How Does Lashify Work?

How Does Lashify Work?Lashify

We get it; you’ve got some questions. Lashify is a revolutionary eyelash enhancement system that the world had never seen before, literally! Lashify brought the world its first home lash extension system. 

It only makes sense you have some important basic questions for us, starting with, “How does Lashify even work?” We can best answer this big question by answering some more specific questions about our revolutionary lash extension system. 

What Is the Lashify System? 

The Lashify system is the world’s first DIY lash extension system. What does that mean? It means you can get salon-quality eyelash extensions on your own, safely and painlessly. 

We at Lashify invented our own false eyelashes, the Gossamer lashes, along with our own series of tools to get the perfect falsie application every time. Gossamer lashes can last up to 10 days on a single application, and they’re reusable, so you can reuse the same Gossamer lash fan for months. That’s sustainable and budget-savvy! 

There’s a specific way you must apply Gossamers that takes a little practice. The Lashify system includes the physical tools and the application process. All of the tools you need to get started on your first time applying Gossamers can be found in the handy dandy Lashify Control Kit

The Control Kit is the Lashify starter kit. It contains two cartridges of Gossamer lashes, The Fuse Control Wand, a tube of Whisper Light dual-sided bond, Glass finishing coat sealer, and a pair of Wandoms. 

You can select any Gossamer from the Core Collection for your Control Kit: Amplify, Bold, or Curl Gossamers. Amplify offers the loosest curl, Bold offers the greatest lash fiber density, and Curl offers a perfect balance of tight curl and fluttery fiber. 

The Fuse Control Wand, at first glance, looks like a pair of tweezers. If you look closer, the wand has a curved end, designed to mimic the curve of your eye shape at the lash line. The Fuse Control Wand is the application tool to ensure your Gossamers get to the right place and stay in the right place. 

Whisper Light is Lashify’s patented lash adhesive. It’s different from regular lash glue for a number of reasons. Whisper Light contains no formaldehyde or cyanoacrylate, but other lash glues are full of that toxic junk

Rather than introduce toxins, Whisper Light introduces Biotin to your lash line to nourish and cushion your lash follicles. Whisper Light doesn’t totally harden, so it stays lightweight and cushiony soft to protect your own lashes while it holds your false lashes in place. 

It comes in both black and clear. Though we recommend beginners start with clear Whisper Light to master the application, black Whisper Light makes a killer eyeliner dupe. 

Glass Finishing Coat is the final step in Gossamer application. It works like a clear top coat of nail polish would: after your lashes are just how you want them, brush the Glass over the top to lock in your look and lock out dust and debris that might interrupt your lash bond. 

Glass will dry and cover any extraneous stickiness left behind from excess bond. Glass Finishing coat can increase your overall lash wear time. 

How Are DIY Lash Extensions Different from Strip Lashes?

Aside from the difference in adhesive, there is a major difference between Gossamers and strip lashes. Strip lashes, as the name suggests, come in long strips that run the length of your eye. 

They typically require some measuring and trimming to fit your unique eye shape correctly. Overall, strip lashes are clunky and unnatural-looking by design. On top of that, their cheap lash glue makes them heavy, uncomfortable, and often itchy to wear. 

Gossamers, on the other hand, are designed to be lightweight and natural-looking. A single Gossamer is a small fan of a few lash fibers on a single spine. 

Each lash map, a layout of false lashes for a single eye, will contain approximately five Gossamers, give or take one for personal style. Because Gossamers are applied individually, they’re able to perfectly contour the curve of your lash line and give you a more natural look. 

Gossamers are also made of higher-quality materials than most strip lashes. Gossamer lashes are made of 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk. Their high-quality construction makes them lightweight and delicate, but also durable enough to be reused for multiple wears. 

How Do You Apply Lashify Gossamers? 

The first step to applying Gossamers is actually to start with a clean face. Using an oil-free cleanser, like our Pre-Cleanse Japanese Cleansing Water, clean the entire eye area and let it dry. 

Yes, you can apply eye makeup after you apply your lashes (except mascara! Mascara and Gossamers do not mix, ever). You just want a clean canvas to adhere your Gossamers to to get a strong bond and maximize your wear time. 

Next, get all your tools in place. Locate your Fuse Control wand, Whisper Light, your Gossamers (ofc!), and a small hand mirror. Using clean fingers, remove the Gossamers from their cartridge. 

Arrange your Gossamers in your lash map to make application smoother and avoid getting bond on your Gossamer cartridge. You’ll need the hand mirror to help with application since our experts recommend looking down into a mirror to apply the Lashify Gossamers. 

Let’s begin applying the lashes! Using clear Whisper Light, brush a thin line along the lash line on the top of your lashes. Clear Whisper Light goes on white so you can see it and “dries” clear. Whisper Light doesn’t fully dry. After you’ve applied the Whisper Light, wait 30 to 60 seconds for it to get tacky and turn clear. 

Next, place a Gossamer between the prongs of the Fuse Control Wand. Use the Fuse Control Wand to place the Gossamer on the line of Whisper Light. Hold it in place for a few seconds until you feel it stick tenuously. Repeat until all the Gossamers are in place according to your lash map. 

Once all the Gossamers are in place, it’s time to let the Fuse Control Wand work its magic. Align the Fuse Control Wand with the curve against your natural eye’s curve, lashes between the prongs. Then, gently close the wand on the lashes to fuse. Hold for 15 seconds. Gently release and remove the wand to ensure no excess bond has stuck the wand to your lashes. 

How Do You Remove Lashify Lashes? 

While you can technically remove Lashify lashes with any oil-based makeup remover, we strongly recommend using our Melt Away Remover. Melt Away Remover is a dual-phase makeup and lash remover specially formulated to be gentle on lashes and skin. 

You take your skincare routine seriously, and so do we. Melt Away Remover hydrates as it removes and won’t strip your skin of its important natural oils. It’s also easy to remove from the Gossamer lashes so that the microscopic oil particles don’t rest on your extensions and create bonding problems on your next wear. 

Remove the Gossamers by dissolving the bond and sliding off the lashes, no tugging. Saturate a spoolie or a cotton round and apply gently along the lash line and up the lashes. 

Wait about 60 seconds for the formula to get to work, and then you should be able to slide the Gossamers straight off. Then, before storing your Gossamers, wash them gently with Pre-cleanse to remove any oil and let them air dry completely.

How Can You Get Personalized Help Applying Your Gossamers?

At Lashify, we strongly, firmly, and emphatically believe in empowering all Lashifiers to be their own lash techs. Therefore, we’ve created so many resources to help you become a Lashify Lash Master. 

Are you a visual learner? We have a whole library of video tutorials from our in-house lash techs. Do you need to read a step-by-step written breakdown? We have written guides for applying them aplenty! 

What about one-on-one guidance from a live Lashify expert? We have that, too, at no cost to you with our one-on-one virtual sessions. We want to see you succeed, so please explore our resources as you need them to learn at your own pace. 

How Can You Buy Lashify Lash Extensions? 

The only place to get Lashify Lashes is right here on And the Lashify reviews from top beauty magazines are pretty conclusive: Lashify is so worth it. 

We recommend starting with The Control Kit since it’s got a curated mix of everything you need to apply your Gossamers. If you want to curate your own starter kit from individual products in the system, you always have that choice. 

If this isn’t your first Gossamer rodeo, or if you want more than three Gossamer packs or a set of lashes from another collection (Like the Volume, Intimate, or Prismatic Collections), you can order lash refill cartridges one by one, or in a large pack like The Glutton kit, which offers nine whole Gossamers of your choice from any collection. Before you dive into the oh-so-sexy Glutton kit, though, get started with The Control Kit.


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