Fighting Counterfeits - Lashify Dupes


Lashify® is at the forefront of lash technology with over 175 patents and trademarks worldwide, making fighting counterfeits exceptionally important.  We dedicate a substantial amount of time and financial and human resources to the fight against counterfeit producers in the United States, Asia, and all over the world. Lashify® defends its intellectual property rights including, but not limited to: utility patents, design patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Our intellectual property is of the utmost concern when it comes to counterfeits, as well as helping protect consumers from products that may pose risks and damage to their eye health. Fighting counterfeits also means protecting our brand and identity: our voice, tonality, creativity, design and quality of products. 


Lashify® vigorously protects its intellectual property and takes legal action against any parties involved in the violation of patent infringement, including those promoting counterfeit product. Any party willfully copying Lashify’s technology without license is subject to legal action. Lashify® also conducts investigations, raids, and takes court actions against those involved at all levels in the counterfeit supply chain: manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Lashify® constantly monitors the internet for websites and ecommerce marketplaces selling counterfeit goods or giving visibility to counterfeits. We have proven and continue to be successful in taking down continental and intercontinental manufacturing plants that produce counterfeits, as well as websites and sales channels promoting counterfeits. At any given time, Lashify® is involved in multiple lawsuits against counterfeiters in order to ensure enforcement and our continued effort to stop the creation, manufacturing, sale, distribution, and promotion of counterfeit goods. 



Lashify® is committed to the on-going education of consumers on the injustices and bad business practices associated with counterfeits which often includes criminal activity, and forced or child labor. For any questions, or to report a counterfeit, please contact our anti-counterfeit team: