Can You Curl Lash Extensions?

Can You Curl Lash Extensions?Lashify

You may have heard that you can’t curl false eyelashes. For most drugstore lashes, that’s a true statement. The material simply isn’t quality enough to hold a new curl, so your lash curler for your natural lashes will do next to nothing on your average false lashes. 

But how lame is that? You need to be able to adjust your lashes to the precise look you want; otherwise, what’s the point of extensions? 

Great news, you absolutely CAN curl Lashify Gossamers! Gossamers are made of high-quality Korean PBT silk. Because of how fine the fibers are, they can hold new curl patterns if curled correctly (more on how to curl them correctly in a minute!). 

Some Gossamers will hold a new curl pattern better than others. Generally, the finer the fibers, the longer a Gossamer will hold a new curl. 

Because the lash artists here at Lashify are such awesome problem solvers, we’ve even developed a cutting-edge tool to curl your lashes effortlessly and quickly. Meet the Lashicurl

What Is the Lashicurl?

The Lashicurl is Lashify’s unique lash curling device that’s safe, easy to use, and super effective. It’s everything you love about your hair curler, but it won’t burn you, and it’s pocket-sized. Bonus, it’s powered by a USB rechargeable battery, so you won’t have a bulky cord in the way. 

The Lashicurl is a heated silicone curling wand. The wand has three heat settings, but even at its hottest, the silicone tip will ensure you never get burned, and it won’t damage your natural lashes. Lashicurl can help you get more curl or less curl in your lashes; it’s like your Gossamer personalization tool. 

The Lashicurl wand is curved to mimic your eye shape, just like our Fuze Wand. On one side, you’ll find the large comb with bristles to distribute heat evenly through your lashes at once. 

On the other side, you’ll find the precision tip, which has just a few bristles to help apply heat to just one Gossamer at a time. All the silicone bristles help to lift and separate your lashes as you adjust their shape.

How Do I Curl Lash Extensions?

There are fundamentally two different ways to adjust the curl of your Gossamers with the Lashicurl: increasing (tightening) the curl and decreasing (loosening) the curl. Both processes are very easy: 

Tightening the Curl

You can curl your Gossamers in the cartridge or after you’ve bonded them to your natural lashes. Either way, set your Lashicurl to the second heat setting or third if you’re dealing with a denser Gossamer. 

Remove the protective cap to curl inside the cartridge, but don’t jostle the lashes from their places. Let the Lashicurl heat up for about 15 seconds. Gently hold the larger heating comb against the Gossamer fibers and slowly slide up the bottom of the lashes until you reach the tip. Focus on the tip of the Gossamer when curling and hold the Lashicurl there for three to five seconds. 

To curl after application, the process is largely the same. Preheat your Lashicurl on the second heat setting. Start at your lash line and gently comb up the bottom of your lashes. Hold the Lashicurl at the tip and base for three to five seconds as you comb. Repeat two to three times as needed. 

Loosening the Curl

Like curling the Gossamer, you can do this with the Gossamer in the Cartridge or already applied. Follow the instructions above, but instead of combing up along the bottom of the lashes, comb down along the top of the lashes. By combing down along the top of the lashes, you use the heat to relax the curl from the inverse side, resulting in a straighter lash. 

Precision Curling

Use the small comb on the reverse side of the Lashicurl curve for precision curl adjustment. If only one of your Gossamers is out of sync with the others, there is no need to curl the whole set. Precision curling is also incredibly useful if you’re using multiple styles of Gossamers in the same lash map and want to make the curl look more homogenous. 

To use the precision comb, follow the same basic movements as if adjusting the whole map. Set it to the second heat setting and comb it slowly through the lashes, combing up along the bottom of the lashes to increase curl and down along the top of the lashes to decrease curl. 

Hold for three seconds at the base. Repeat two to three times. If you don’t see the curl you’re looking for, try moving even slower or increasing the heat to setting three. 

Why Modify the Curl of Your DIY Lash Extensions?

The entire purpose of DIY lash extensions is that you can adjust and customize them yourself. Since the 1930s, beauty enthusiasts have been using lash curlers to accentuate their lashes, natural and synthetic. 

Beautifully, carefully curled lashes are not just a trend that may come or go, but why? Why are we, as humans, so captivated by curled and styled eyelashes?

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Your eyelashes have a tremendous impact on the appearance of your eyes. The colors you wear impact the appearance of your skin tone, the silhouettes you wear impact the appearance of your body shape, and eyelash styles impact the appearance of your eyes (and face, for that matter). 

Curled lashes are more defined and bold than straight lashes. When looking at an eye straight on, lashes with a curl are more visible than straight eyelashes. Curled lashes give the appearance of large, doe-eyes. 

The further away your lash curls from the whites of your eyes, the more your eyes seem proportionally larger. Additionally, curled lashes look longer, making the eye appear larger. It may sound counterintuitive to curl short lashes since it makes them take up less vertical space, but curled lashes actually give the illusion of more length.

What Else Can Lashicurl do?

You can also use the Lashicurl tool to fuse your lashes. This is a technique called Heat fusing. You may want to heat fuse your gossamers to secure lifting lashes, but not at the first application. 

To heat fuse your lashes, turn on your Lashicurl, set it to the, and let it heat up for about 15 seconds. Gently press the large comb side of the Lashicurl to your already applied Gossamers and hold for three to five seconds. Slowly comb from lashline to lash tips. Repeat this process two or three times until the bond feels more secure. 

Curious about heat fusing? Check out one of our level-two Lashify techniques, Defcon 5 bonding, which will show you how to heat fuse your Gossamers before sealing them. 

Lashicurl can also be used to curl your natural lashes in place of a regular lash curler. If your natural lashes are straighter than the Gossamer’s you’re applying, give them a curl before you apply your lashes. 

It will help the set blend into your natural lashes and give your Gossamers an easier place to bond to. Set the Lashicurl to the first and lowest heat setting for natural lashes. After that, the motion is exactly the same as curling applied Gossamers: 

From your lash line out, slowly brush the curved, large comb side of the Lashicurl over your lashes. 

What Makes a Heated Lash Curler Better Than an Old-Fashioned Lash Curler? 

The number one benefit of a heated lash curler like Lashicurl is that it will work on both natural and synthetic lashes, unlike an old-fashioned lash curler. But what else? 

  • Easier to use. Do you remember the first time you saw your mother's lash curler and thought it was a torture device? Old-fashioned eyelash curlers are so unintuitive and so annoying to use. Lashicurl is basically a magic wand by comparison.
  • Protect your lashes from breakage. Clamping down on your lashes with brute force puts your lashes at a lot of risk of breakage and ripping. Maybe that manual curler was a torture device after all — for your lashes! A heated lash curler doesn’t use enough heat to damage your lashes, like a curling iron might damage your hair over time. A heated curling iron is so gentle, and the motions to use it are so gentle that the lashes are in no danger at all. The mild heat is the most natural curl you can get without consulting mother nature herself.

  • Keep your natural lashes curled longer. Curls from old manual lash curlers usually fall flat immediately, and mascara only exacerbates the flattening problem. You shouldn’t curl your lashes after applying mascara since it will likely break and damage them. Curls created by a heated lash curler stay in place for hours; no mascara needed!
  • Keep your Gossamers secure. Gossamers are designed to last up to 10 days, but if you try to force an old-fashioned lash curler on them, you can kiss them goodbye. A heated lash curler, on the other hand, will actually help them longer. Lashicurl can help reactivate the bond on your Gossamers and increase their wear time. Adding a little curl will freshen up your lashes inside and out.

  • Get a more natural-looking curl. Remember the hair crimpers from the 90s? No one thought those were your real curls. Old-fashioned eyelash curlers curl your lashes with the same method and get you the same unnatural creases. Heated curlers give you a more natural-looking curl. 


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