Benefits of Using a Lash Applicator Tool

Benefits of Using a Lash Applicator Tool

We all know the occasion: the weekend is finally here. You’ve got a Friday night event in an hour, and it’s about to be bumping. All your besties are attending, and it’s all the group chat has been able to talk about for the last few weeks. 

The impending festivities have gotten so hyped that you’re itching to try some new beauty hacks to improve that full glam beat. After all, what better occasion is there to take it to the next level if not a party to end all parties?

You start strong with the glitz and glam of a beautiful fit, complete with a stunning pair of pumps. Your hair is giving in all the right ways, voluminous and bold. 

And you’re feeling confident as you prepare to beat your face into the most glamorous evening look there’s ever been. But it falls short.

Don’t be too disappointed! We promise you were doing a bang-up job until the lashes. Because for every trick and nuanced touch turning your face into an Aphrodite replica, you fell into the most common pitfall in the book — applying your lashes by hand.

We shudder at the thought, but as your resident fairy lash-mother, we would be beside ourselves if we didn’t step in and get you to the ball on time, looking all sorts of perfect. So put those hands away, girl! We’ve got something so much better in store for you.

And so, with all the magical power vested within us, we wave our magic wand that isn’t just any magic wand — it’s the Fuse Control® Wand. The rootinest-tootinest lash applicator tool this side of the Mississippi. And if you haven’t heard of this miraculous invention before now, buckle up, buttercup. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover before midnight!

What Is a Lash Applicator Tool?

If you don’t know about the Fuse Control® Wand or others of its ilk, let’s start by breaking down what a lash applicator tool is. In short, a lash applicator tool is any tweezer-esque tool created to make the application of your lashes as precise and seamless as possible. 

With your hands, the width and size of your fingertips can often block your precious view of the good work you’re trying to accomplish, resulting in an uneven, sticky, gluey mess. No fun. Not to mention the natural oils from your hands can ruin the strength of the bond just as quickly as you can apply it. 

As we’ve seen with the above example, running short on time for a big event or momentous occasion isn’t the ideal place for a lash-tastrophy. What was the solution to that? Lash applicator tools entered the chat.

Let’s face it, eyes are one of the important parts of your everyday function, and protecting them is just as important — if not more — as properly setting the falsies you’ve got. If you’re always going in to get the job done with your fingers, you’ll not only get a messy result, but you’ll also always be running the risk of poking, scratching, or pressing your eye in a way that you really don’t want.

The skin around the eyes is naturally missing certain compounds that make the rest of your skin healthy and strong. One wrong move or too many pulls of your eyelid, and you’ll be prematurely inviting those fine lines and wrinkles to set up a retirement residency — permanently. And to that, we say, “No, thank you!”

With a tool like our Fuse Control® Wand, those fears are practically archaic. We’ll get more into the details of the magic device in a bit, but first, let’s unpack some of the benefits of introducing an applicator tool into your arsenal, shall we?

Pros of Using a Lash Applicator Tool

There are more than a few benefits of using a lash applicator tool. While we might be a little biased towards the Fuse Control® Wand, an applicator tool of any variety is miles better than doing it bare-handed. 

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • They work for any and all lash types. Most people are familiar with the classic strip lash — a temporary falsie you can find in pretty much any beauty section at the store — but as the types of lashes and styles of them fan out, so does the difficulty of using your hands. You might get away with a fingertip applicator with a simple strip lash, but as you move into lashes like our Gossamer® Lashes, your fingers just aren’t cut it. 
  • They’re more precise than your hands. As you venture into more complex lash styles, precision is really going to count. Where a strip lash can hide along your natural lashes or a layer of eyeliner, lash segments like our Gossies® aren’t going to find hiding so easy. For a precise, pinpoint-accurate placement each and every time, a lash applicator is going to be able to get you there.
  • They’re specifically designed to fit the curve of lashes. We called them tweezer-esque above, and that’s true in the fashion in which they work (pinch and place), but lash applicators differ in that they have a curved tip that makes them perfect for gently handling any kind of lash. The applicator has a wider pinch-point for any size lash, whereas a normal set of tweezers will always only have a slanted and narrow tip.
  • They can be used for more than just placing the lashes. This feature is unique to lash styles that are semi-permanent, like our Gossamers®. One of the final steps of the application is what we call “fusing” the lashes in place. This is done with that curved, wide tip we mentioned — a tip our Fuse Control® Wand uses beautifully. 

How To Flawlessly Fuse Control

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, you might wonder what “fusing” is and how you can experience it for a longer and more flawless final lash. You’ll be happy to note we’ve anticipated your curiosity and have provided our own “how-to” guide below. 

If you’re itching to start implementing the Fuse Control® Wand into your lash application, let’s get into it. 

  1. With your newly acquired set of Gossies, be it Bold Gossamer® Lashes from the Core Collection™ or a more complex set of Plushy Tame Gossamers®, gently remove each lash segment using the Fuse Control® Wand’s curved tip.

  2. You can place each segment on The Lash Pad if you have one to keep them stationary while you work, or you can take the Gossies® straight from the package to placement on the underside of your lash line, which you’ve properly coated in Whisper Light™ Bond.

  3. After each lash segment has been placed where you desire, it’s time for the fun part!

  4. To “fuse” your lashes into a semi-permanent hold that’ll last you anywhere from a week to 10 days, turn the Fuse Control® Wand until the curve of the tip matches the curve of your lash line and gently fuse the bond with a gentle press of the applicator on both sides of the lashes for three to five seconds. 

  5. Once your lash application is complete, use your Fuse Control® Wand to re-fuse your bond at any point during the lash’s wear with this same process.

          The beautiful part about the Fuse Control® Wand compared to other lash application tools is the unique curvature of the wand’s body. The sleek design was made to fit perfectly against the curves of your eye and cheekbone, allowing you to get as close a fuse as you can possibly get. Precision is power!

          Perfectly Precise Lashes

          We don't know what'll do the trick if you’re not sold on the difference a lash applicator tool can make in your lash process. Maybe it’s to tell you the Fuse Control Wand’s capabilities are also available in a more petite package in the form of the Petite Eye Fuse Control® Wand. Or maybe we should mention that we have the perfect travel iteration for this tool in the form of the Birdie Wand™. 

          Convinced yet? We promise if you make this small change to your routine, your routine will Change Your Lash Life™ in return. We don’t know about you, but anything that can make the lash process you love more enjoyable in our book is worth it.

          Your skin will be thanking you as time goes by, too, because the less you stretch and manipulate the delicate skin around your eyes, the better you’ll look and feel in the long run. Don’t forget about us 10 years down the line when your eyes are wrinkle-free and looking better than ever!


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