Posted by Jill Medicis on 16 June, 2023


Lashify® is a luxury DIY Lash Extension system that gives you the tools you need to create gorgeous lashes in the comfort of your home. Our award-winning system is user friendly and saves you both time and money. Lashify launched in 2018 and has since revolutionized the beauty industry. With over 285 patents worldwide, this carefully thought-out system ensures that you have everything you need to apply lashes without the worry of damage to the natural lashes, any irritation, or discomfort. 


Wondering how to start with Lashify? Then you’re in the right place. Meet the Control Kit®, your key to total lash control. Our kit is designed for beginners and includes everything you need to get started.


What's Inside the Control Kit?


The Control Kit is available with a few different options that allow you to customize your kit to match your dream lash preferences. Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s inside!!


Control Kit:

The Control Kit is available in two different colors. White or Black. Both options contain the same items inside. The only difference is the color of the kit and the color of the wand. When purchasing the White Control Kit you receive a Hologram Fuse Control Wand®. When purchasing the Black Control Kit you receive the Bronze Fuse Control Wand


Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond®:


Inside every Control Kit you receive our dual-sided Whisper Light Bond. This double-sided bond comes with black on one side and clear on the other. The black side has a micro-mascara wand applicator and the clear side has a precision tip applicator. The option of the applicators is great for beginners to find what application style they like best. All of the Lashify bonds are flexible to allow the natural lash to grow and thrive while you wear Lashify. The bonds are also free of any harsh chemicals – no cyanoacrylates, no formaldehyde, and no latex. The bond was designed to be made for even the most sensitive eyes, which means ZERO reactions!!


Fuse Control Wand®:


The Fuse Control Wand is the foundation of the entire Lashify system. Without this wand, you are unable to achieve an application. WIth the purchase of the Control Kit you have the option to purchase the Classic Fuse Control® Wand or the Petit Fuse Control® Wand. The Classic wand is great for someone with a round, almond, or protruding eye. The Petit wand has a 10% reduced curve at the tip which makes it perfect for someone with a smaller eye, monolid eye, or a flatter profile. All wands are ergonomically designed to wrap the eye and fit over the curves of your face. It is designed to cause ZERO damage to the natural lash. It features a horizontal clamp force at the tip of the wand. This even pressure is what keeps your lashes on and ensures zero damage. 




Our Wandoms are perfect for beginners as they help with ease of application as you start to understand the bonds and their drying times. They are great for providing a cushiony, thick fuse.


Glass Finishing Coat:


The perfect way to seal your lashes and help increase wear time. Glass removes excess tackiness and creates a water-resistant seal. I always compare Glass to when you go and get your car waxed and then it rains the next day and the water beads off. That’s what Glass does for the lash. It repels moisture and oils. 


Gossamer® Lashes:


With the purchase of our V1 Control Kit you receive not 1, not 2, but 3 Gossamer® Lash cartridges. We provide you with 3 cartridges in the lengths of 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. This way you can create a variety of lash maps and determine what lengths you prefer. If you want shorter than 10mm, we have 8mm lashes. If you think you can go longer than 14mm, we have lashes as long as 22mm!! 


You get to choose from 3 styles of lashes. Our Amplify, Bold, or Core. All provide a natural lash look – replicating your lashes, but better. Amplify gives you a natural lash look with a soft curl. Our Bold gives you a lash look that mimics a light coat of mascara. Our Curl gives you a natural lash look but with a strong curl - similar to if you went to a salon and got a lash lift. All are GREAT options!!


Options: Amplify, Bold, Curl


Gossamer® Lash Storage Case:


The box that everything comes inside also doubles as a storage case for your new Gossamer® Lash collection! This storage case holds up to 12 lash cartridges because we already know you’re going to need MORE LASHES to fuel your new addiction. 




We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible when you start out with Lashify, so with the Control Kit purchase, you receive a sample of our Pre-Cleanse to prep and a sample of our Melt Away to remove. You literally receive EVERYTHING you need (and then some) to start lashing. 


The V1 Control Kit is a value of $203 and it retails for $$145… talk about a deal!


Lashify Control Kit





Now that we know which kit you want here are my top 10 tips for first time application!!

  1. Take your time!! Don’t rush. Apply to one eye at a time. Remember that Whisper Light bond has a long drying time so you don’t need to feel pressure to move quickly. 
  2. Prep your lashes – be sure to remove any excess oil prior to applying! Oil breaks apart the bond so you’ll want to apply to clean, dry lashes.
  3. Practice Fusing - practice fusing and picking up Gossamer® Lashes prior to even applying any bond - this will make application that much smoother!!
  4. Bond - the key to bonding is using thin, light coats of bond and allowing each layer to get tacky! When you first start out we recommend applying 1 layer of bond and wearing them for the day. Once you understand application then you can start layering the bonds for extended wear time. 
  5. Mirror placement - looking down into your mirror will give the best view of the underside of the lash. This will help with lining up your Gossamer Lash spines. 
  6. Placement - place your lashes 1-2mm away from the waterline to extend wear time and ensure zero discomfort.
  7. Corner Lashes - leave out a few inner and outer corner lashes as they are shorter and more sparse. This will help give the eye a lifted appearance and will help extend wear time. 
  8. Fuse - ensure your Fuse Control wand is completely closed and fuse for 15-20 seconds to ensure pressure has been evenly distributed. 
  9. Sealing - wait 20-30 minutes to allow your lashes to set before sealing.
  10. Aftercare - avoid oils. Oil will break apart the bond and cause lifting of the lash. 


Longevity and long wear takes practice but then it becomes second nature. Before you sleep or shower in your lashes, practice 3 times. We find that after about 3 times, you will start to see an increase in wear time as you begin to understand how the bonds work and how to go about your aftercare!


Keep in mind that many don’t perfect Lashify on their first try, but many do. The first few times should be about getting placement right. Don’t get discouraged. Lashify is easy and is meant to be fun!!! Check out this Level 1 Application, with me, where I walk you through your very first time!! 

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