Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?

Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?Lashify

You naturally want to take the best care of your eyelash extensions that you can. You also love your eye makeup and are excited to play around with different styles to compliment those lashes. 

Eyeliner and the spines of your Gossamers will be sharing some real estate on your eye line, so it’s a natural question:

Can I Wear Eyeliner With My Gossamers? 

In short, yes, you can wear eyeliner with lash extensions. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when wearing any eye makeup with your DIY eyelash extensions to protect your lashes from damage. 

Props to you for asking the right questions to keep your Gossamers safe! Your Gossamers are reusable, so to give them the best longevity you can, you want to keep them clean and free from substances that might damage them. 

We’re here to help you by giving you everything you need to know to get the longest wear from your Gossamers and still rock some bold eyeliner. 

What To Know Before You Apply Eyeliner With Lash Extensions 

You just have to follow some rules when mixing eyeliner and extensions. Not all eyeliners are created equal, so not all types of eyeliner are okay to wear with extensions. How can you know which products to avoid when pairing an eyeliner with your Gossamers?

DON’T – Oil-Based Eyeliner 

You know the rules– no oil near your lashes until it’s time to remove them. Oil disrupts the bond, breaking down the Whisper Light and helping your lashes slide right off. Odds are, you don’t plan on your eyeliner doubling as a lash remover, so make sure you leave any oil-based, or even just oil-containing, eyeliners in the drawer. 

Always apply Gossamers to freshly cleaned and dried eyes, ensuring natural and cosmetic oils won’t interfere with the bond. Even oils in some types of eye shadow can be a problem here. Even the littlest bit of oil around the bond can cause lash lifting.

DON’T – Waterproof Eyeliner

Waterproof formulas are really good at what they were designed to do: stay on your lash line, come tears or high water. However, this semi-permanent staying power does not play nicely with Gossamers. Waterproof liners can stick to the Gossamers, get all cakey, weigh your lashes down, and then be extremely stubborn to remove. 

It can be so stubborn that you may damage your extensions in the cleaning process by scrubbing too hard or using too harsh a cleanser. Additionally, waterproof eyeliner is not good for the delicate skin around your eyes. We know it's appealing to protect your look from water, but please save it for a time when you’re not wearing Gossamers. 

DON’T – Pencil Eyeliner 

Pencil eyeliner is divisive on its best day — you either love it or can’t stand it. Your Gossamers have an opinion on it as well: can’t stand it. There are two big reasons to ditch the pencil and crayon-style eyeliners when wearing extensions. 

The biggest reason is the way they typically pull on your eyelid while you apply them. The pressure from the tugging and stretching can loosen the bond of the lashes on the lash line. The second reason is also related to the tugging, but more specifically, the outermost Gossamer will likely feel the greatest tug and start to lift. 

So in total, you’ll have lifting lashes at the corners and a disrupted bond across the line. You know never to tug on your extensions from the edge of the fan, but remember that it’s also not okay to tug on the Gossamers at the spine. Pencil and crayon liners are a no-go to pair with DIY extensions. 

DON’T – Gel Eyeliner 

Gel eyeliner is not the most common on the shelf, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. It’s usually applied with a brush and can come in different colors. The issue with gel liners is their weight; they are heavier than liquid or pencil liners and can weigh down your lashes, impacting the bond. 

Depending on how much a person might apply, the weight could even cause the lashes to shift during wear. Also, gel liners can get quite cakey and hard to remove; many leave a gel residue on your lash line and the extensions. Residue and undue pressure during wear can decrease your Gossamers' longevity.

Which Eyeliners Can You Use With Lash Extensions?

There are two types of eyeliner that you can use with your extensions. They’re easy to remove, won’t leave residue, and won’t tug on your lashes to apply. Who are these superstars?

Water-Based Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a popular favorite for a reason. It can get you a killer cat eye with just a little practice. Always read the ingredients in your cosmetics. Watch out for any oils, no matter how pretty or nutritious they sound, and avoid them. 

If you see the word ‘waterproof,’ put it back. Also, take care to avoid any drying ingredients like silicone. Look for a water-based eyeliner. If you’re not already skilled with a liquid eyeliner applicator brush, now’s the time to practice your technique. 

Water-Activated Eyeliner

Water-activated (shadow-based or powder-based) eyeliner is applied with a regular makeup brush. Essentially, you take a dry, compacted powder, like eyeshadow, and add a little water, then apply it like paint on your lash line. You could also do this with an oil-free setting spray instead of water. 

Critically, if you’re using an eyeliner from your collection, your eyeshadow must contain no oil whatsoever. This liner option is great for people who are not as skilled at applying liquid eyeliner, which is tricky and can take time to master, especially if you’re used to a pencil. You probably notice a pattern: water-soluble makeup is okay to use. 

How To Apply Eyeliner With Extensions in Place

Start by applying your Gossamers as you normally would. If you’re new to the Lashify system, we have many resources to help you nail the Gossamer application every time. Check out a video tutorial if you need a little help. Your Gossamers should be applied to the underside of your natural lashes. 

No matter what kind of eyeliner you use, you want to apply it to the opposite side of your lashes as your Gossamers — focus on the lash line along the top of your lashes. 

If you’re using a liquid eyeliner with a built-in applicator brush, apply it as you normally would along the topside of your lash line. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. Try to avoid putting the eyeliner directly on the spines of the Gossamers. 

Using a brush to apply a powder-based liner, use short and delicate strokes to paint the color on. Don’t drag out long strokes, push, or pull the brush along your lash line, as the pressure could interrupt the bond of the extensions or cause lifting on the edges of the Gossamers. If lifting does occur, you can try a quick reverse fuse to resecure them. However, if the lifting is severe, you may need to reapply.

To remove your eye makeup, remove your Gossamers first using Melt Away Remover. Some of your makeup will likely come right off with this remover; that’s okay. Melt Away Remover makes an excellent makeup remover as well as a lash remover. 

Once you’ve removed the DIY extensions, clean the makeup from your face as you normally would. Next, gently clean the Gossamers with Melt Away until all eyeliner and debris are gone. Then lay them in a safe place to dry before returning them to your storage case or reapplying them. 

Final Verdict

You are allowed to use eyeliner with your extensions; however, the type of eyeliner you use matters. 

Oil-based liners are a no-no since oil will dissolve your bond. Gel liners are hard to get off and may damage the structure of the lashes. Waterproof liners are even harder to remove and will almost definitely damage the lashes. Pencil eyeliner will both interrupt the bond and tug on your lashes. 

Only wear water-based liquid liner or water-activated eyeliner with DIY lash extensions. These eyeliners will be easier to remove and won’t leave residue on your extensions. They also won’t cause any damage by tugging during application. 

Most critically, they won’t weaken or interrupt the bond of the Gossamer along your lashline, cutting your wear time short. Always read the ingredient list before you put anything near your eyes, as ingredients will always vary from brand to brand, but these kinds of liners are the best place to start shopping for a lash extension-friendly eyeliner. 

The cardinal rule of lash care is to clean your lashes between wears to support their longevity, and if you choose to get eyeliner on your Gossamers, you need to take extra care to clean them gently before storing them or reapplying them. 


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