Can You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions? Will It Ruin the Lashes?

Can You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions? Will It Ruin the Lashes?

Simply put: No, you should not put mascara on your lash extensions, even if you technically can. Yes, most mascaras will ruin your lash extensions; however, a small handful may not damage your lashes if used carefully and you wash your lashes thoroughly after use. 

But why? Let’s talk about the details of how mascara will damage your lashes. Additionally, let’s talk about why you don’t need to use mascara in the first place if you’re using eyelash extensions. 

How Mascara Ruins Your Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions, like Gossamers, are extremely delicate. There are a few ways mascara can damage extensions:

The Tugging

Mascara is sticky before it dries (which hosts its own issues!), and the stickiness of the wand as it brushes over your lashes will snag and tug on the extensions. You probably already know that one of the cardinal rules of extension care is to never tug on your lashes, so why would you use a product that has to tug on your lashes to be applied? 

The Weighing 

Mascara is heavy on those delicate lashes! Applying mascara to your already-on Gossamers puts a ton of undue pressure on the fibers and the bonds. You likely won’t get the full 10 days of wear out of a single application. Since Whisper Light doesn’t cure completely to protect the roots of your lashes, this extra weight will force the spine of the Gossamer to rotate and loosen the bond at the lash line gradually. Then, by the time they come off, the actual fibers of the Gossamer will be misshapen because of the force. 

The Drying

Many mascaras are extremely drying. There are so many chemicals you don’t want near your eyes (or your Gossamers, for that matter) in mascaras. As you may expect, different brands and formulas contain different ingredients, so not every mascara will have the same chemical mix, which is another reason to always read the cosmetics ingredients before you put them on. 

The Scrubbing 

Let’s talk aftercare. You already know that Gossamers are reusable, unlike traditional, professionally-applied extensions. To extend the overall lifespan of your Gossamers, you need to keep them clean, which demands a gentle little lash bath in precleanse between wears. However, when you apply mascara to your lashes, your Gossamers become more difficult to clean, which may result in more aggressive or time-consuming scrubbing. The harder you scrub on your lashes, the faster they’ll get worn out. 

Why You Don’t Even Need Mascara With Extensions

The purpose of extensions is to replace mascara. They’re a more permanent solution with a more seamless result. You can feel free to pitch your old mascara when your Gossamers arrive on your doorstep. 

If you look at your Gossamers and want them to be longer and fuller, don’t turn to mascara. Instead, browse the catalog and select a different, fuller style. Yes, purchasing new Gossamers is a cost, but putting mascara on your Gossamers would be the same as throwing away the investment you already made!

For a bolder, more voluminous look, look for more dramatic extensions like volume or mega-volume lash extensions. When considering adding some volume to your Gossamer collections, consider the Extreme or Extra Extreme Gossamer

The Extra Extreme Gossamer features a strong curl, like the curliest we have to date! Unlike other Gossamers, this style comes in odd and even sizes because even one millimeter makes a difference. This style pairs super well with core Gossamers like Curl and Bold to create a dramatic yet natural look.

Aiming for greater length? Maybe a wispy look? Try the Starburst Gossamer. It offers variation in length and layers in each Gossamer to deliver eye-catching length, volume, and texture in one glamorous lash. Its lack of uniformity makes it appear even more natural, and it pairs perfectly with classic lashes to add the extra volume you would usually get from mascara — but better. 

Want to get greater volume with the classic lashes rather than try the volume collection? Try different stacking techniques, like volume stacking, length stacking, and brick stacking. For example, in volume stacking, you apply a second layer of Gossamers after fully fusing your first layer. Apply this second layer spine to spine with the first layer, and finish it off with a reverse. 

If You're Going to Wear Mascara Anyway

We’re begging you to only apply the mascara to your natural lashes. Never, ever, ever apply any mascara to your Gossamers. The tugging and drying that come with the mascara application and removal process will invariably damage your Gossamers, no matter the brand. 

The only mascara you should consider putting anywhere near your Gossamers (again, on your natural lashes only, not directly on your extensions!) is water-based mascara. 

Water-based mascaras typically won’t result in excess fallout, lash clumping, or other damage to your natural lashes. These formulas are easier to remove and can be washed away with a more gentle cleaner since it’s water-soluble. 

We recommend water-based mascaras even without extensions because water-based mascaras are best for overall lash and eye health. Water-based mascaras are great for people with allergies, dry or sensitive eyes, sensitive skin, and those who wear contact lenses. 

However, these mascaras smudge easily and don’t last very long; many water-based brands only get you less than a day’s worth of wear. 

Read labels carefully to ensure you’re getting a 100% water-based product; don’t purchase a mixed-variety mascara, which combines water- and oil-based formulas and will still expose your lash extensions to oil. Mascaras that claim to be lengthening or thickening are often oil-based, so be sure to read the labels. 

If you still need to wear mascara on top of your lash extensions, at least use a safer mascara type, but do so sparingly — don’t make a habit out of it.

Avoid These Mascaras at All Costs

Some mascaras should go nowhere near your Gossamers. Remember, before applying your Gossamers, you want to start with clean and dry eyes — no oil or debris, like mascara, that could prevent the Whisper Light from forming a solid bond. 

You should keep several mascaras off your natural lashes (and certainly off your Gossamers!) to get the most wear out of your lashes and protect them from damage. 


This extremely popular type of mascara is no friend of falsies. The same hydrophobic qualities that make the product waterproof also make them extremely drying to your extensions, resulting in brittle and breaking extensions. 

Who are the culprits of the drying? Dimethicone copolyol (aka silicone) and Teflon (just like the stuff on frying pans). Dimethicone copolyol dries out your lashes and leaves you with flaky, itchy, irritated eyes. 


Absolutely not! Oil is the enemy of a strong bond. In our lash tutorials, we explain that you want to avoid using any product that contains oil around your eyes and keep the area clean of natural oils to ensure a strong bond, so any oil-based mascara would be strictly off-limits. 

Since oil breaks down the bond, oil may be found in lash extension removers. You probably don’t want mascara that will make your extensions fall off. 


Fiber mascaras are full of rayon, silk, and nylon fibers, which won’t play nicely with your Gossamers' premium Korean PBT silk. The microscopic fibers in this mascara are nearly impossible to remove and will damage your extensions by causing fiber fallout. 


What is tubing mascara? This mascara literally forms tubes around your individual lashes to make them appear longer and thicker. If you weren’t wearing extensions, there’s nothing wrong with this mascara; however, with extensions, it presents a huge problem! Those tubes won’t release from the falsie fibers! 

Final Verdict 

Don’t wear mascara with your extensions. 

Extensions are intended to replace mascara. You can use one or the other, but never both. Extensions can give you more realistic, natural lashes — or more extreme, dramatic volume if that’s what you’re after — than mascara ever could. 

If you find you want to modify your lash look, don’t turn to mascara; turn to the experts at Lashify to help you discover a new lash map and maybe select some new Gossamers in a different style. 

Aside from diminishing the quality of their appearance, mascara will damage your extensions more often than not. You paid good money for your extensions, don’t throw that investment away by using mascara. A big reason that extensions are worth the investment is their longevity and reusability. Tubes of mascara expire; extensions never do. 

Skip the mascara! Your eyelash extensions will look even better and last even longer without it!


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