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The Best Monolid Eyelash Extensions

Well ladies, if you have a monolid eye shape, I have the perfect solution for you to customize your lash look to compliment your eye and to better fit the shape of your eye…Lashify! The best DIY lash extension system ever created and the only authentic one! 

Posted by Aimee Regur on 06 August, 2021


There are six eye shapes, each one of them different. Monolid eyes have unique challenges and obstacles to creating vibrant and sultry makeup looks, lashes included. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite lashes here at Lashify® for the monolid eye shape. Keep scrolling to find your new go-to lashes.

1. Drama Gossamer Lashes




With our signature cross-weave style that creates a more voluminous final look, the Drama Gossamer® Lashes are perfect for a staple eye moment. The curl is as dramatic as the name of the lash, with thicker two-ply fibers to aid it. 

If lashes are the centerfold of your makeup looks, go all out with Drama Gossamers. 

2. Fluffy Gossamer Lashes




The Fluffy Gossamer Lashes are a fan favorite among lash lovers. The full-bodied fluff of these lashes is true to form with a design meant to give added dimension. With a stronger curl, these lashes may come across as shorter, but we assure you, these lashes are anything but lacking. They’re perfect for everyday glam.

3. Plushy Gossamer Lashes




These Plushy Gossamer Lashes are the most luxurious lashes we have on offer. With the finest lash fibers that Lashify could conjure up, these lashes will leave you feeling regal and bold. If you’re looking for an easy statement lash that could work for you for any and all makeup looks (or with a bare face), then these lashes are perfect for you.

4. Amplify Plus+ Gossamer Lashes


If you thought our initial collection of lashes was stunning, just wait until you get your hands on our Plus+ collection. With our Plus+ lashes, you get bigger, bolder, and longer-lasting lashes that will have you coming back for even more. 

With our Amplify Plus+ Gossamer Lashes, you’ll be sporting an even more delicate and long curl. This is our longest lash map ever, so get ready to have secured lashes for weeks on end. This is the ultimate lash for airy, everyday luxury that will leave you feeling put together with nothing else needed.

5. Starburst™ Gossamer Lashes




Inspired by the incredible minds of Marlon Monroe (the pinching technique mastermind) and Wayne Goss (the requester of a “starburst Cindy Crawford Lash”), these Starburst Gossamer Lashes deliver the ultimate combination of volume and texture. 

Mix and match the way you apply these gossamers to achieve your preferred look. Rock the spiky texture with a multi-layered and multi-lash look that will give you a unique and powerful end result. 

6. Gemini Gossamer Lashes




The Gemini Gossamer Lashes make use of the thickest lash fibers Lashify has. The ultimate curl queen, Gemini will last you all day, while giving you an unyielding and durable wispy look. 

Its ability to fan into the popular piece-y lash look will have you saying “Yes, please!” each and every time. Don’t settle for less when all the more you could want is right in front of you.


Monolid eyes are beautiful. Have fun trying different lashes to see what works for you! 


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