Is It Common for Eyelash Extensions To Be Falling Out?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Is It Common for Eyelash Extensions To Be Falling Out?

There’s nothing more frustrating. You’ve just spent three hours and one billion dollars to have a full set of uber-thick, Russian volume lashes applied at your favorite lash salon, and as soon as you get in your car, you notice them: tiny little lash fibers on your shirt. 

Your mood: it’s bigger than your lashes. So what gives? Why are your extensions constantly falling out, and is there anything you can do about it? 

Take a deep, cleansing breath. The team at Lashify® is here to help. We’ll explain why it’s happening, whether or not it’s normal, and what you can do to save your lashes (and your sanity).

How Lash Extensions Work

Extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes with adhesive. Depending on the type of eyelash extensions you get, the ratio of extension to natural lash will vary. 

  • Classic lashes are usually applied at a ratio of 1:1, which means one lash extension per natural lash. 
  • Volume lashes are applied at a ratio of 3:1 all the way through 5:1, depending on the style you choose. That means you’ll have as many as five lash extensions adhered to one single natural eyelash. 
  • Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume lashes, so the number of extension fibers attached to each lash will vary. 

The more extensions you have attached to one individual eyelash, the greater the chances of them falling out or shedding before they should. The weight of the extensions, the application method, and the glue used to adhere the extensions can all cause your lashes to shed too soon. 

How Long Should Salon Lash Extensions Last?

High-quality, salon lash extensions should last the length of your normal lash cycle. For a quick review, let’s talk about how long your natural lashes stay in place. 

  • Natural lashes are on a cycle. That means from the time your natural lash begins growing until the time it falls out ranges from four months to 11 months
  • Each lash is on its own individual cycle, so you don’t lose all your lashes at one time. 
  • The average length of natural lashes is 10mm, and most lashes don’t ever grow longer than 12 mm.

The reason you end up getting fills for your eyelash extensions around the three-week mark is that each eyelash is on a different growth cycle. When individual eyelashes begin to shed at a rate of one to five per day, they take with them the extensions and leave a natural lash in its place. 

Is It Normal To Lose Your Extensions?

Yes and no. Obviously, when your natural lash is ready to fall out on its own, it’s going to fall out and take the extension with it. So yes, some extension loss is normal. However, what is not normal is to lose a noticeable amount of extensions (more than three to five) per day or at one time. 

If this happens, there’s a problem with your extensions. 

What’s Causing Me To Lose Extensions Too Soon?

If you find yourself back in the salon chair after only two weeks of having your last fill, it might be time to consider another option. Most extensions should last between three and four weeks before you need a fill. Your mileage may vary depending on your natural lash cycle. 

However, when extensions are shedding too rapidly, there’s usually a reason why. Here are the most common reasons your extensions are going MIA.

Your Extensions Are Too Heavy

If you love the look of XD or volume lashes but have naturally short or downturned lashes, it can be hard for the extensions to stay in place. Volume lashes have between three to four extension fibers bundled together at the base of their spines. Your lash tech will adhere one of those to your natural lash.

The weight of these types of extensions can cause your lashes to bend at the hair follicle and may cause your natural lash to break and fall out sooner than it would have on its own. If you find that volume lashes keep falling out, try a classic set instead. 

Your Application Is Wrong

Even the best lash pros get it wrong sometimes. If your lash extensions aren’t applied correctly, they can fall out too soon. The application could be wrong if: 

  • Your lash tech rushed through your appointment. Most full sets take about two hours, and fills take about an hour and a half. If you notice your lash tech is swamped, it might be a good idea to reschedule. 
  • The salon room is humid or damp. Most adhesives react to moisture, and if you have your lashes applied in a room that is too humid, it could affect the entire application. 
  • Your lash tech didn’t give you lashes that met your expectations. Lash extensions aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. If you have naturally short lashes, your lash tech needs to use lash extensions that your natural lashes can handle without being harmed. 

If you feel like the application is the problem, talk to your lash tech. Most service providers want repeat business and want to make you happy, but they don’t know you’re unhappy unless you tell them. 

The Glue Is Too Much or Too Little

We’ve all heard horror stories about salon extension lash glue. It can contain some seriously harsh chemicals, which can irritate the skin or cause your lashes to become brittle and break. Too much glue can cause your natural lashes to become rigid along with the extension, making it really easy for them to break off from your natural lash line. 

Too little glue means it’s very likely you’ll lose your extensions before you expect to. You might think that less glue is better for your natural lashes, but if your extensions begin to detach from your natural lashes, there is always a chance they can pull your natural lash out with them. 

How To Get Extensions That Last

If you think spending Saturdays at the salon is the only way to get the long, voluminous lashes you love, think again. The Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System is an at-home lash extension experience that gives you the look of salon lashes without spending hours at the salon or spending your life savings. 

The best part? Lashify is actually good for your natural lashes. 

How Lashify Works

The Lashify system uses Gossamer® lashes and underlash technology to safely adhere extensions to the underside of your lashes, a safer and more effective method that helps your lashes stay in place longer.

To get started, you’ll want to grab the Lashify Control Kit®, which contains everything you need to apply your Gossamer® lashes, including two sets of Gossamer® lashes. Application is simple, and we have numerous tutorials to help you if you get stuck or need a little help. 

The Bond Difference

We don’t use harsh glue in the Lashify system. We use bonds that contain zero formaldehyde and no cyanoacrylates. Our bonds are safe for even the most sensitive skin and eyes and actually contain lash-nourishing ingredients like lavandula and biotin. 

Lashify bonds provide extreme hold, but they never fully cure, which allows them to remain flexible. This means that your Gossamers® can bend and move with your natural lash, which helps prevent breakage and extension loss for a longer, more comfortable lash extension experience. 

Easy Removal

We’ve all done it; we thought we could remove a few remaining salon lash extensions ourselves. What usually happens is that we pick them out, and our natural lashes come out with them. It’s not a good idea. 

Lashify Gossamer® lashes are easy to remove. You can use our Melt Away Remover, which helps loosen the bond and gives your Gossies the ability to slide right off your natural lash without damage to your natural lash or your Gossamer® lashes. 

If you don’t have Melt Away, you can use any dual-phase, oil-based eye makeup remover to gently remove your Gossamer® lashes without damaging them or your natural lashes. 

Don’t Fall for Salon Extensions: Get a Grip With Lashify

Extensions make your eyes look more defined and visible, and they save you from having to use mascara. Salon lashes can fall out before they’re supposed to, leaving your lashes looking sparse and making you incredibly frustrated. 

Don’t get caught in the loop. Break up with your lash tech and get the only at-home system that is actually good for your natural lashes. Lashify gives you the salon lash extension look while helping your natural lashes thrive. It’s a win/win that won’t have you cursing at tiny lash hairs on your shirt.


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