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The 7 Best Eyelash Looks for Monolid Eyes

Well ladies, if you have a monolid eye shape, I have the perfect solution for you to customize your lash look to compliment your eye and to better fit the shape of your eye…Lashify! The best DIY lash extension system ever created and the only authentic one! 

Posted by Aimee Regur on 06 August, 2021


The windows of your soul are unique to you, and even though no two sets of eyes are alike, eye shapes are usually categorized by how much of the lid is visible and the overall outline of the eye itself. 

Most experts (including beauty editors and eye doctors) agree that there are roughly six eye shapes. No matter what kind of eyes you have, you can probably figure out easily which type you have and then learn to wear your makeup and style your lashes to enhance them. 

One type of eye that can be difficult to style is the monolid eye shape. Monolid eyes present a  unique challenge because they do not have a visible crease in the lid. They’re also often accompanied by short, straight lashes that can make lash enhancement difficult.

At Lashify, we’re team #alleyes, and if you have monolids, we’ve got some gorgeous looks that will help you learn to style your monolid eye shape. Get ready, we’re about to give you the top seven favorite lash styles for your monolid eyes.

1. Drama Gossamer Lashes




Why let hooded eyes have all the deep, sultry drama? Lashify Extreme2 Gossamer Lashes are designed to give you loads of volume, curl, and crossweave drama without the need for a ton of sticky glue. 

E2 Gossamer lashes feature Lashify’s new Griptex Technology™, giving these Gossamers a flat, textured Spine base that easily interlocks with natural lashes for a tighter hold. Straight, short lashes can be characteristic of monolids and Asian eye types, and this type of lash can make it impossible for you to use some longer volume-heavy lashes. 

E2 Gossamer lashes are the perfect solution for getting the voluminous, dramatic false eyelashes you want without sacrificing comfort or hold. To apply, you’ll follow the same techniques as you do for other Gossamer lash application, but scoop under your lashes closer to your waterline for a better fit. 

If lashes are the centerfold of your makeup looks, go all out with E2 Gossamer lashes.

2. Fluffy Gossamer Lashes




These lashes are great for creating volume without weight. Consider these the at-home solution for salon lashes that are typically a C curl. If you want added curl and dimension, try the Fluffy FX Gossamer Lashes, which have the same features as the Fluffy Gossamers but with a tighter curl and slightly more amplified fiber. 

Both styles are available in three different colors and four lengths, so you can get the perfect amount of amplification for your eyes. If your natural lashes are straight, try curling them before you apply these lashes. The Lashicurl® silicone heated lash curler helps curl your lashes away from your lash line without crimping, pinching, or damaging them. 

3. Plushy Gossamer Lashes




These Plushy Gossamer Lashes are the most luxurious lashes we have on offer. With the finest lash fibers that Lashify could conjure up, these lashes will leave you feeling regal and bold. If you’re looking for an easy statement lash that could work for you for any and all makeup looks (or with a bare face), then these lashes are perfect for you.

4. Amplify Plus+ Gossamer Lashes


If you thought our initial collection of lash extensions was stunning, just wait until you get your hands on our Plus+ collection. The Lashify Plus + Gossamer Collection features featherlight versions of our original Curl, Amplify, Drama, and Bold Gossamer lashes. 

These lashes took us six years to perfect, and they work great as base layers, outer corner, and inner corner lashes and are also great for stacking. If you aren’t familiar with stacking, check out our section on lash mapping

This technique helps you build dramatic lash looks by combining different lash sets and styles. Using the Plus + Collection just makes sense when lash mapping because the lightweight comfort these Gossamers provide helps you easily build and overlap other lashes without adding weight.  

Pro tip: When applying your lashes for more volumized looks (like you do with lash mapping), try different types of Bonding techniques to help you get maximum wear. Daily wear Bonding, Frosting, and Frosting with Bondage Bond are three methods that can help you get longer wear from your falsies without a lot of heavy products or added weight. 

5. Starburst™ Gossamer Lashes




Inspired by the incredible minds of Marlon Monroe (the pinching technique mastermind) and Wayne Goss (the requester of a “starburst Cindy Crawford Lash”), these Starburst Gossamer Lashes deliver the ultimate combination of volume and texture. 

Mix and match the way you apply these gossamers to achieve your preferred look. Rock the spiky texture with a multi-layered and multi-lash look that will give you a unique and powerful end result. 

For even more play, try the Stardust Gossamer. Everything you love about the Starburst combined with the curl of our C lashes gives you the ultimate in Starburst lashes with a tighter, more noticeable curl for a big impact on monolid eyes.

6. Gemini Gossamer Lashes



The Gemini Gossamer Lashes make use of the thickest lash fibers Lashify has. The ultimate curl queen, Gemini will last you all day while giving you an unyielding and durable wispy look. 

Its ability to fan into the popular piece-y lash look will have you saying “Yes, please!” each and every time. Don’t settle for less when all the more you could want is right in front of you. Fanned and piecey, these lashes come in black and minx and are available in six different lengths. Keep in mind that these lashes are considered advanced. Beginners should wait to use these Gossamers until they’re comfortable applying Core Gossamer lashes first. 

Additionally, Gemini lashes are thick and might be heavier on thinner, more fragile lashes. The best false lashes are the ones that you can wear comfortably, so if these don’t work for you, we promise there’s a Gossamer that will. 

7. I-Line™ Gossamer Lash 

Even though monolids tend to have more eyelid real estate, the eyes themselves may be smaller, making it difficult to use eyeliner to create desirable winged looks. We’ve got the perfect winged eyeliner solution to help small eyes perfect a cat-eye look. 

The new Lashify I-Line Gossamer is our first-ever pre-mapped set of Gossamer lashes. This set gives you the look of a perfectly winged liner by using perfectly angled patterns to create the illusion of eyeliner. The criss-cross, crossweave pattern helps give you a natural look while convincing everyone that you’re an ace with liquid liner. 

Why Lashify Works for Monolids

If you’re new to the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System, there are a few important facts you should know about why many people with monolids use our system instead of any other. 

Our Bonds

Your natural lashes are important, and if you have monolids, you may already have lashes that are sparse. Fake lashes are notorious for harming your natural lashes, and a lot of that has to do with lash glue. Lash glue usually contains chemicals like formaldehyde and cyanoacrylates, which can cause your natural lashes to harden and become brittle. 

Lashify doesn’t use glues. Instead, we use Bonds. Our Bonds are formulated more like nourishing lash serums, with biotin and lavender to keep your lashes healthy and nourished. Our Bonds also never fully harden, which allows your Gossamer lashes to bend and move with your natural lashes to avoid breakage. 

Our Eyelash Extensions

Our Gossamer eyelash extensions work better for almost every eye shape, including monolids. Gossamer lashes are a cross between a strip lash and a cluster lash. 

Each Gossamer lash has numerous lash fibers attached to a weightless Spine-style lash band. This helps distribute the weight of the lashes across several of your natural lashes, ensuring you get plenty of volume without weighing down fragile lashes. 

Our Application 

Gossamer lashes are applied using Underlash Technology™. This means you’ll apply your Gossamer lashes beneath your natural lashes, close to your waterline. 

This type of application is more forgiving for novices and also feels more comfortable while you’re wearing them. Placing your Gossamer lashes is easy, but we have plenty of tutorials to help you if you get stuck. 

Our Gossamer lashes are also cruelty-free and made from 100% Korean PBT silk, which mimics the feel of real lashes or mink lashes without any animal involvement. Bottom line: Gossamer lashes are the perfect lashes for adding fluttery length and incredible volume.

Getting started with The Lashify System is easy; you just need to grab the Control Kit.

Take Control of Your Style

Our best-selling Gossamer lashes are at your fingertips, and getting started with the Lashify system is as easy as clicking “add to cart” on your fully customizable Control Kit. Each kit comes with: 

Two Sets of Gossamer Lashes

There are numerous different Gossamer lash styles to choose from. To start building your very own lash wardrobe, you’ll get to pick two styles from our Curl, Amplify, or Bold collections. Choose the length and color that works best for your lashes and lids. 

You can also build your own customizable lash looks by lash mapping, or check out the Lash Maps built by some of our lash professionals. 

Fuse Control® Wand

When we designed our Gossamer lashes, we knew we needed to give users a comfortable, easy way to apply them. That meant a way to get tweezers out of their hands. 

The Fuse Control Wand is our ergonomically designed device that helps you easily get your Gossamer lashes off of their cartridge and onto your lashes with ease. Designed to hug the curve of your eyelid and feel comfortable in your hand, it’s also available in different colors and even in a travel size so you can do your lashes on the go. 

For smaller hands and faces, try the Petit Curve Wand, which is designed on a smaller scale.

One Set of Wandoms®

Because Lashify Bonds never fully cure, you’ll need to protect the tips of your Fuse Control Wand with Wandoms. These tiny coverlets ensure that your Gossamer lashes don’t get stuck to your wand during application. They are reusable for several applications and are essential for your Lashify system. 

Whisper Light Bond™

We offer several different Bonds, and Whisper Light is our most popular. This Bond has a dual tip, providing you with both black and clear bond so you can be sure you get enough Bond on your lashes without anyone ever noticing. 

Whisper Light never clumps or dries visibly, so you’ll always have clean, beautiful lashes, even if you use it for touch-ups. 

Glass Finishing Coat

Gossamer lashes are designed to be worn for up to 10 days with proper care, and you can extend the lifespan of your Gossamer lashes with a finishing coat. Glass Finishing Coat works like a sealant that helps protect your Bonds while you sleep or while you’re outdoors in a humid climate. 


We love samples, so we’re packing two into every Control Kit. You’ll get a sample of Pre Cleanse, our Japanese Cleansing Water that helps prep your natural lashes for Gossamer application and also doubles as a face wash, and Melt Away, our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover. 

Melt Away helps you easily slide your Gossamer lashes from your natural lashes when you’re ready to remove them. 

Everything you need comes in one easy, convenient, and hard case to keep your tools and Gossamer lashes safe and ensure you always know where your lash tools are located. 


Monolid eyes are beautiful. With a little finesse, you can style your eyes and get great looks you love. Lashify is your one-stop for great lashes, no matter what type of eye shape you have. Have fun trying different lashes to see what works for you! 


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