Do You Use Lash Bond Before or After Lashes?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 January, 2023

Do You Use Lash Bond Before or After Lashes?

No one wants loose lashes. The key to keeping your lashes snug on those gorgeous eyes is to get a good bond. But how do you get a good bond? 

The lash experts at Lashify® are here to save the day from loose and lifting lashes!

Start With the Right Tools 

To get a long-lasting bond, you need the right tools. You’ll need some Whisper Light Bond™ (which is available in two different colors) and a Fuse Control® Wand. Clear Whisper Light is best for beginners because it goes on white but dries clear, making it easier to see where you’re applying at first and harder to see any coloring outside the lines when you’re done. 

If you’re pretty experienced with using our lash bonds, consider trying Bondage®, which is tinted with charcoal for a more dramatic, eyeliner-like effect. 

Because you always want to keep your tools clean, using a Wandom® is also a great idea. A Wandom is a handy little cover for your Fuse Control Wand to keep it clean use after use; it’s like a condom for your wand! 

When To Bond Your Gossamer® Lashes

In some ways, “Do you apply bond before or after your lashes?” is a trick question. You can always do both! 

For the most effective results, you should always apply bond before your Gossamers. Start by applying your bond either directly to your Gossamer’s spine or to your lash line— both are totally fine! Choose whichever makes you feel the most confident in your application; you can even do both.

When you bond after applying your lashes, you’re doing so as a touch-up. If you’re experiencing lift, you can absolutely add a little more bond to your already-placed lashes. 

How To Use Lash Bond Before Your Lashes

One of the most tried and true methods of applying your Gossamers is the Lockdown™ Method

Apply Your Whisper Light to Your Lashes

Apply Your Whisper Light Bond just as you would your mascara. Brush it through your natural lashes on the underside of the lashes, and use a light coat. Six to eight swipes are all you need! 

Wait for the Bond To Get Tacky

Wait thirty seconds to a minute for the bond to get tacky. Remember, Whisper Light doesn’t fully cure or harden. 

If you’re in a rush, you can always use the Blow Speed Dryer to speed up the process. To test the tackiness, gently tap your lashes with the back of a clean fingernail. It should feel sticky but leave no residue on your fingernail. 

Apply a Little More Bond to Your Lashline

Once your natural lashes are ready, go ahead and add a little more bond to your lashline to create a cushion of protection for the roots of your lashes. 

If you’re nervous about getting too close to your eye with the bond wand, you can also apply the extra bond to the spine of your Gossamer. 

Allow this layer to get tacky with the same steps from above. If your lashes feel like they're sticking together, that’s a good sign! 

Dot Dot Dot 

Last bond addition before the lashes! Dot just a little Whisper Light just above your previous application along the lash line. Wait for it to get tacky. We don’t call it the Lockdown Method for nothing!

Line Up the Gossamers

Follow your lash map and gently place your lashes along your natural lashes. Use your Fuse Control Wand as you would a pair of tweezers to line them up more precisely. Try to align the spines of the Gossamers with no spacing or overlapping. 

Fuse With the Fuse Control Wand

While looking down into a mirror, firmly compress your Gossamers between the tongs of the Fuse Control Wand to fuse them. Hold the fuse for 10 seconds. 

Be gentle in removing the Fuse Control Wand from your lashes, just in case some of the bond is sticking to the wand. If you find there is a bit too much bond, gently separate the wand from your lashes with fingers from your other hand. 

Too tacky ten minutes after fusing? To prevent your lashes from staying tacky (Remember, Whisper Light doesn’t fully cure!), apply a bit of our Glass Finishing Coat.

How To Use Lash Bond After Your Lashes 

Let’s say you’ve been wearing your Gossamers for a hot minute, and they’re starting to feel a little loose — but you’re not done! You can re-fuse the Gossamer to your lash line with a little more bond to re-secure it right where you left it. 

Before adding more bond, though, try just re-fusing with the bond already in place from your last fuse. If you find that the Fuse Control Wand alone isn’t fixing your lifting issue, you can always add a little more bond. 

Here’s how to use your Whisper Light to touch up the bond on your Gossamers. 

  • Use Clear Whisper Light’s Precision Tip

The precision tip is a lifesaver when you’re doing surgical lash repair. Dot just a bit along your lashline, the spine of the Gossamer, and the adjacent natural lash. 

  • Allow the Added Bond To Become Tacky

Use the Blow Speed Dryer tool to accelerate the tackiness of your fresh bond. If you’re using Clear Whisper Light, the white will turn clear when it’s tacky. 

  • Use Your Fuse Control Wand To Do a Reverse Fuse

Take your Fuse Control Wand, and flip it in reverse, so instead of the curve aligning the natural curve of your eyeball as it would for a regular fuse, it mirrors it. Use the tip of the Fuse Control Wand to fuse only the affected, lifted Gossamers. Hold for 10 seconds.

Looking for Another Way To Touch Up Your Gossamers?

If adding a little more bond after your initial lash application starts lifting isn’t a sturdy enough solution, no worries. We have you covered. 

Let’s troubleshoot those lifting lashes. 

Use Heat

Have you heard about the Lashicurl®? It’s like a curling iron for your lashes. It’s made of silicone, and it can’t burn you. 

Lashicurl is not only great for giving your lashes an extra curl. It’s also a great tool to combat lift! Obviously, do not attempt to heat fuse with any tool except the Lashicurl, which was designed for this — otherwise, you risk burning yourself or damaging your Gossamers. 

To heat fuse your lashes, turn your Lashicurl up to the third heat setting and allow it to get hot. Hold the silicone wand to the spine of the troublesome lash and hold for 10 seconds. This is going to get the bond activated and gooey again. After that 10 seconds, use your Fuse Control Wand to do a regular fuse on the lashes.

Pro tip: Use the Fuse Control Wand without a Wandom when heat fusing. That way, the coolness of the metal will be able to cool the bond back to its tacky state. 

Remove and Re-fuse

Just because one Gossamer won’t stay in place doesn’t mean you need to start all over and redo your entire lash map. You can totally just remove and replace one Gossamer. 

If your Gossamer is mostly lifted from your natural lashes already, you don’t need to use a remover (because it’s already removed itself!). Just go in with your Fuse Control Wand and very gently slide the Gossamer forward. If you feel resistance or tugging on your natural lashes, stop. Use the tiniest drop of remover on a cotton swap to loosen it where it’s stuck. 

Once the Gossamer is removed, make sure it’s dry. Then add a little Whisper Light to the spine of the Gossamer, and wait for it to become tacky. Apply the Gossamer as normal to your lash line. Once it’s in place, use the Blow Speed Dry tool to help it get secure. 

Finally, do a Reverse fuse on the freshly replaced Gossamer. Just like new — with half the work!

Finish With the Right Tools

Whether you’ve just applied this lash map or you’ve just done some touch-ups, you want to make sure the bond holds as long as possible. After your lashes have been fused, apply some sealer.

Lashify offers two sealers, Glass (which we’ve already talked about!) and Night Bond® Sealer. Both sealers will reinforce your bond for a more secure hold, whether you’re asleep or just out living your life! Just a thin coat of sealer over your lashes is enough. 

Is All That Bond Good for Your Lashes?

If you’re used to toxic lash glue, you might be surprised to hear that our Whisper Light bond is actually good for your lashes — both real and fake! 

Whisper Light contains biotin, a vitamin that may contribute to healthy lashes. Plus, because Whisper Light doesn’t fully harden, it creates a cute little cushion between your natural lashes and your Gossamers. 


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