What Eyelash Extension Styles Are Right for You

Posted by Bridget Reed on 02 November, 2022

What Eyelash Extension Styles Are Right for You

Back when your fascination with temporary falsies, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent lashes, and all other things beauty manifested — and who knows, that day might be today — you probably weren’t too concerned with what kind of lash you were wearing. Anything would do as long as you were wearing something, right? 

Rest assured, you’re not alone in your humble beginnings. Everybody starts somewhere. Most of the time, the somewhere that people start is simply with mascara. We all remember the days of mascara as the Holy Grail of the makeup routine, even if it left your under-eyes dusted in black fallout by the end of every day. 

Nobody cared because that was the height of what eye makeup could be back then. Maybe that’s as high as your makeup routine has gotten so far, and you’re desperate for an upgrade.

Where do you start? How do you improve your lash game with little to nothing to go off of other than the fact that your best friend started wearing them, and she makes it look so easy? That’s why we’re here, and we’ve got you more than covered. We’re more than ready to help you discover the secrets of your unique eyes and how to properly dress them with our Gossamer® lashes. 

By the end of this article, you’ll not only be equipped with a newfound confidence in what kind of eyes you have and what helps them to look their best, but you’ll also be swimming in a plethora of fresh lashes to try out for your very own. Everything you need is just below, so let’s get started.

What’s My Eyeshape Got To Do With It?

Something most people don’t find out until they’ve either done a deep dive of their own or until someone who’s been-there-done-that lets them in on the secret is that not all eyes are the same. Duh, of course, they aren’t.

That statement might seem really obvious, but what we mean when we say they aren’t all the same is that the application of makeup and lashes isn’t a universal process for everyone. Depending on the kind of eyes you might have, applying mascara, eyeliner, shadow, a cut-crease, or your lashes could look totally different.

Believe it or not, your eyelid, your crease, or even the direction of the tilt of your eyes has everything to do with what style of lashes or method of makeup application will be best. And before you go off searching for all the different eye shapes you didn’t know existed, we’ve got you! 

There are six distinct eye shapes, but these can still vary in appearance based on the person and their unique exceptions. Those eye shapes are:

  • Rounded Eyes: The whites of your eyes are visible on all sides of the cornea. They appear rounded overall, where the inner and outer corners of your eyes are not pulled or pushed in any direction.
  • Monolid Eyes: Common among people of Asian descent, monolids appear as if the area under the brow extends all the way to the lash line, leaving no “eyelid.”
  • Hooded Eyes: Your brown bone here will be more protruded or accented. Your crease is heavier set, and this can often increase with age.
  • Downturned Eyes: The outer corner of your eyes will be sloped below the line of your inner corner. This gives the appearance of a downturned eye.
  • Upturned Eyes: In the opposite way, the inner corner of your eyes will be sloped down below the line of your outer corner. This makes your eyes appear slanted more upward and sharpened. 
  • Almond Eyes: Your eyes will appear narrower or longer than they do wide. The iris of your eye will most likely be crossing your eyelid in some way, dipping behind it. 

The Land of Lashes

Now that you’re well-versed in your unique eye shape, let’s get into the fun stuff: the lashes! Each of our lash sets at Lashify® comes categorized by what eye shapes they would be well suited for, just for your convenience. But for an even easier experience, take a look below to find some of our personal recommendations for your perfect lash set. 

There’s something for everyone here!

Drama Gossamer Lashes

These thick and voluminous beauties are made for those with a flair for the dramatic. The Drama Gossamer Lashes were created with a thicker 2-ply fiber for an added oomph to your daily lookcombined with a super strong curl.

These lashes are perfect for all six eye shapes as they give the best balance between lightweight, everyday wear and bold glam. Mix and match these lashes with Gossamers from our Amplify or Bold lash sets for the ultimate flexible movement and long-lasting wear. With our signature cross-weave pattern, these lashes will be putting in all the work for you. 

Extreme Gossamer Lashes

Our Extreme Gossamer Lashes are ready to take on every weekend plan you have all at once. These are suited best for monolid, almond, hooded, rounded, and downturned eyes — almost all of them. They have added intensity, curl, and volume, all created for the extreme lash lover.

If you’ve always wanted that dramatic Russian volume look without any damage, the Extreme Gossamer is perfect for you. We’ve implemented odd and even sizes in this set to offer you even more options for your final lash look. Our only advice is don’t approach these lashes with any hesitance. They can smell fear. 

Fluffy FX Gossamer Lashes

Uh oh, the new curl in town has everyone fawning after her, and you’re no different. With the Fluffy™ FX Gossamer Lashes, you’ll be whipped with the extraordinary curl power of these indulgent fibers. These lashes are designed to offer an over-the-top final look complete with the fluffiest, curliest, and most voluminous Gossamers you could imagine. 

It’s not recommended to use these lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes because of how dense these fibers are, so if you have upturned or downturned eyes and are looking for the same volume, these might not be the right fit for you. If you’re looking to accent the center of your eyes, then these Gossamers have a seat at their table open and ready.

Bold Plus+ Gossamer Lashes

If you thought the original line of lashes from Lashify was good, you’re going to love this. Part of the new Plus+ collection, these Bold Plus+ Gossamer Lashes have taken our classic, beloved lash and put a little extra zing on it. 

Not only do these lashes work for every eye shape, but they offer increased lightness, airiness, curl, and longevity. They are possibly one of the longest-wearing lashes Lashify has to offer. With these babies by your side, you can consider your lash era officially upgraded.

Stardust™ Gossamer Lashes

We present to you five layers of our finest cruelty-free Korean PBT silk. These Stardust™ Gossamer Lashes will have your friends green with envy for the queen of lashes. These lashes will feel shorter, with the fullness more towards the base because of the multi-layered, multi-length design. They give a slightly spiky feel for added pizzazz to your lash look. 

They are perfect for any and all eye shapes, so layer and play with these Gossamers until your eyes are as glammed up as the rest of you. 

Gemini Gossamer Lashes

A lash for the multi-faceted queen with multi-personalities. The Gemini Gossamer Lash makes use of our thickest lash fiber ever. This makes it easy and necessary to fan out your Gossamers into wispy and wide maps. When applied, you’ll be shocked at how easy it was to achieve the ever-popular piece-y lash look. 

This lash is a must-have for all eye shapes. With how much you can do with these adaptive lashes, it’s no wonder anyone can make these Gossamers work for them. You can even break apart the lash bundles for some extra stacking and packing. Limitations, who?

Extreme Ice Gossamer Lashes

This lash is truly the only lash of its kind. Made of the first ever dual fiber to feature both thick and thin fibers, the Extreme Ice Gossamer Lash serves up all the right dishes. Featuring a beautiful marriage of our fan-favorite Gemini, Starburst, and Fluffy lash styles, this lash will give you a totally unique look you’re bound to love. 

The alternating lengths between the lash bundles allow the eye a defined and bold final look that’s sure to catch the glances of passersby. And better yet, these lashes are an optimal choice for almost all eye shapes except for upturned eyes. 

Fluffy Gossamer Lashes

The Fluffy Gossamer Lashes are a fan favorite for our Gossamer gals. The full-bodied fluff of these lashes is true to form with a design meant to give added dimension. These lashes might appear a little shorter due to the increased curl, but rest assured, they are anything but lacking. Every Gossamer is one-of-a-kind thanks to the variations required to create a multi-dimensional look like this. They’re perfect for everyday glam.

These Gossamers are also designed for downturned, hooded, monolid, rounded, and almond eyes, so if you’re an upturned-eye girlie, your perfect set is still out there waiting for you.

Plushy Gossamer Lashes

These Plushy Gossamer Lashes are the most luxurious lashes we have on offer. With the finest lash fibers that Lashify could formulate, Plushy Gossamers will leave you feeling like royalty, bold and brash, combined with the perfect amount of curl. If you’re looking for an everyday statement lash that could work for you for any and all makeup looks (or with a bare face), then these lashes are perfect for you.

They’ll offer this same result for all eye shapes except for upturned eyes, so if you’re sporting any of the other five, make your way on down. 

Plushy Tame Gossamer Lashes

If you’re infatuated with our classic Plushy Gossamer, then you’ll be overjoyed to meet her next of kin, the Plushy Tame Gossamer Lash. This lash comes with all the refined opulence you already adore but with an even more delicate curl. You’ll still find it with the flatest base and finest fibers Lashify has on offer.

Unlike their older sister, the Plushy Tame Lashes are perfect for all eye shapes except for downturned eyes. So if you want all that Plushy lashes have to offer but find yourself with an upturned eye shape, the Plushy Tame is just the ticket for you.

Lash Man Standing

And just like that, you’re on top of the lash ladder. No longer will you be subjected to the trial and error of lash application, wondering when the day will come that your lashes look the same as your bestie’s. And we couldn’t be happier for you.

We love seeing every individual lash lover come into their own when they find their perfect lash. Whether you’re a lash newbie just starting out on the road to falsies royalty or you’ve been applying lashes since they hit the market, we hope to provide something for everyone that anyone can do themselves. 

Understanding the beautifully unique features you possess and how those features affect the products you use or how you use them can make a normally frustrating learning process almost criminally easy. After all, everyone is as beautifully unique as those features help them to be, and we are so excited for our little besties to be taking off down the beauty runway with confidence and the perfect toolbelt.

We’ll always be right here to provide that confidence and the tools for your belt whenever you’re in need of a little pick-me-up. Until you need us again, tah-tah, and have a lash-tastic day.


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