Use an Eyelash Storage Case To Extend the Life of Your Lashes!

Posted by Bridget Reed on 24 January, 2023

Use an Eyelash Storage Case To Extend the Life of Your Lashes!

We’ve all been in this same position: you’re packing for a trip, four duffle bags deep, and all their soon-to-be contents scattered around the room. A pile of socks (unmatched and half turned inside out) is lying on the pillow while all your potential pants are wrinkled and crudely folded at the foot of the bed. 

You’re trying your darndest to finagle all the shirts you're bringing into the same bag as your winter parka and shampoo while remembering to grab every charger for every device. It’s chaos incarnate, and you’re starting to wonder why you ever even wanted to go out of town in the first place. People find this relaxing?

Finally, after eons of shoving, zipping, folding, and stuffing, you’re tossing your four duffle bags in the back of the family minivan, sighing with relief as everyone piles in and takes off. You’ve done it! 

Or so you think. Upon arriving and facing the chaos once again of unpacking in your secondary location, you realize the worst of all things to realize: your lashes didn’t make it. You rip apart your makeup bag, foundation and beauty blenders flying across the counter, searching endlessly for the holy grail of your collection only to come up empty.

You curse silently, remembering with crushing clarity that your loose pair of lashes is sitting on your vanity, forgotten in the rush of leaving town. You’re devastated. The trip is ruined. You’ll be confined to the walls of your hotel all week, unable to face the world.

If only you’d gotten a lash storage case when you had the chance.

The Lifeline of Your Lash

As you probably know by now, there’s more than just one kind of lash. In application, purpose, longevity, and final look, various styles and types of falsies offer various results. In the same way, they also have different life cycles and should be treated with care in order to keep the lashes and your eyes healthy and happy. 

Strip Lashes

The first and most basic of lash options is your average strip lash. 

Strip lashes are falsies you can find at any department or makeup store. They’re designed for daily wear and to be taken on and off for each daily use. They’re normally applied with a basic lash adhesive that dries fast and allows you to place the lash strip along the top of your natural lash line. 

Strip lashes are usually good for up to 5 wears before they start running a risk to your eye health, and this is mostly due to the buildup of the lash glue and subsequent makeup residue that sit on the strip. The more you use that lash, the worse that buildup will become and the more damage it will do with each day it sits on the sensitive skin of your eye. 

Luckily, Your Stripping Days Are Over®. 

Lashify® Gossamers®

The lashes we provide here at Lashify — aptly named Gossamer Lashes — are basically lash extensions you can do from home. This means it comes to you in a pack of individual lash bundles that you layer and stack yourself for continued wear of up to a week — the best of both the temporary and semi-permanent lash worlds.

We always recommend avoiding oily-anything on your lash line as this breaks down the adhesive and results in faulty wear, but also make sure you’re regularly cleaning your lashes with a gentle, oil-free, eye-safe cleanser.

The Tragedy of Our Time

While the lifecycle of your lashes has a timestamp on it, no matter the version you wear, improper upkeep is not the only — or even biggest — reason that lashes fail to make it to the senior discount stage.

Whether you’re a lash veteran with an arsenal of your favorite tried-and-true lashes at your disposal or a lash virgin who’s never known anything but a bottle of dry mascara, odds are you’ve experienced (or will experience) the infamous loose lash. 

The loose lash is a lash phenomenon in which a pair of lashes, newly ripped from their packaging, is worn and then taken off just to become a homeless wanderer on your bathroom counter or vanity. 

If you’re wearing those lashes on the go, you’re left with a pair or two of loose lashes that now have no adequate transportation save for tumbling freely in your makeup bag or other toiletry transport system. And upon arrival? Yeah, they’re pretty much caput. Folded and bent into a clump of unusable, synthetic hair that resembles a waste of money.

We’ve never known a greater tragedy in the lash world. Statistics show that loose lashes claim a victim every hour. We promise. You don’t have to look that up. 

But sincerely, this issue prevails in more homes than you might think, and yours could be next. So what’s the solution? We’re so glad you asked! Because the answer is so simple, you’ll probably cry when you find out. Keep scrolling to shed some tears. 

The Future Of Lash Longevity

Allow us to introduce you to the future in lash storage: the Double ‘G Unit’ Gossamer Travel Case. This little wonder will be your best friend in lash travel should you choose to accept its offer. 

Now, no matter if you have one or 16 sets of Gossamers, you’re set. And we love lashes as much as the next queen, but if you’re carrying more than 16 sets of lashes at a time, we bow before you, oh great one. 

With every set of Gossamers purchased, you’ll receive them in a nifty holder that keeps them fresh and ready for your first wear. If you choose to keep this nifty holder, you’ll find it fits oh-so-perfectly into our travel case. Pop in and take out your chosen lashes on a whim to enjoy their long-lasting wear, trusting that the lashes in waiting will remain in pristine condition until it’s their time to shine.

While they wait, take them whenever, wherever, and for whatever you please. The world is truly your oyster, and you can enjoy the fullness of these lashes without a second thought. Gone are the days of loose lash losses, and here to stay are the carefree and whimsical days of lash-lasting bliss. Sounds amazing, right?

If you’re ready to take this next step in your lash journey with us, then wipe those tears away and prepare to have your lash life forever changed. We’d say we’ll be waiting for your resulting gratitude and thanks, but knowing you’re free from the bonds of the past is thanks enough for us. 

Get That Bag

Let’s rewind the scene, shall we? And do it right this time.

You find yourself once again packing your duffle collection, but this time in a completely different setting. The socks are all matched and right-side out, and your various piles of clothes are all wrinkle-free, folded to perfection, and somehow fit perfectly into each of your bags. It’s pure magic.

You’re finished packing in record time, your room left miraculously clean in the wake of your controlled chaos, and everything is sitting prettily by the front door, ready to be whisked away to the family minivan, now with more space than ever. Everyone is in a golden mood, laughing, smiling, and ready to vacation together in peace, and you’re on cloud nine.

You’ve never known such relaxation and confidence that you have everything you need to make the week the most magical getaway in the universe. You take one last look around your room, nodding in satisfaction before venturing into the bathroom to collect your final bag.

You smile as you enter, taking in the perfectly packed makeup case sitting on the counter and the crown jewel placed elegantly on top: your lash storage case. This trip won’t be chaotic or unruly or unprepared; it will be glorious. And it’s truly all thanks to that little lash storage case.

The holy grail of your makeup routine, and subsequently your entire look, is with you. You won’t have to deal with bent lashes, lost lashes, or lonely lashes ever again, and you couldn’t be happier about it. Best. Purchase. Ever. 


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