DIY Lash Lift vs. Extensions

 DIY Lash Lift vs. ExtensionsLashify

There seem to be dozens of ways on the market right now to enhance your eyelashes. Deciding which ones to try can feel super overwhelming, not to mention expensive. 

You want to pick the right one for you right off the bat. If you’ve arrived at this article, something tells us you’re more of a DIY babe. So let’s talk pros and cons of a DIY Lash Lift and DIY Extensions. 

What Is a Lash Lift? 

You know perms for your hair? A lash lift is a perm for your lashes. A lash lift is a chemical process that causes your lashes to curl more intensely upward. An esthetician will use a small silicone rod to curl your lashes around using a harsh chemical formula. 

Professional lash lifts are available from professional estheticians. It takes training to apply a lash lift safely. There are a few bad results you might experience from a poorly applied lash lift. First, aesthetically, it could wreck your lashes for about eight weeks: if the solution is left on your lashes too long, they’ll become over-processed and may curl in every direction and look frazzled, uneven, and shorter instead of longer. 

Imagine the way plastic curls when it burns but with your natural eyelashes. Second, if the formula is incorrectly applied, you may end up with chemical burns around your eye or damage to your cornea if any formula gets in your eye. Always do your research about an esthetician before trusting them with your eyes. 

 Before your appointment, ask for a patch test of the solution to ensure no adverse reactions to it. Do not wear any makeup or curl your lashes the day of your appointment, and don’t have any eye makeup (like stubborn waterproof mascara) left over on your lashes. 

If you wear them, remove your contacts before the procedure begins. When you make an appointment, expect to spend about an hour lying on the table or reclining in the seat.

Here’s how the procedure will go:

  1. The esthetician will separate your upper and lower lashes. They’ll likely stick your lower lashes down on the lower eyelid.

  2. They’ll position a small silicone rod against your upper lashes.

  3. They’ll brush the lifting formula from the lash line to the tip of your lashes, curling them over the silicone rod as if painting your lashes.

  4. Some estheticians may apply a volumizing solution or a tint, depending on which lash services you’ve ordered.

  5. The esthetician will brush back over your lashes with a cleaner to remove any excess lifting solution to avoid over-processing your lashes and to keep them clean. 

All told, a professional lash lift should be completely painless. If you feel burning or itching, stop and have the esthetician cleanse your eyes immediately.

Lash lifts require aftercare, as most lash enhancements do. The treatment can take about 48 hours to completely set, so avoid getting your lashes wet or applying eye makeup during that window. 

You can safely avoid cleansing around your eyes for just 48 hours, and even after that, avoid using too many abrasive cleaners near your eyes since they may reduce the effect of the lift. Ask your esthetician for a cleansing brush to help you keep debris out of your lashes and any conditioners or serums they recommend using in tandem with the treatment. Brushing will also keep your lifted lashes looking like new for the full six weeks. 

Lash lifts can cost around $75-150, depending on your area. The effects of a lash lift will typically last about six to eight weeks, or the length of your natural eyelash growth cycle. 

Since your eyelashes naturally fall out at the end of every growth cycle, the chemically treated lashes will fall out and take the perm with them. The new lashes that grow in will be back to normal. Because of this, you’ll need to get a new lash lift every six weeks or so to maintain the same enhancement. That cost will add up pretty quickly! 

Lash lifts are different from lash serums. Lash serums play the long game, whereas lash lifts work immediately. Lash lifts will immediately but temporarily cause your natural lashes to have a tighter curl. 

On the other hand, lash serums are a cocktail of vitamins and proteins for your lashes that may help you grow stronger, fuller lashes over time. It can take months to see results from a lash serum, but the results will outlast a single growth cycle; rather, they’ll set a new normal for your lashes as they grow.

What Is a DIY Lash Lift? 

A DIY lash lift puts that bottle of super-strong chemicals in your hand. It is what it sounds like; you have to perform a lash lift on yourself — did we mention you still have to keep your eyes closed the whole time? 

Let’s say you get a friend to help: unless your friend is a professional esthetician, they’re just as likely to cause damage to your eyes as you are yourself. The FDA does not approve or even consider lash lift kits or lash lift formulas. 

Therefore, it's nearly impossible to be 100% sure about what’s in the stuff you're applying along your lash line. There are the harsh, harmful chemicals we know you’re likely to find in these kits, like formaldehyde, but since there is basically no regulation on what goes into it, it could be anything. 

You can find DIY lash lift kits for sale all over the internet; there are dozens available on Amazon right now. They’re cheap and accessible, but just because you can get one doesn’t mean you should. 

If you’re looking for a DIY solution that works on modifying your natural lashes, return to lash serums, as mentioned above. Less immediate results, but unlike DIY lash lift kits, there are good lash serums on the market. 

However, lash serums are also not regulated by the FDA, so you still need to do your due diligence in reading up on a brand, its reviews, and its ingredients before you add one to your cart. 

Different serums can target different phases of the growth cycle and intend to improve different aspects of your lashes (density, length, lifespan, etc.), therefore containing different ingredients. If you’re considering a serum, we have more info just pixels away. 

Louder for the People In the Back

DIY Lash Lifts are extremely dangerous. Do not try one. If you want a lash lift, you should exclusively get one from a professional esthetician. Professional lash lifts are a viable option for lash enhancement; DIY lash lifts are a threat to your eye health and a fast lane ticket to a seat in an ER waiting room. 

DIY Lash Extensions

You can get lash extensions from a salon or at home. DIY lash extensions are accessible, and most anyone can learn to use them. Unlike lash lifts, there is no dangerous chemical processing, and it’s generally safe to do your own lash extensions at home with a dedicated DIY lash extension kit, like the Lashify Control Kit

In the Control Kit, you’ll find a pair of Gossamers (our lashes!) and everything you need to apply and style them on your own. Applying Gossamers may be tricky at first since it’s a different application system than other at-home lash kits. 

Never fear; we have tons of resources to help you master the technique. It may feel daunting at first, but the lash experts here at Lashify know it’s a tried and true method to get salon-quality lash extensions that perfectly blend into your natural lashes. Oh, and did we mention that Gossamers are reusable? 

The application system can be summarized very simply: Map out your Gossamers so you know where to place them along your lash line. Then, apply a little Whisper Light to the spine of the Gossamer (or directly to your lash line, whichever is easier for you) and let it get tacky. 

Next, apply the Gossamer with the Fuse Control Wand. Finally, fuse with the fuse control wand. Then, you just repeat until all your Gossamers have been applied, give it one final fuse, and you’re all glammed up and ready to go. Check out one of our many tutorials for a more detailed walkthrough. 

Lash extensions are infinitely more customizable than a lash lift. Gossamer Lash Extensions from Lashify come in a wide variety of styles. If you want a completely natural look, you can find it in the Intimates Collection

Go a few mm longer than your natural lash length for extensions that will mimic your natural lashes while still giving you a little extra length. Natural not for you? No worries. Check out the Volume Collection for every style, from subtle, wispy volume to big, glam, mega volume. 

One thing that makes Lashify’s DIY lash extensions even safer than regular strip lashes is the Whisper Light, Lashify’s exclusive bond. Unlike most lash glues, Whisper Light contains no toxic junk like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate. Instead, it contains biotin to create a good-for-you cushion of protection around your lashes.

Whether you find them with Lashify or someplace else, DIY eyelash extensions are worlds better than any DIY lash lift kit. They’re safer, reusable, customizable, and, again, so much safer. In this head-to-head, there’s a clear winner. 


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