Our Breakdown of Classic vs. Volume Lash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Our Breakdown of Classic vs. Volume Lash Extensions

1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D. If you think we’re talking about old and new movie technology, you need a lash extension reboot. The options for lash extensions are numerous, and we admit it’s easy to get lost in the terminology (and the lash fibers). 

At Lashify®, we make it easy. We’re breaking down the barrier between pricey salon extensions and the everyday person while simultaneously educating you on everything you need to know about lashes, including what types are available and how to apply them. 

Together, we’ll talk about the differences between classic lashes and volume lashes and decide which is better for you! 

Classic Lash Extensions

Your favorite LBD. The jeans that work for every occasion. The most comfortable winter boots. These clothing items are like your wardrobe essential employees. Classic lashes are your lash wardrobe staples. 

Classic lashes elevate your natural lashes by making them longer, darker, and more defined. While they add a slight amount of volume, the goal here is really length and definition. Classic lashes are thicker than volume lashes (and we promise we’ll help that make sense). Usually, the fibers are between 10-15 mm in diameter. 

Classic lashes may have a J curl or C curl, or even a CC curl. They are perfect for everyday wear and for users who are ready to add length and keep people guessing whether their lashes are real or not. 

How Classic Lashes Are Applied

Classic lash fibers are applied on a 1:1 ratio at a salon. This means your lash tech will apply one lash extension fiber per natural eyelash. 

When you apply classic lash extensions at home with the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ system, you’ll never apply extensions to an individual lash. Our Gossamer® lashes are applied in clusters, which helps distribute the weight of the extensions across several natural lashes, a safer and more natural-looking way to enhance your lashes. 

There are really two main differences between classic lashes and volume lashes. 

Extension width. Volume lashes are lighter than classic lashes, usually measuring 05-07 mm compared to classic lashes, which are between 10-15 mm in diameter. 

Application. While classic lashes are applied on a one-to-one ratio, volume lashes can range from 3:1 all the way to 5:1. That means for every natural lash, you’re getting three to five lash extensions. 

The difference in application can make it hard for some users to tolerate the weight of volume lashes, which is why they are generally smaller. Classic lashes are the best solution for people who want natural-looking lashes and for people who are just starting out with lash extensions. 

Who Can Wear Classic Lash Extensions?

The beauty of classic lash extensions is that anyone can wear them. If you’re attempting to apply lash extensions at home, classic sets are the easiest and most effortless.

No matter what your eye shape, classic lash extensions are a solid win. These can help add curl to straight lashes and enhance and lengthen lashes that are extremely short. Additionally, you can build classic lashes to create volume that is more natural looking than the volume you’ll see with most traditional volume lash extensions. 

If you have never tried lash extensions before (at home or at the salon), classic lashes are definitely the best way to segue into the false lash world. 

Classic Lash Extension Tips and Tricks

If you’re going to try classic lash extensions, there are a few tips that will help you get the job done stress-free. 

  • Make sure your natural lashes are clean. Before you apply any kind of lash extension, you’ll always want to make sure your natural lashes and your eyelids are free and clear from dirt, oil, and makeup. 

We recommend cleansing your eye area with Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water. The formula is strong enough to remove any excess oil from your lashes but gentle enough that you can use it daily, all over your skin, as a toner. 

  • Avoid harsh glues and adhesives. Eyelash glue is notorious for hiding some seriously toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates. Not only can these ingredients make your natural lashes brittle, but they can also cause serious harm to your eyes if they were to get inside your peepers. 

Lashify bonds don’t include any harmful ingredients and actually work to strengthen your natural lashes with nourishing ingredients like lavandula and biotin, a natural form of vitamin B7

  • Learn to stack. With the Lashify system, you can stack your lashes to create different looks (also known as lash maps) that are fully customizable. You can build your lash wardrobe just like you build your shoe wardrobe, and the benefit is lashes take up less space! 

Application is easy, but we’re here for you if you get stuck. We’ve got numerous video tutorials to help make sure you can apply your lashes quickly and easily. 

Lashify Classic Lash Extensions

The Lashify Core Collection contains our classic Gossamers®, which are designed to amplify, darken, and add curl to your natural lash line. 

  • Amplify.Amplify Gossamer® lashes are the OGs of our core collection. Whisper-thin, fluttery, and available in numerous lengths, these are the classic lashes that lengthen your lashes without adding weight. 
  • Bold. The thickest of the three classic lash styles we offer, Bold Gossamer® lashes are the easiest way to break up with your volumizing mascara … for good.
  • Curl. A little bit Amplify, a little bit Bold, the Curl Gossamer® lashes are the perfect way to add a hybrid-looking lash to your collection (we’ll discuss what we mean by “hybrid) a little later. You’ll get length and delicate volume without the intensity of true volume lashes. 

When you’re ready to move on to lashes that are fuller and fringey-er, you’re ready to try volume lash extensions. 

Volume Lash Extensions

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but our lashes definitely are. Volume lashes are the ultimate in lash enhancement. The fullest, fringiest, and most fan-like, these lashes add volume that is unmistakably over-the-top. 

Volume lashes are sometimes called XD lashes or Russian volume lashes. The style of volume lashes refers to a thick fringe of lashes that are lightweight and wispy but usually have the same uniform length. 

Volume lashes are thinner than classic lashes because they are applied differently than classics. Volume lashes come in varying lengths, including lengths that will literally cause your eyebrows to itch when you blink! 

How Are Volume Lashes Applied?

Volume lashes are applied at a ratio of 3:1 and higher. That means there will be at least three lash extensions adhered to each natural lash. That’s why volume lashes are typically thinner and more lightweight than classic lashes. 

Even though they’re lightweight, the amount of lashes you’re applying is more than a classic application, so it’s natural that they’ll feel a bit heavier. For some, this can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you have natural lashes that are really short or downturned. 

If you’ve had a bad experience with volume lash application at a salon, Lashify is your go-to solution. Because our lash clusters are applied to more than just one natural lash and are applied using underlash technology, your lids won’t feel weighed down or droopy. 

Who Can Wear Volume Lash Extensions?

Anyone (with some experience) can wear volume lash extensions. If you’re just starting out with lash extensions, it’s better to start off with classic lashes instead of going directly into full volume lashes. 

Volume lashes take some time to adjust to, which means if you aren’t used to having lash extensions on, these can make it even more difficult. It’s also a good idea to make sure you build up to volume lashes, which is possible by stacking your classic lashes or by making the move to hybrid lashes (see below). 

If you apply volume lashes and they feel too heavy or tickle your eyelids because of their length, you can always try a shorter length or fewer extensions. Both of these tricks will still give you full volume lashes, but in a way that’s more comfortable and easy to wear. 

Volume Lash Tips and Tricks

The most common problem with volume lashes is poor application and glue mishaps. Here, we’ll explain how to avoid both. 

  • Poor placement. Even a seasoned lash tech can seriously sabotage a set if they place volume lashes incorrectly. Most of the time, this happens from trying to add lash sets that are too long or too heavy for the wearer’s natural lash. 

Lashify eliminates the worry. Our Gossamer® lash clusters are applied underneath your natural lashes and are supported by several of your natural lashes to protect against shedding. 

  • Glue gone wrong. Eyelash glue can be seriously damaging to your natural lashes. Ingredients can make your natural lashes become brittle and break, causing you to lose both your natural lash and lash extensions.

Lashify bonds work differently. Our natural lash-nourishing formula never fully cures, so your extensions remain flexible, bending with your natural lashes. 

  • Easy does it. It’s always easier to apply more lashes than it is to remove ones you wish you wouldn’t have placed. Start small, and add volume lashes sparingly until you’ve achieved the look you want. 

Volume lashes take a little finesse, but once you learn to apply them and use them, you’ll find yourself reaching for them over and over again. 

Lashify Volume Lashes

While we don’t have Gossamers® that are specifically labeled as “volume” lashes, we do have numerous different styles that are fluffy, plush, and completely fringe-worthy. 

Our Plushy Gossamers® and Plushy Tame Gossamers® are created with 66 individual fibers per Gossamer® for a look that is incredibly voluminous and fan-like without adding bulk or weighing down your individual lashes.

Want to give them a try? Check out our lash maps, which make it easy for you to build a look that’s voluminous and easy. Once you understand how to apply them, you can start to create your own lash maps for fully customizable looks. 

What If I Want Classic and Volume?

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Not us. If you love the length and definition of classic lashes but want to up the volume, you want hybrid lashes. 

What Are Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume lashes, usually created with a ratio of about 70% classic lashes and 30% volume lashes. They are the ultimate lash for giving you a believable, voluminous lash look.

Hybrid lashes are easy to wear and understated enough for everyday wear yet still fan-like and voluminous enough for a special event. If you want to create the look of hybrid lashes at home, it’s super easy. 

Hybrid at Home

Lashify makes hybrid lashes easy with our Curl Collection Gossamer® lashes. These lashes are naturally created to give you both length and volume in a wispy, piece-y look that is the hallmark of hybrid lash extensions. It’s the easiest way to create hybrid lashes with our system. 

You can also create a hybrid look by layering any Core Collection Gossamer® lash with a Volume Collection Gossamer® lash. This method allows you to have more stylistic control over your look, but it might take a little more skill. 

Lashify: The Easy Way to Everyday Glam

You want long, full lashes that create a more noticeable eye, but who has time (or money) to spend at the salon? Lashify is your solution for eyelash enhancement at home. Whether it’s a classic lengthening look or a full-fan voluminous fringe you want, Lashify makes it quick and easy with our step-by-step application. 

The best part? You can support your natural lash growth every time you wear your Gossamer® lashes. Our bonds are made with lavandula and biotin to keep your natural lashes looking healthy and growing strong. 

Break up with your lash tech (kindly, of course) and reclaim your lash style with Lashify. 


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