a natural look with a little extra flair and greater longevity, try the Plus+ Collection for $22 per pair. 
  • VOLUME: The Volume Collection retails for $25 but costs $18 for Luxe Members. As the name suggests, these are Lashify’s bold, dramatic, and voluminous lashes. 
  • PRISMATICS: The Prismatics Collection, Lashify’s collection of bright, eye-catching colors, also originally retails for $25, but the Luxe discount makes them available for an equally eye-catching $12. 

What About Lash Application Tools? 

Lashify also offers many tools to give your lash application professional-level quality at home with your own two hands. Namely, the Fuse Control Wand is your best friend. Outside of the control kit, the Fuse Control Wand costs $65. 

The wand is critical to the effective application of your lashes. Optional, but very helpful, are Lashify’s Wandoms. Not only are they named with some amazing wordplay, but they also keep your Fuse Control Wand clean during application, so your lashes go on cleanly and smoothly. Wandoms come in five packs of two for $15. 

Instead of glue, upgrade to Whisper Light™ bond, which costs $20 to $28, depending on your selection of single-sided Microflex®, Bondage with Charcoflex®, or dual-sided with both formulas. The single-sided Microflex® option is the original and goes on clear, while Bondage provides extra strength and goes on black. 

Ultimately, the cost of your Lashify lash extensions depends on what you really want in your lash look. The more detailed your look, the more elements you may want to purchase. The simpler your look, the more cost-conscious you can be. 

What’s the Luxe Club? 

Not only is the Luxe Club a great way to get exclusive discounts on Lashify products, but it’s a great way to get support and community for your Lashify lash journey. 

When you join, you gain the ability to Build a Box of Gossamer lashes every month. Every month, your box will cost $40 for two to four lash sets, and you can mix and match the lashes in your order. Or, you can order your lashes a la carte for the same discounts per lash style.

Are Lashify’s Lashes Worth the Cost?

In a word, yes. The Lashify Control Kit is less expensive than any lash appointment for extremely comparable lash quality and dramatically lower risk of eye infection. And, as the cherry on top, it’s faster than a lash appointment, so you can get back to the important things in your life. 

Drugstore lashes last a few days of use at most before they start falling apart — plus, you have to remove them when you go to bed and reapply them in the morning. Multiply all the above costs by how often you’ll need to replace your lashes, and you’ll see how expensive cheap lashes can really be. 

Professionally done lashes last significantly longer, maybe up to six weeks if they are well cared for. However, when you don’t have the ability to remove them in that time period, it’s more likely they’ll be damaged by steam, oils, or tugging and need to come off before six weeks are up. 

In terms of longevity, Lashify lashes blow them both away. Lashify lashes can last up to five dayson a single application. If well cared for, your Gossamers can be applied and reused for several weeks. Check in with our lash care experts for the best way to care for your lashes to extend their lifespan. 

When you break down the numbers from all your lash options, Lashify lashes are a very worthy investment. No need to just take our word for it, one of the biggest names in beauty, Maire Claire, agrees that Lashify’s Control Kit is worth the price!

Where Can I Get These Cost-Effective Lashes? 

You’re in the right place! The Control Kit is a great place to start, but Lashify’s entire product line is available right now on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on the best deals and newest lash products!


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