The Truth about the Lashify system.

The Truth About the Lashify System by Laura B.

There's so much hype about this brand. Why? How can something be OH so amazing, The skeptic in me was viewing all the ladies gushing about their lashes like they are either getting paid or they must be drinking some really good Kool-Aid. I wasn't sure if i was frightened or drawn.

How good could some lash system be and what exactly is a Lash System anyway and why has Lashify made is such a thing?

So I finally took the dive when I confirmed I could get a refund. I figured I was happy to pay the shipping and handling fees, that's a small investment. 

I was excited when my package arrived. Due to Covid, there was a bit of a delay but I was prepared. When the box arrived I noted that I was feeling an excitement that I hadn't felt since... I couldn't remember since when. My heart was racing as I unwrapped what felt like the greatest gift to myself. Meanwhile note:  I haven't even opened anything yet, I'm experiencing all this giddiness based on the excitement this brand emanates.  I open the box and inside I see the most impeccable, luxurious packaging i had seen in a while. Details, details and details. Nobody was being cheap, You could tell immediately by the packaging that you were in for an "experience."  I felt special. That alone felt like it was worth the price.