LashifyPro™ Feature: Lexi Herbon

Posted by Vanessa Huete on 12 January, 2024

LashifyPro™ Feature: Lexi Herbon

Did you know that Lashify has a Pro program?!? It’s more than just a simple discount for professionals. The program allows beauty professionals to learn the latest in lash technology, and to incorporate Lashify into their business by providing incremental revenue and to spread the Lashify gospel! 

Every day, new beauty professionals join the ranks of Lashify Certified Professionals! The Pro team has interviewed a few pros to hear how it’s going. Here is what Lexi Herbon, Esthetician and Lash Tech, had to say.

Lexi Herbon

How have you incorporated Lashify into your business? 

I have added Lashify as another option to the lash services I offer, as a “mid level extension” and as a lash upgrade option for brides getting their makeup done. Oftentimes they will come in and get them done the day before for the rehearsal dinner, then they have them for the wedding, and for the honeymoon as well. I am also starting to think of offering lessons on how to apply them, and giving out my link for them to purchase more if it's something that they want to learn how to do on their own.


How has it improved you as an artist or business?

It has given me another option to offer people that are not wanting to commit to the time and money of traditional lash extensions, but are wanting some sort of enhancement before trips or events. It has improved my bridal makeup, as it is more seamless and customizable than a strip lash, and has added longevity. Brides are getting such high definition close up photos, it's nice to not be worried about a strip lifting in the corners. From a makeup artist's, stand point it's nice to get the lash enhancement without losing space on the lid.


What do you love most about LashifyPro?  

I LOVE them for myself, I will never not have these on. I feel so confident, beautiful and barely need any other makeup on. I love that I feel super confident with the system now and I am able to apply them on myself and pretty much anybody. I know what to expect, I know how to sell them, I know how to tell people to care for them, and I love that I get a pro discount to be able to provide many different variations at my spa and also for my own use. They accentuate your eyes, you're able to be creative and achieve different looks for different events. I love the way they make people feel, all while being pretty low maintenance. From being such a heavy lash extension provider, it's nice to have this system for people looking for more drama that just do not have the natural lashes to hold a bolder extension.  


What has been the client's response? 

The client response has been great overall. People like the convenience of popping in for a quick appointment and getting a similar look to extensions. People also like that they have another option besides getting a full set of extensions for something and then just letting them all fall off gradually because they are not committed to the upkeep. It seems like some people like to have the option of getting them, but also like the option to just take them off and rub their eyes. I think the biggest thing is people learning how to sleep with them. The only feedback I have received is that some people are, unfortunately, just too rough with their eyes or are crazy sleepers so they do not get the longevity they were hoping for.


What advice would you give to a pro starting out?

I was hesitant about using it in my business, not because of anything against the system - I'm absolutely obsessed with Lashify for myself, but a big part of my clientele is lash extensions, and I didn't want to take away from that business. I realized that Lashify is a great makeup upgrade and it's great for people that aren't wanting to keep up extensions. I don’t feel like I'm offering another option that takes away from my lash extension business. People feel so beautiful and confident! 

Also keep at it - sometimes it takes a little bit to know what would look good on somebody and what bonding method works best. Figure out a method that works best for you. Sometimes it's trial and error. I suggest writing down what you use on people, and start with a "base set / starting point" and then go from there. I also think using the system on yourself is super important. You can try different things and you learn a lot when you’re doing your own lashes all the time. 

Thank you, Lexi, for sharing with us! We look forward to our continued partnership and your success in offering Lashify in your business!

I’m a Beauty Professional, how do I join Lashify Pro?

  1. Go to and buy our e-course for $350.
  2. Submit your credentials for review.
  3. After we review your credentials, we will enroll you into our e-course. The e-course is quick and requires you to complete 12 lessons, 1 quiz, and send in 1 video submission of you applying Lashify to someone else.
  4. After we review your credentials, you will receive $250 redeemable in our LashifyPro Shop (so technically you are purchasing the e-course for $100!!). You can use this to buy a Starter Kit if you don't have any product to use for your video submission at the end of the e-course, or hold onto it for once you're Certified and use it in conjunction with your new discount!
  5. Take the e-course, submit your video submission and unlock all the exciting PRO PERKS!!!

LashifyPro Perks

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