How Can Fake Eyelashes Enhance Your Eyes

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

How Can Fake Eyelashes Enhance Your Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Our eyes are not only a vital part of our overall health and function, but they’re also a vital part of our emotional health and the way we communicate with others. That’s not even considering how big of a focus our eyes have in the beauty industry.

Bottom line: eyes are important. Our eyes communicate the way we’re feeling and other subtle nonverbal cues before we even have a chance to say them. They’re actually only second in complexity to the brain. So pretty awesome, we would say. 

The eyes are a special and unique part of every one of us. And in the same way that you dress your body with clothes that boost your confidence, accent your best assets, and express your personality, we believe dressing your eyes for the same reasons is important. While some people use mascara, we think falsies are a more impactful way to do just that.

Most makeup tricks are meant to bring the right kinds of attention to your face, focusing on the parts of you that shine and enhancing the natural beauty you already have. Lashes and lash extensions bring an immediate lift to the eyes. Your eyes will feel more open and bright, and even their color will get you a little extra love and attention. Not bad, right? 

To help you achieve these effects on any day, all on your own, we’ve collected all the useful information for you right here. So sit back, get your notepad and pen, and scroll to your heart’s content.

A Lash for Every Occasion

It’s not a secret that there are a million or more lash styles out there. From temporary strip lashes to personalized faux mink eyelash extensions to our very own Gossamers®, the styles, lengths, volumes, and final looks are endless. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of false eyelashes. 

To help with that problem, look below for our lash recommendations for different occasions and how each of them will help your eyes look their best (and you can check out our guide on eye shapes and lashes, too).

Day Lashes

These will be the lash for your everyday routine, and they’re often also the best false eyelashes for beginners. Mostly, these lashes are a little less dramatic and work in a range of looks that anyone could incorporate. For these natural-looking lashes, we recommend our Core Collection Gossamers. 

In the Core Collection, you’ll find our best-sellers: Bold, Amplify, and Curl Gossamer lashes. These will be your best friend when searching for a solid and trustworthy everyday lash, thanks to relatively light volume but all the oomph you need.

They give you their utmost in curl, volume, length, and boldness, available in a range of sizes to fit your particular needs. 

Whether you’re a lash newbie or have been applying lashes since you could say the word, our Core Collection was made to fill all of your lash needs — whether you’re looking for wispy lashes, fluffy lashes, or something else entirely. What more could you want from an everyday option in your lash collection?

Evening Lashes

For a full-glam evening lash look, you’ll probably want something a bit bolder and more statement-making. These are a set of lashes you’d put on with a weekend party or that gala Christmas dinner for work later this week in mind. They have an extra kick of thickness, layered individual lash fibers, and length. Maybe they even have a more complex lash map for an added end result that’s unique from the simpler lashes.

To achieve just that, we’d direct you toward the lashes in our Volume Collection. This collection includes lashes like our Drama, Extra Extreme, and Starburst Gossamer lashes. In this lineup, you’ll find a more unique styling of lashes filled with spikier lengths, extra curl, fan effects, and volume lashes like you’ve never seen. 

You can pair these with eyeliner as you please to create a visual effect that’s perfect for you, whether you go for the iconic cat eye or funkier graphic liner — or no liner at all, to let your full set speak for itself. 

If you want something even more impactful for a big event, turn your eyes toward our bundles, where you’ll find gems like the Anime Gossamer Bundle. Our bundles come with a mix of our everyday Gossamers and a more intricate lash map, all designed with the intention of a truly noteworthy look. You’ll be the talk of the town with lashes like these! 

A Pop of Color

If an everyday lash or amped-up version still isn’t enough for you, we’d point you toward our radiant, colorful Prismatics. A pop of color on your already fabulous lashes could be just the boost you’ve been searching for. Not to mention that adding the right color to your ensemble is the perfect way to bring out the lovely color of the eyes themselves.

If you’re ready for a little extra challenge when styling, a Prismatic lash is the way to go.

Lash Application Is Everything

Without proper application, no amount of lashes will fill that lashless void you’re running from. However, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to amp up your natural eyelashes with our cruelty-free options. 

We have more extensive guides for lash application if that’s what you’re struggling with, but for a quick reminder, here’s the sitch:

    • DO apply thin coats of your bond to your natural lashes. Too many coats or too thick of a coat will result in a messy application that doesn’t stick for long! 
    • DON’T apply the Gossamer with your hands. Oils from the skin work against any lash bond or lash adhesive, so don’t start your journey with oils in the mix. We recommend our reusable Fuse Control® Wand for the best results when applying, but a simple pair of tweezers is better than nothing.
  • DO use our heated eyelash curler to get that perfect curl right from the start. 
    • DO apply each Gossamer bundle to the underside of your lashes. These work differently from lash strips and should never go over your natural lashes! Apply them to the bottom of your lash line for maximum quality and hold.
    • DO apply the lashes from the inside out if you’re new to Lashify®. Applying from the middle instead of the corners can help you build out your look more easily.
    • DON’T forget to seal your lashes! Once your lashes are set in your bond, sealing them is the key for long wear. 
    • DO wear the heck out of those lashes. Wear them out, wear them in, wear them for you. After all that hard work learning to apply them, you better reward yourself!
  • DO use a gentle makeup remover when it comes time to take off those lashes. Make it part of your regular skincare routine, and you’ll never wake up with a stray lash poking your inner corner again. 

If you stick to these simple dos and don’ts when finding your perfect lashes, you should be set for a long-wear, quality experience for the entire time they’re on. We love to see lash lovers coming into their own and enhancing those eyes in new ways.

Lashes To Look Your Best

Our eyes, on the surface, are just eyes — another part of our bodies that help us function. But as we said, that’s just the surface. 

Our eyes have something called oxytocin receptors. That’s a fancy, scientific way of saying that our eyes are a direct line to the nurturing, caring connection between two people. Oxytocin has lifelong health benefits that impact our stress levels, pain, inflammation, and even the regulation of our heartbeat and breathing. 

Lashes might seem like such a trivial concern in comparison, but we think differently. If your eyes are such a vital, integral part of your connection with others, how much more of an experience is it when you give those eyes a step up? How much lovelier are your interactions when those windows are framed with the prettiest of curtains? 

Sure, false lashes aren’t the reason the connection happens, but just like a boost of confidence and energy comes when you dress to impress, the same happens with eye makeup and lashes! It’s like dressing up your face to the same end. Confidence goes a heck of a long way, and if a little extra will help you meet the eyes of those around you, what’s the harm?

Now, whether you’re in New York or Miami, get out there and stare into the eyes of a stranger! (In the name of lashes, of course.) 

And if you’d like some help along the way? Pick up our Control Kit, the perfect starter kit for any budding Lashify enthusiast. 


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