Tailoring Lash Looks To Complement Different Face Shapes

Tailoring Lash Looks To Complement Different Face Shapes

Lash enthusiasts know your eye shape will play a major role in how your lashes look. But does your face shape affect the way your lashes look? Resounding yes! 

Different face shapes have some lash looks that are more flattering than others. Just like your hairstylist can recommend the best and most flattering hairstyles for your face shape, your experts at Lashify are here to recommend lash extensions that can do the same. 

Lashify is here to help you discover your face shape and help you find the lash look to best complement your beautiful face! We’ll cover the most common face shapes and suggest lash looks that will flatter your bone structure for daily and formal wear. 

Most people’s faces don’t fall neatly into just one category. On top of that, your face can change shape as you age. Your face shape may have changed with time, or perhaps you were always a little mix of two shapes. 

It’s wonderful how unique everyone’s face is! If you don’t fit neatly into one shape, that’s totally normal. You can cherry-pick advice from whichever shapes are most similar to the shape of you! 

Finding Your Face Shape

If you’re currently thinking, “What is my face shape?” we are here to help. Use our Lashify AI! 

Lashify Labs developed this face-shape finding AI to help people choose the best lash looks to flatter their face. With a quick scan and a few easy questions, we can tell you your face shape and eye shape. Just use a smartphone with a front-facing camera.

Or, if you’re not a fan of AI, you can measure your face the old-fashioned way. Read the tips and tricks below each face shape to help you assess your face shape

How To Assess Your Face Shape

Grab a fabric tape measure and a notepad. Measure and record these measurements as precisely as possible: 

  • Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the lowest point of your chin. Hold the tape slightly away from your face at the tip of your nose so that the slope of your nose doesn’t increase your measurement. 
  • Forehead Width: Measure the width of your forehead across the center (halfway between your hairline and eyebrows) from hairline to hairline. Hold the tape straight and lifted from the skin; don’t lay it against the curve of your head, as this will change your measurement. 
  • Cheekbone Width: Look in a mirror and feel your cheeks for the highest point of your cheekbones. Measure across those points, again, with the measuring tape away from your face to get a straight line. Measure from one edge of your face to the other; don’t stop at the apples of your cheeks. 
  • Jawline Width: Measure from the hinge of your jaw to the center of your chin. This time, since the curve is a part of what is being measured, hold the measuring tape against your skin. Multiply this measurement by two. 

After you’ve recorded your measurements, look in a mirror to assess your facial features qualitatively. The distribution of fat on your face, like buccal fat, will inform the shape of your face in addition to the measurements. 

And remember, fat is not a bad word; it’s a necessary part of your facial structure. It is definitely not something you need to be rid of. 

Ready, Set, Style!

Now that you’re confident in your face shape, let’s reveal the best lash looks for each shape. 

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is really defined by the placement of the cheekbones. Diamond-shaped faces have high cheekbones, and the widest part of the face is aligned with the cheekbones. 

Diamond faces often have a narrow chin and an angular hairline. Diamond faces are similar to oval faces, but diamonds are more angular.

Lash Styles for Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond face shapes benefit from lash styles that are longer at the outer corners, like a cat eye. Since the attention is already near your eyes, thanks to your killer cheekbones, you’re one step ahead. Stock up on lashes that feature a variety of lengths and layers in each lash cluster to create texture and dimension on your eyes.

Celebrity Example: Jennifer Lopez

Triangle Face Shape

The triangle face shape is defined by high cheekbones and narrow, angular jawlines. On a triangle-shaped face, the forehead is the widest, followed by the high cheekbones, followed by the jaw. 

A triangle’s chin forms a defined point, though buccal fat will determine if this point is rounder or sharper. The presence or absence of buccal fat doesn’t necessarily determine if one has a triangle face.

Lash Styles for Triangle Face Shapes

Soft, wispy, fluttery — these are the best adjectives to describe the best lash styles for triangle face shapes. Go easy on the volume, but really dive into the textured and wispy lashes. 

Avoid cat eyes, as these can exaggerate the widest part of your face, and instead opt for a more natural lash map with fluttery length. 

Celebrity Example: Victoria Beckham 

Oval Face Shape

The oval-shaped faces are defined by the hairline to the chin being the longest measurement on the face. For most oval faces, the width of the forehead is slightly less than the width of the cheekbones. The jawline and hairline will be clearly rounded, unlike a rectangle. 

Lash Styles for Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces benefit from extra long and full eyelash extensions to balance their long and rounded face. Luckily, that means you can wear pretty much any lash style! 

You can go super bold and voluminous or subtle and wispy. While short lashes may look quite short on you, you can try new, bold styles fearlessly!

Celebrity Example: Rihanna

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face widest at the cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces have a forehead wider than the jaw and a narrow chin. 

The heart-shaped face is similar to the round face, but heart-shaped faces have a distinct widow’s peak (a hairline that comes to a point near the center of the forehead) to create that loveable heart shape. 

Lash Styles for Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces benefit from a squirrel lash map to place volume not quite in the center of the lashes but not quite at the corner. Don’t be afraid to play with volume, but you don’t strictly need it, especially if you use a squirrel or doll eye to open the eye. 

Celebrity Example: Reese Witherspoon

Round Face Shape

The round face shape is defined by equal measurements of face length and width, but it’s distinct from a square thanks to its soft curves at the cheeks and rounded chin, jawline, and hairline.

Lash Styles for Round Face Shapes

A round-shaped face might seek out a lash that can give the illusion of a longer face. Choose lashes with extra length and lash maps that are more similar to a cat eye with extra volume at the outer corner.

Celebrity Example: Selena Gomez

Square Face Shape

The square-shaped face, similar to the round, is defined by equal length and width. Unlike the round face, square faces will also have equal width at the jawline and hairline. The jawline is more angular for square faces than it is for round faces. 

Lash Styles for Square Face Shapes

Square faces benefit from lashes with extra curl and length to add soft femininity to the sharper edges of the face. A long cat eye is a good choice. A long and strong curl provides a lovely contrast to the angular features. Place the most lash volume toward the center of the lash line. 

Celebrity Example: Jessica Simpson

Rectangle Face Shape

The rectangular face shape is defined by having approximately equal measures across the jaw, forehead, and cheekbones and a significantly longer measurement for the length of the face from hairline to chin. Typically, rectangle faces feature very straight hairlines.

Lash Styles for Rectangle Face Shapes

Rectangle-shaped faces benefit from similar lashes as both square and oblong faces. Aim for lashes that increase volume near the center of the lash line and taper out. 

Squirrel lash maps are great for rectangle faces, as they offer the benefits of both the square face’s cat eye and the oblong face’s doll eye. Widening the eye is helpful to bring balance to the vertical length of a rectangular-shaped face. 

Celebrity Example: Angelina Jolie

Oblong Face Shape

The oblong face shape is similar to an oval face, but it’s longer and narrower. Oval faces are more angular around the jawline but have a rounded hairline. Oblong faces are essentially elongated ovals, making them the narrowest face shapes. 

Lash Styles for Oblong Face Shapes

Oblong faces should utilize lash maps with more density towards the center and tapering towards the outer corners, like a doll or squirrel eye. The goal is to widen the eyes and add volume to the sides. Wispy lashes with varied lengths will create the illusion of fuller, wider eyes. 

Celebrity Example: Liv Tyler


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