When you’re trying to decide which lash style best compliments your eyes, it’s best to know which of the different eye shapes you have. Just like a pair of high-waisted mom jeans might look the best on a certain body type (not me!), different lash looks will look best on specific eye shapes.

Let’s talk specifically about a monolid eye. This eye shape is a great canvas when it comes to lashes! How do you know if you have a monolid? Great question!! A monolid is an eyelid shape that appears to lack a crease that separates the eyelid into two parts. Some people have a hard time differentiating between a monolid and a hooded eyelid. A hooded eyelid is different than a monolid because hooded eyes have an actual fold of skin that covers the eyelid.

People with monolids tend to have a harder time wearing a strip lash as the band is often times too curved to suit the straighter lashline of a monolid eye. Well ladies, if you have a monolid eye shape, I have the perfect solution for you to customize your lash look to compliment your eye and to better fit the shape of your eye…..LASHIFY! Lashify allows you to mix & match your lash styles to build a lash map that fits your personality, your mood, AND your eye shape! Plus you can wear this map for up to 10 days!!

So you have a monolid eyeshape?

Lucky you!! Monolids tend to be an open canvas when it comes to lashes. The magic of lashes on monolid eyes is that you can start to create the illusion of a crease on the eye.

Before we talk about lash maps and styles that compliment a monolid eye, let’s discuss the curl of a monolid natural lash. More often than not, the lashes of a monolid eye shape tend to grow downward as the heavier eyelids press on the roots of the natural lashes. A lot of customers worry that a Lashify gossamer will not be able to be used because of this. Well, worry not! The natural lash will submit to the curl of whatever gossamer you place on top.

Pro Lashify tip


Use the Lashicurl, our heated lash curler, on the lowest heat setting to curl your lashes beforehand. Don’t have the Lashicurl? Then you are missing out but….you can always curl your lash beforehand using a traditional eyelash curler.
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Okay, let’s talk lash mapping.

Here are a few things to remember when building your perfect Monolid Lash Map!

1. Curl
When it comes to a monolid eye, curl is something that helps OPEN the eye up and helps create the illusion of a larger lid. A lash style with a strong curl is beautiful for this particular eye shape. Lashify’s curl system is different than traditional lash extensions because it is placed on the underside of your lash. I would suggest for a natural lash look to use our Bold (B) or Curl (C) lash style and for a volume look to utilize our gossamers in the styles of Ds, Es, EEs, or FX.

2. Length.
The lash lengths you choose depends on the lash look you are going for. If you want a wing you’ll use longer lashes towards the outer corner, if you want an open eye look you will use longer lashes towards the center of the eye. It’s important to remember when mapping for a monolid eye that often the inner corner of the eye can get covered by heavy eyelids. For this reason you may want to try a lash style that is 1-2mm longer in the inner corner than you’re used too so that the lash is visible.

3. Longevity.
Looking for your lashes to stay all week? If you’re new to Lashify it’s important for you to know that oils are what break apart our flexible bonds. So, with that being said, often times clients with monolids have a thicker skin on their eyelids. This can mean that their lid will touch the gossamers more often than other eye shapes might. This may result in natural oils being released from the skin affecting lash longevity. A great way to avoid this is through the use of a shadow primer on the eyelid to absorb the excess oil or by cleaning your lashes and lids daily using Lashify’s Pre-cleanse.

Now that you are an expert on your Monolid eye shape. It’s time to get LASH MAPPING!!! Here are some great Lashify lash maps for a monolid eye shape ranging from the most natural look all the way to a full, dramatic lash look!

6 Perfect Lash Maps for Monolid Eyes

Short, Natural Look

Suggested Lash Map:

c10, c12, c12, c12, b14, b14

Bold, Natural Wing Look

Suggested Lash Map:

Base layer: b12, b14, b14, b14, b16, b16
Stack 1: c10, c10, c10, c10

Bold, Open Eye Look

Suggested Lash Map:

b14, b16, b18, b18, b16, b14

Fluffy, Voluminous Look

Suggested Lash Map:

d10, f12, f14, f14, f16, f14

Curled, Voluminous Look

Suggested Lash Map:

d10, fx12, fx14, e16, e16, e18

Bold, Dramatic Open Eye Look

Suggested Lash Map:

d10, d14, d16, b18, d16, d14


Not too sure if you have a Monolid eye shape? No worries, head over to our blog post on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape to figure out what shape best describes your eyes.

Not too sure if you have a Monolid eye shape? No worries, head over to our blog post on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape to figure out what shape best describes your eyes.

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