How To Make Lash Extensions Look Natural

How To Make Lash Extensions Look Natural

Sometimes, you want all the intensity that a big, fluffy set of D-curl lashes can give you. Other times, you just want lashes that look like more amplified versions of your own. If your lash tech is set on drama, it’s time to level up to DIY Lash Extensions™.

Yes, it’s possible to get natural-looking lash extensions at the salon, but you can also get them at home with the Lashify™ system. We’ll explain the elements of lash extensions in detail and fill you in on which types create the most natural lash looks. 

We’ll also tell you how Lashify makes natural lash extensions effortlessly easy with an entire collection devoted to delivering lashes so natural no one will ever know they aren’t your own.

Elements of Lash Extensions 

Although they may only seem like tiny fibers that extend and volumize your natural lashes, there are a lot of variations in the world of lash extensions. From curl and thickness to length and color, the variety means you can fully customize your lash wardrobe, but it also means it might seem a little overwhelming. 

We’ll explain each element of lash style and tell you how to pick the most natural looks for each category. 


Your lash technician may have asked you if you prefer C curl lashes or B curl lashes. If you felt a little clueless, that’s understandable. Curl can be confusing; unless you’re in the industry, you might not know the jargon. 

Here’s what it all means:

  • The curl of a lash extension simply refers to how big of an arch (or curl) it has from base to tip. 
  • The curl is usually labeled with a letter. The most popular curls are I, J, B, C, D, and U. I curls are the least curly, and U curls are the most dramatic.
  • Curls aren’t just about adding drama; they also exist so you can wear lash extensions comfortably. If your natural lashes are extremely straight, adding extensions that have less of a curl may cause them to interfere with your line of vision.

J curl lashes are the most natural. I curls are virtually straight and best designed for people who want to add volume and intensity to their lashes but no curl. 


The length of your lashes can create noticeable changes to your eye area and is one of the most important elements of keeping natural eyelash extensions looking natural. Considering that the average natural eyelash is about 10 millimeters long, adding 18-millimeter lash extensions will definitely create a less-natural look. 

Your own natural eye shape, and the length and style of your own lashes, will also play a role in how long your lash extensions look. 

For the most natural look, you’ll want to use extensions between 10-12 millimeters long. At Lashify, we offer lengths of our Gossamer® lashes ranging from a modest 8 mm all the way to a jaw-dropping 20 mm. Just pick the style you love, and grab the length that works best for you.


As far as we know, the universe didn’t give anyone natural purple eyelashes, so if you’re going for a natural lash look, you’ll want to stick to the basics. That doesn’t mean, however, that your only options are different shades of brown and black. 

While black and dark brown lashes may be the most common, ash brown, blonde, and ginger work well for people with lighter-colored lashes and will create a more natural look. And don’t sleep on brown, which is anything other than basic. Brown lashes can intensify the color of your eyes, helping draw attention to the iris.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to decide on a style. There are three main styles of lashes: classic, volume, and hybrid. 

Classic, Volume, or Hybrid?

A lash tech may ask if you what type of lashes you want to help determine the type of look you want to achieve. We’ll detail these three main types and explain which will net you the most natural style. 


Classic lash styles are achieved by applying lash extensions in a 1:1 ratio. That means your lash tech will apply one lash extension fiber to one natural lash on your lash line. These fibers are typically thicker and heavier than other types of lashes simply because they are applied at a smaller ratio. 

Classic lashes are great for adding length but not as great at adding volume. If the natural look you want involves just a little more length, classic is a good option. 


Volume lashes are applied on a ratio of 3:1 or higher. This means that for every natural lash, a bundle of three or more lashes will be attached. Volume lashes are lighter in weight and achieve a fluffy or wispy lash look. The more lashes in the cluster that is applied, the more volume you’ll have. 

Volume lashes (sometimes referred to as Russian volume lashes) can create an iconic-looking fringe that might not be incredibly natural. We suggest hybrid if you want a natural look that gives you both added length and volume. 

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash sets combine both classic lashes and volume lashes to create a fully customizable look that adds both length and volume. The combination of both lash styles also gives you a more natural look.

If you want to grab a hybrid look at home, that’s easy to do with Lashify. Our Gossamer lashes can be combined with other Gossamer lashes to create looks that range from low-key to full-send dramatic. 

Our lash maps give you guidance on how to create different lash looks, but you can easily create a lash map of your own based on your own preferences. Since you’re using the Lashify system, let’s talk about how to create the most natural look with your Gossamer lashes. 

Natural Gossamer Lashes

Lashify’s Gossamer's have a unique texture and color that make them more natural looking lashes. We create our Gossamer lashes from feather-light Korean silk with a Spine™ Base that is virtually undetectable upon application. 

Because Gossamer lashes are applied using Underlash™ Technology, the finished look is extremely natural and realistic, so no one will ever know you weren’t born with the fluffy, lengthy lashes you’re wearing. 

Another way we keep your extensions looking and feeling natural is by using ultra-safe, lash-nourishing Bonds. Our Bonds don’t contain any formaldehyde or cyanoacrylates, which could irritate your eyes. 

Our Bonds also feature Micro-Flex™ Technology that allows them to hold your extensions in place without fully curing so your Gossamer lashes can move and bend with your natural lashes easily.

In fact, our Gossamer lashes and Bonds are safer for your eyes and support healthy lash growth, so if you’ve had a bad experience with salon lashes, you don’t have to worry. Many of our users have noticed healthier natural lashes by using our Bonds because they contain biotin and lavendula, which support healthy lash growth. 

Creating a Natural Look With Gossamer Lashes

To get the most natural look with your lashes, we recommend Gossamer lashes from the Plus Collection™ and the Plus Intimates collection. These Gossamer lash collections are designed to give you an effortlessly natural look while enhancing your lashes to add both volume and length. 

The Plus Intimates collection offers unique colors perfect for lighter hair colors. These colors will allow you to enhance your lashes without looking too bold or dramatic. If you haven’t used either collection of Gossamer lashes before, or if you’re new to Lashify, grab a Control Kit™ asap!

The Control Kit

The Control Kit is your home base for Gossamer lash application. It contains two sets of Gossamer lashes and all the tools you’ll need to apply your Gossamer lashes like a pro. We’ve also got plenty of tutorials to help you with everything from application techniques to removal and lash mapping.

Au Natural

It’s easy to get natural, real-life-looking lashes with lash extensions. The secret is to use the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system at home. 

With Lashify, you get control over every aspect of your application so you can get the lash looks you love. The best part? You can change them from day to day or from morning to evening. You get to decide how long to wear your Gossamer lashes (up to 10 days). 

Keep it natural, and keep it simple. Gossamer lashes give you control over your lash look. 


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