The revolutionary and internationally patented Gossamer lash is once again redefining fake lashes, this time by bringing an even more intimate approach to the already seamless original Gossamer— via natural hues.

Say hello to the Intimates Collection: Ash, Ginger, Mink, and Truffle... the answer to a subtle, yet lusciously natural look for a no makeup, makeup lash. Get ready to put clumpy, black, mascara-clad lashes in the rear-view mirror. Blondes, redheads, strawberry blondes, and light brunettes of the world can now take refuge in a lash that lays bare their inner beauty.

Available in our best-selling Amplify and Curl styles and ranging in lengths from 8mm to 14mm, the Intimates Collection is perfect for getting up-close and personal... so incredibly close to your natural lash, that no one will ever tell the difference.

Let's break it down by color:

Ash: for the strawberry blonde with nothing to hide, this Gossamer is brown with a tinge of purplish-red, similar to volcanic ember.

Ginger: for the redhead who's been dreaming of natural hued lashes her entire life, this Gossamer won't let you get caught red-handed.

Mink: for the brunette who wants something delicate and incredibly natural, this Gossamer is various shades of brown.

Truffle: for the entire range of brunettes who have complex tones in their hair, this Gossamer is a delicious mixture of chocolate brown and black.

Through the Intimates Collection, the world of natural beauty is opened up to allow you to do what comes naturally... and be as naked as nature intended.