How To Extend the Life of Your Lashes

How To Extend the Life of Your Lashes

There is absolutely nothing worse in this world than hard work going to waste. Let’s get on the same page, shall we? Imagine heading to the nail salon to get a fresh set for an upcoming event. 

You’ve booked the best nail tech in the business and have your appointment set over a month in advance. You’ve saved your money in preparation — you’re ready for rhinestones, chrome polish, everything.

You arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment and wait patiently for your slot. The nail tech ushers you over and offers you some water which you politely accept because you already know you’re going to be strapped to the chair for at least a few hours. 

The process begins. And it goes on, and on, and on, and then on some more until you’re wondering if you’ll have to spend the night. 

Right when you thought you’d keel over from exhaustion, it’s finished — your glorious new set is complete, and you’re feeling red-carpet worthy. Nothing could ruin this moment. 

Until — snap. The sound is almost sickening, and you look down at the bloodbath of acrylic shards and scattered rhinestones littering the sidewalk below you. With one miscalculated reach for the door of your car, all the hard work that went into creating the perfect set is destroyed. All that money was down the drain, and all that time was a waste. You’re at a loss.

Know the feeling? Now take it and replace the nail scenario with a lash scenario. Imagine all the hard work you put into crafting the ultimate lash look just washing away with a miscalculation. We can only imagine the devastation. We’d also imagine this is something you’d want to avoid. If that’s the case, we’ve got the perfect solution for you waiting below. 

Three Cheers for the Lash

Extending the wear of Gossamers® is a goal that everyone who finds themselves donning them is after. Getting more out of the work you put into something is always the goal, right? So why would you miss out on vital information to help you to this very end? We didn’t think you’d want to, which is why we compiled some practical yays and nays for longer lash wear. 

First up, the yays:

1. Dry Lashes Are Happy Lashes

Water can loosen the bond between your lashline and your lash, leading them to fall off prematurely. Even when a bond like the Whisper Light™ is working its magic, water can mess things up. 

2. Aftercare Is Kindness

Getting the application process for lash extensions down is a beast in and of itself, but if you really want those lashes to last you as long as your work is worth, you can’t ignore the upkeep that comes with them. Some of the best ways you can care for your lashes throughout their whole life are by gently cleansing them regularly and brushing them daily.

Oil-free cleansers like our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water are perfect for routine upkeep, removing lingering oils and buildup when necessary. 

Brushing and separating your lashes with a tool like our Precision Lash Comb will also come in handy when trying to detangle and de-clump your lashes daily. It stimulates healthy lash hair, too, as well as blends your natural lashes with the falsies for a more seamless look. It’s a win-win-win. 

3. Seal It With a Kiss

Or just with our patented sealant. We’d recommend the sealant, but for the sake of wordplay, knock yourself out with either. 

A sealant like our Glass Finishing Coat, which works perfectly with the Whisper Light™ Bond, is an excellent way to remove residual tackiness from dried bond and lock in the hold of your set, ultimately allowing your lashes some extra life expectancy. 

What Not To Do With Your Lashes

All the positive habits in the world aren’t enough to sustain you if you have just as many bad ones in your routine. To further aid you in getting those lashes to last, here are some practical ways not to mess up the progress you’ve made by adhering to the above steps:

1. Avoid Touching Your Lashes 

Once those lashes are on good and strong, do your best to avoid touching them in any way. No pulling, plucking, tugging, yanking, fidgeting, pinching, or wiggling allowed. It’s all hands inside the vehicle on this ride at all times. 

It’s the same advice your hair stylist will give you after getting a fresh cut — touching your hair introduces excess oil to the scalp causing a faster degradation of the healthier state. 

In the case of lashes, oil interrupts the bond and begins to undo it faster than you’d probably like. It’s why we recommend oil-free products and create them ourselves to help you avoid that untimely end.

2. No Stomach Sleepers

Everyone sleeps. It’s an unavoidable part of your daily routine, and most of us love our rest. The unfortunate part of this is that it gives you the opportunity to damage your lashes if you aren’t careful. Most health experts would recommend sleeping on your back anyway to avoid excess shoulder and spine tension, so we’ll add that it also avoids excess strain on your lashes.

If you’ve ever accidentally fallen asleep with mascara on only to wake up with your lashes looking like they tried to take the nearest exit to Sideways Junction, then you know what we mean. Squashing your lashes like that by sleeping face-first on your pillow or half-face down on your side can result in premature separation of your lashes or a whole lot of annoying clumps. Neither is ideal.

3. No Secondhand Applications

If you think you can get away with nabbing a set of Gossamers® and attempting to apply and fuse them with store-bought lash adhesive, off-brand Tweezers, and an old spoolie, you’re in for a wild ride. Thanks to our innovative Underlash Technology™ that’s designed to work specifically with Lashify products, you’ll be sore out of luck trying to achieve the same result with other tools. 

Our lashes last up to a week — sometimes longer if you’re following these tips — but when you attempt to use the same items that allow strip lashes to be taken on and off daily with ease, you’re not going to find nearly the same hold. Getting traditional lash glue that close to your eye is a recipe for disaster, and we’d advise against it. 

A Long Lash Life

Now imagine the reverse nail scenario. You’ve done all the same prep. Your appointment is scheduled ahead of time with the best of the best. You’ve got your vision board for what these nails will look like mapped out with a specific color, design, and length. You show up early — and this time, you even bring a snack so you don’t go hungry during the grind of the appointment.

You finally finish, paying promptly and heading out the door where you don’t even take a second glance at the car door because, this time, you’re equipped with all the right knowledge to avoid such an egregious mistake. Like magic, you’re opening your door and hopping in the car, nails void of a single scratch. 

What a grand feeling it is to be so prepared and ready for anything! When hard work and time are rewarded with something as beautiful as a new nail set — or in this case, a fresh set of Gossies® — all the prep you did feels much more worth it. There’s no money wasted and no tears shed over a frustrating venture that could’ve been so much simpler with a little information.

With guides like these, we hope to make that experience as simple as it can be while still achieving the same high-end, long-lasting results you’d get from a professional tech, all from the comfort of your own home. You have the power and knowledge to create that beauty for yourself, so get out there and start creating!


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