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Many beginners get it right on their first try; others don’t, but that’s okay. As with most things, mastering the art of Lashify takes practice and patience.

Posted by Meaghan Droney on 17 May, 2021


Lashify lets you Be Your Own Lash Tech™. With the Lashify Control Kit™, you will have all the tools you need to give yourself salon-quality lashes in 3 easy steps! 


Lashify Eyelash Extension Control Kit

When you purchase our award-winning and innovative Control Kit, you get:

1. A Fuse Control™ Wand

2. A set of Gossamer® Lashes in two lengths (12mm and 14mm)

3. A dual-sided Whisper Light™ bond for application in two colors (clear and black)

4. A Glass sealer

The Control Kit is designed for beginners; it’s all you’ll need to learn the Lashify system!  

To begin your Lashify journey, let’s get into the basics of choosing your Control Kit. 

We offer the Control Kit in two colors: black and white. Choose which color you want for your case and Fuse Control Wand. The black Control Kit includes our coveted Bronze wand, and the white Control Kit includes the fan-favorite Hologram wand.

The Gossamer lashes included in the Control Kit are available in three styles from our Core Collection for you to choose from in our best selling lengths (12mm and 14mm):

1. The Amplify ‘A’  kit gives an everyday and effortless look (most natural)
2. The Bold ‘B’ kit creates a mascara-like drama (thickest fiber)
3. The Curl ‘C’ kit delivers the strongest curl (ideal for monolid or hooded eyes)

    Lashify tip: Stack any of our Gossamer Core lashes to create volume!

    Ready for your glow-up the Lashify way? 

    Your Journey to Lash Success Begins Here

    Many beginners get it right on their first try; others don’t, but that’s okay. As with most things, mastering the art of Lashify takes practice and patience. After a few tries, you should be able to get the placement right, and then the real fun begins when you can finally explore different Lashify looks and pick your favorite! 

    Let’s begin your fabulous eyelash journey!


    Your eye area should be completely free of makeup and any other kind of skincare product. Your lashes and lids should be free of oils to ensure that the bond will properly adhere. Gently wipe your lashes and lids with our Pre-Cleanse using a lint-free cotton pad or a disposable mascara spoolie to create a clean canvas. 

    Step 1: Bond


    Lashify Step One Bond


    Use the Whisper Light in black to apply the bond: 

    1. Apply a light coat to the underside of your lashes, focusing just above the roots. Avoid brushing all the way to the tips to prevent clumping of your natural lashes. Work your way from the inner edge to the middle part and then the outer edge. And then wait 30 seconds to one minute. 
      Lashify Tip: If your lashes look overly wet, you may have applied too much bond. Use your fingertip or a clean mascara spoolie to dab off the excess bond. 
        2. Apply another coat, this time concentrating above the roots of your lashes. Wait 30 seconds to one minute. 
          Lashify Tip: The roots of your lashes is where the lashes grow out of your eyelid. 
            3. Use the Whisper Light in clear to add dots about 1mm to 2mm above the waterline. The dots will serve as your marker for where to attach the Gossamer lash. 

              Lashify Tip: The waterline is the flesh-colored line of skin between the eyelashes and the eye. It’s the thin area of the eyelid that directly touches the eyeball. 

              Lashify Tip: Avoid the waterline when applying the Gossamer lash as it will not properly adhere and will cause discomfort if attached to the waterline. 

              Lashify tip: Less is more. You don’t need to apply more bond for a stronger hold. And you don’t need to rush to place your Gossamer lashes before the bond dries. The bond has to be tacky so the Gossamer lashes will fuse better with your natural lashes. 


              Step 2: Gossamer Placement

              Lashify Step Two Apply

              1. Once the bond has dried clear and become tacky, remove the Gossamer lashes from the cartridge by gently gripping from the base using your fingertips. If you want to use the Fuse Control Wand, be sure to do so with Wandoms applied as it creates a cushion to protect the Gossamer lash.
                Lashify Tip: You’ll know that the bond has become tacky when you flutter your eyelashes and they feel sticky. 
                  2. Start applying the Gossamer on the underside of your natural lashes, a quarter of the way in from the inner edge working your way to the outer edge. Use the Whisper Light dots you applied earlier to guide you. 
                    Lashify Tip: Apply the inner corner Gossamer once you have finished applying the rest of your lashes. Oftentimes the inner corner lash isn’t needed. If you wish to apply one in the inner corner, it is easier to apply once you finish applying the rest as it’s hard to begin application at an angle. 
                      3. Remember that the Gossamer should be applied 1mm to 2mm above the waterline. The roots of your natural eyelashes should still be visible. This will allow your natural eyelashes to continue growing even while you’re wearing Lashify.  

                        Lashify tip: If you’re in a rush and need the bond to become tacky faster, you can use our Blow tool to fast-track the process. It’s sold separately on the website. You’ll find it as a handy accessory that makes the Lashify process go more smoothly every time! 


                        Step 3: Fuse


                        Lashify Step Three Fuse


                        1. Once you’re happy with the placement of your Gossamer lashes, you can start fusing. First, slip the Wandoms included in your Control Kit onto the tops of the wand for a non-stick fuse. There are two ways to fuse. The first is a “full fuse”, use the curved end of the wand to follow the curvature of the eyelid from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose and press down to “fuse” the Gossamers to your natural lashes. The second is a “reverse fuse”, which uses the curved end of the wand, facing backwards, to fuse individual Gossamer lashes.

                        2. Using Glass is optional. If you’d like to further seal, wait up to thirty minutes to apply Glass. Apply the seal to the underside of the Gossamer lashes, focusing on the Gossamer roots and quickly sweeping upward. 

                        And you’re done! Examine your finished look in the mirror and go ahead and snap a few selfies — or a hundred! 

                        Share your photos and experience with other Lashify users on the Lashify Life Facebook Group

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