Cream vs. Powder Blush

Cream vs. Powder Blush

It’s mid-winter. We’re post-holiday, cold, and one charcuterie tray shy of accepting tiny cheese and meats as our standard diet. In addition, we haven’t seen the sun in a fortnight, and our skin looks a little less than rosy. 

If you can relate, we’re here to help. The beauty editors at Lashify® have seen your SOS, shaken the winter chill and forayed into the wilderness of the makeup aisle to bring you products that can restore your glowing, radiant appearance even before the temps reach 80 degrees. 

Together, we’ll consider the most hallowed of skin-brightening products: blush. We’ll unpack why it exists in both cream and powdered forms and which works best. By the end of this piece, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for cheek color and maybe even learn a few tips about your lashes.

The Blush Rush

Blush is literally the OG of makeup products designed to give you a healthy glow. Blush has been used for centuries! Today, we have access to many color options and delivery formats for every skin type. 

The purpose of any blush is to create color on the apples of your cheeks. This color should look natural and smooth, never angled or circular. Blush is also not intended to give your entire face color. For color on your forehead, you’d probably want a highlighter or a bronzer, not a blush.

Blush should also never make your face look ruddy or red. If it does, you may have a color that doesn’t match your skin tone, or you may have applied too much in too wide of an area. Don't worry; we’re here to help you fix all that. 

Let’s start by deciding which kind of blush you should use: cream or powder. 

Powder Blush

This is the blush you know by heart, the one you first tried, and the one you might always go back to. Powder blush is finely milled and usually comes in a pressed compact. Although it’s the most familiar, it’s not necessarily the easiest to apply.

Powder blush requires a brush for application, and the brush makes a huge difference for application. Get a brush that’s too big, and you’ll end up with blush all over your face, creating a reddish, almost cartoon-like appearance. 

The perfect brush should be about one to one and a half inches wide and help you apply blush solely to the apples of your cheeks. And for powder blush, there are a few caveats. 

You’ll want to use it when you want a more deeply pigmented look and when your skin is less dry. If you have naturally dry skin and want to use a powder blush, you’ll need a formula that contains some hydrating ingredients. 

Cream Blush

Cream blush usually comes in a tube, similar to lipstick, but wider and not angled. Cream blush is creamy in texture and heavier than powder blush. You’ll apply cream blush and blend it with your fingertips, which some users find easier than using a blush brush. 

You can use cream blush for a more ethereal look because it typically looks more like a stain and has a slightly more sheer color than powder blush. Cream blush works great for all skin types, but if you have particularly oily skin, you may need to consider one specifically formulated for oily skin so that it doesn’t automatically slide off. 

Should I Use Cream or Powder Blush?

It’s a good idea to have both cream and powder blush in your arsenal. As seasons change, hormones change, and skin changes, you’ll find that one works better than the other. 

For Dry Months

In the driest months, a cream blush is a must-have. Skin tends to naturally be drier in winter or if you live in a climate that is particularly dry. 

Applying a powder blush that sits on top of your skin and expecting it to stay is like asking for a miracle. Instead, try using a cream-based blush that simultaneously adds hydration and color.

For Your Luteal Phase

The luteal phase of your monthly cycle is when progesterone levels are highest, and sebum (oil) production is also higher. When your skin is producing more oil, you might find your cream blush has less staying power. Instead, switch to a powder blush, which may work better when your skin is a little oilier. 

For Older Skin Types

Older skin types are typically drier and may have visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Cream blush works great for older skin types because it absorbs into the skin, adds hydration, and looks naturally sheer. Powder blush can sit in wrinkles and create creases.

For Bold Glamour

If you’re looking for added color for a bold look, powder blush is your go-to. You’ll have more control with a brush for application, and powder blush layers a bit easier than cream blush, which can smear and cake if you add additional color. 

For a No-Makeup Look

Sweep a cream blush across the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingertips for a fresh-faced look. Make sure your color is as close to your natural flush as possible, and your cheeks will look like they’ve been freshly pinched. 

There’s room in your toolkit for both cream and powder blush, and having both gives you the option to create different looks. Another great tool in your beauty arsenal? DIY lashes. 

Lashes That Are So Cheeky

Lashes can naturally enhance your look, just like the perfect cheek color. If you’re looking for a simple way to get salon-quality lashes without spending all day at the salon, the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System is your go-to. 

Our system is different from anything you’ve tried before.

Gossamer® Lashes

Gossamer lashes are designed with multiple lash fibers attached to a featherlight spine. This allows their weight to be distributed across several of your natural lashes for a more comfortable fit and feel. Our lashes are 100% cruelty-free and made from Korean PBT silk. 


Just like your blush application can make or break your look, lash application can determine whether or not you’re able to do your lashes at home or have to make a trip to the salon. At Lashify, we use Underlash Technology™, which means your Gossamer lashes are applied beneath your natural lashes, which is easier and more forgiving than other techniques.


Goodbye glues, hello Bonds. We don’t use chemical-filled lash glue for Gossamer lashes. Instead, we use Bonds. Bonds contain biotin and lavender to help nourish your natural lashes and protect them. 

Bonds never fully harden, protecting your natural lashes from becoming brittle and breaking. Most of our users say that their natural lashes are healthier after using the Lashify system. 

To get started, all you need is to grab the diy eyelash extensions kit. You’ll get everything you need to create amazing lash looks that perfectly compliment your blush, whether you choose cream or powder for your day.

Controlling: Yes, We Are!

The Lashify Control Kit is your key to lashes that last and look like salon quality. 

Each Control Kit comes with: 

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Pick from the Curl, Amplify, or Bold collection of Gossamer lashes. All Core Gossamer lashes are available in varying lengths. If you aren’t sure which length is right for you, check our A-Eye tool for help. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. The only wand you’ll ever need to apply your Gossamer lashes is the Fuse Control Wand. It was designed to fit the curves of your hand and face to make application easy. If you have smaller eyes and hands, try the Petit Curve Wand, uniquely designed for smaller features. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. This dual-sided bond comes in clear and black for perfect application and touch-ups. Whisper Light never leaves a sticky residue behind and keeps your Gossamer lashes locked tight.
  • Glass Finishing Coat. You don’t have to seal your Gossamer lashes once you have applied them, but if you want your Gossamer lashes to last up to 10 days, we recommend coating them with Glass to help preserve the Bonds. 
  • One pair of Wandom® Wand Covers. Because Bonds never fully cure, they become tacky during application. Make sure you don’t have a sticky situation by covering your Fuse Control Wand with Wandoms, coverlets that protect the tips and ensure your Gossamer lashes don’t adhere to your Wand.
  • Samples. Each Control Kit comes with free samples of Melt Away and Pre Cleanse. If you love them, you can come back for the full sizes

Everything comes in a protective hard case, so you can always find your lash tools when you need them. 

You’re Blushing

And it looks so good. No matter the season, you can still have radiant, youthful-looking cheeks when you choose the blush product that works best for you. While you’re revamping your look, grab the only lashes that give you salon-quality lashes right at home: Lashify lets you Be Your Own Lash Tech™. 


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