What Is the Manga Lash Effect?

What Is the Manga Lash Effect?Lashify

In short, the manga lash effect is a trendy lash style that styles lash extensions after the unique eyelashes of manga and anime characters. The style is also alternately called Anime Lashes, Webtoon Lashes, or Spider Lashes

Manga character’s eyelashes are always on point– literally. In manga and anime, viewers will notice several lash spikes along a shorter lash base. Some characters have two lash spikes; others have six or seven; some have a thick, voluminous short base, and others have a thin line of base lashes. 

Since there’s a decent variation on the basic, unifying lash style within manga (not to mention the recent spike in popularity of manga across the world), these characters have become major inspirations for lash looks worldwide. 

Even if you’re not a big fan of any specific anime or manga, the lash look speaks for itself in terms of its expressive and eye-opening style. Manga-style lashes are not just for cosplayers; they’re on trend on the street just as much as they’re peak fashion at the convention. Manga lashes are dramatic, over-the-top lash looks that typically feature long, spiky textures and the occasional chromatic hue.

Other than the pages of manga comic books, where did this lash style come from? And how can you get this lash look at home? 

Where the Story Begins

Manga lashes are quickly gaining popularity around the world thanks to TikTok and Instagram. It seems like this is a new style that cropped up overnight; however, the style itself is quite established across the pacific since it originated in Harajuku, Japan, in the early 2000s

If that name rings a bell, it’s because Harajuku is widely known for its impact on fashion history and its kawaii, Harajuku fashion. In fact, Vogue quoted a Harajuku local describing Harajuku as “a fashion gallery with a free entrance.” 

Another local observed that “Harajuku is the center of fashion where I can see a wide range of subculture fashions from Fairies to Lolita, Decora, Funk, etc.” When you think about it, manga is just the same: it offers as much variation in personality and style within itself as Western comics do. It makes sense that such a fashion-forward, stylistically diverse community would originate a bold, universally applicable lash style like manga lashes. 

Isn’t Manga Style Just for Cosplayers?

Short answer? No way! Don’t miss out on this cool style, thinking it’s only for a select few or for a specific purpose. Manga-style lashes are for anyone willing to experiment with a bold and fun lash look. Sure, they’re perfect for cosplayers, but they can also be perfect for you!

Manga Lashes for Cosplay

Manga lashes are perfect for manga cosplays, of course! The lash look can be completely original or pay homage to a specific character. Silver Prismatic lashes are great for imitating the shimmery, glittery look of anime characters' eyes. 

It’s fairly simple to use Lashify Gossamers to build a lash map for a specific character. First, look at the thickness of the base layer of lashes. If you see a big, dense volume, consider starting a Bold Gossamer for the base. Less volume? Try a Curl Gossamer. 

From there, you can consider which of the lash styles below are the nearest match for the character’s lash spikes. Are there spikes, intense, soft, or fluttery? Stack this lash (or these lashes if you want to mix and match!) on top of the base layer. 

Manga Lashes for Street Fashion

Manga lashes are extremely personalizable, just like any lash extension look with Lashify, making them popular in street fashion. A manga lash look that isn’t cosplaying or pulling inspo from a specific character should utilize a Doll-Eye lash map (more on that below) to place the first lash spike, then place the other lash clusters accordingly around it, leaving as much space between the lash spikes as you please. 

When used in street fashion, the look can be made more subtle with shorter spikes and less volume, but of course, those choices are all up to you! 

What Do I Need To Create a Manga Lash Look? 

Like Sailor Moon needs her Moon Stick, you need the right tools to get the job done. There are many lash enhancement options on the market today, from professional salon eyelash extensions to drugstore strip lashes. Then, there’s Lashify, the world’s first DIY lash extension system. So, which is best for getting the manga lash look? 

Surely, there’s an option that combines the quality and customizability of salon extensions with the affordability and ease of strip lashes. Enter Lashify’s Gossamer lashes and the Lashify lash application system. Lashify is more cost-effective than saloon lashes; the lash cluster design of Gossamer lashes makes them extremely customizable, they’re made of high-quality premium Korean PBT silk, and they’re easy to apply at home with just a little practice. 

Oh, and Lashify’s lash adhesive, Whisper Light Bond, has no toxic junk and more good stuff, like biotin, to nourish your lashes while you wear it. 

To get started with Lashify, grab a Control Kit. The Control Kit contains everything you need to get started with Gossamer lashes. Inside the Control Kit, you’ll find the Fuse Control Wand (our patented lash applicator), a tube of Whisper Light Bond (our good-for-you lash adhesive), a cartridge of Classic Gossamer Lashes (A, B, or C Curl — your choice!), a pack of Wandoms (like condoms to protect the Fuse Control Wand), and samples of Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water and Melt Away Remover. 

With the right tools and some practice with the Lashify application system, you can have an amazing manga lash map faster than Whis can traverse the universe in Dragon Ball Super. From Tools to tricks, everything you need is here with Lashify.

Which Gossamers are Best for Manga Lash Looks?

The best Gossamer lashes for Langa lash looks are the bold Gossamers of the Volume Collection that feature prominent spikes. 

  • Extreme Ice: Extreme Ice are our spikiest Gossamer. When you think of the spikey, spidery lashes of manga lash styles, Extreme Ice is the obvious first choice.
  • Tulip: Tulip Gossamers have two lash spikes in each lash cluster, reminiscent of many manga characters. The points of Tulips look more natural and soft than the spikes of Extreme Ice, even if they’re just as long. 
  • Starburst: Starburst  Gossamers have lash spikes built into each cluster because they contain multiple layers and lengths.
  • Prismatics Collection: Color can add character to your look. The Prismatics Collection features all sorts of colors, including red, silver, pink, teal, lavender and more. 

How Do I Design and Apply My Manga Lash Map? 

Manga lash maps typically start with either The Doll Eye or Squirrel Eye lash map. In case you’re unfamiliar, let’s start by learning to apply those basic maps. 

Doll Eye

The Doll Eye creates a wide-eyed, doe-like appearance characteristic of the wide-eyed, innocent heroines, and is the most common starting point. For a Doll Eye lash map, position the longest lash spike at the center of the lash line. 

This visually opens the eye. Then, evenly space the remaining lash spikes moving out to the outer corner. The doll eye is for the main character girlies and characters with the epitome of manga eyes, like Suzuna Ayuzawa from Maid-Sama!

Squirrel Eye

The Squirrel Eye base is similar but more subtle than a doll eye. Create a squirrel eye by positioning the longest lash halfway between the center and outer corner of the eye. 

This base is most common in anime and manga characters that are more mature, like the older sister types, like Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket

Make it Manga

Manga lashes differ from a simple doll or squirrel eye when it comes to intensity. Manga lashes are characterized by well-separated lash spikes. They feature a short, fluttery base lash layer with highly stylized, extremely long lash spikes. 

Unlike other lash styles, Manga lashes call for volume and spikes along the lower lash line. This emphasis can be created by applying very short extensions or eyeliner to the bottom lashes. 

Whether you make it more subtle with a few Tulip spikes and minimal volume or you go all out with Extreme Ice across the lash line, manga lashes have the potential to spice up any lash enthusiast’s wardrobe. 


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